Create a design project apartment with their own hands

You drove into your new apartment or decided to upgrade your old interior. If you do not know where to start, start with the design project.

Yes, of course, you can hire a specialist for this, who will gladly help you to create a cozy nest. However, if you feel that you can and want to do it yourself - go for it!

Special features

The peculiarity of self-development of a design project is that you can do everything the way you want. Before you start developing, you need to find inspiration, read the relevant literature and use the advice of experts.

Ideas for inspiration

If you do not know how you would like to design your interior, which style to choose, which colors to use, begin your journey by looking at the interiors that have already been created.You can find inspiration anywhere: in a cafe or with friends, in a book or a magazine about design, perhaps this article will help.

Actual styles

It is believed that people, making out their home, primarily focus on their tastes and opportunities. For many years the existence of such a thing as interior design, various styles have been formed. Each of them has its own characteristics and distinctive features. Let's talk about those of them that are most relevant in our modern reality.

This style is one of the most popular today. You can characterize it simply - rustic. It combines simplicity, comfort, atmosphere of warmth and comfort. In our time, when people spend most of their lives in the city, they, more than ever, want to be outside it.

Provence may be different depending on the region. The design may be based on the themes of the provinces of different countries, mainly England and France. Also, isolated and Russian Provence.

It's amazing how the apartment is transformed, made in this style. It seems that this is not an apartment at all, but a private house.

Loft style begins its history from the fifties of the XX century. It originated in the United States, at the time when the mass closure of factories and production facilities in the center of big cities began. Representatives of the creative bourgeoisie began to buy industrial buildings, or rather their parts. Artists and musicians changed the premises to suit their needs, they lived there and at the same time arranged exhibitions and shows in new apartments, held concerts.

The main features of the loft style are free space and a large amount of light. In the apartment, made in this style, you can often notice the absence of partitions between the rooms.

As for the decor, the combination of a brick wall with an open ventilation pipe is a standard design option. Add to it chrome parts, mirrors, unusual open lamps and modern technology.

Country style originated in the beginning of XX century in the United States and later spread to European countries. The main idea of ​​the style is to honor the sources with which people are connected, with village life. This style is characterized by simplicity and naturalness.

When choosing a color palette of a house, apartment or room in country style, give preference to natural colors, such as sand, brown, beige, olive, blue.

For textiles, you can choose a fabric with a coloring in a small flower, this is a feature of this design direction.

Modern finishes

Modern design solutions associated with the decoration of the walls, very bold and extraordinary. If you are bored with ordinary wallpaper or plainly painted surfaces, consider the following wall designs.

  • Brick wall. The wall, which is lined with brick imitation tiles, is often found in loft-style apartments and houses. This light negligence gives a special atmosphere to the whole room. You can decorate the wall with bricks in full or in part, which significantly changes the overall look.
  • Cork walls. The use of sheets of balsa wood as a wall decor is possible in a room with low humidity. Cork is a very whimsical material, but it looks very impressive. If the design of your apartment is close to ecostyle, then feel free to use balsa wood panels in the decor.
  • Wall of stone. Such a surface looks especially interesting when the stones are laid out in a chaotic manner, as if they were simply scattered. Or, on the contrary, create a pattern of stone.
  • Glass walls. Glass panels are used in the design of the walls when it is necessary to visually expand the space. On the wall of glass, you can apply a drawing or pattern, it all depends on your imagination.
  • Volume panels. Gypsum panels with various patterns allow you to quickly give a wall a volume effect. Such decorative elements can be painted as needed.
  • Walls made from plasterboard. Making a wall of plasterboard, decide on what effect you want to achieve. Light, practical designs add functionality to the wall.
  • Soft wall A wall made in this way looks luxurious, but in this case it is important to observe the measure. Use simple furniture and decorative elements in the interior with such walls. Ready-made soft panels from eco-leather can be bought in the store. Or create them yourself.
  • Tension wall. Such walls are created on the principle of suspended ceilings. It is a special durable material stretched over the frame. On this material you can print the image you need.

Fashionable colors

When choosing a color palette of the interior should be guided, first of all, on their internal preferences, as well as the size of the room and the amount of incoming sunlight.

If the room is small and dark, then use a light palette. Large and bright space allows you to use almost all the colors depending on the requirements.

However, in the world of interior design there is the concept of fashion. If you are accustomed to follow fashion trends, then consider their requirements. Fortunately, in this area, fashion is not as changeable as quickly as in the field of clothing.

Below are the colors and colors that are relevant today.

  • Blue. For several seasons, blue has been used in the design of many interiors. In blue, there are many shades, the choice of which depends on the overall mood in the room.
  • Gray. Gray color of the walls and decor elements looks good in combination with white, beige, black colors. Combine them together, adding bright accents.
  • Marsala. The so-called wine shade holds the leading position for several seasons. The interior, decorated with this color, becomes warm and cozy. However, be careful, use this color selectively, combining it with shades of beige, natural wood.
  • Natural shades. This season naturalness is in fashion. Beige, brown and warm shades of green appeared in many interiors of famous designers. The interior, made in the so-called ecostyle, can be found in apartments, houses and industrial premises.
  • Metal elements. Glitter metal attracts. Decor elements made of metal look spectacular if they are combined with the style of the whole room. Today you can even find wallpaper with the effect of metallic luster.

Stages and sequence of work

When you begin to develop a design project of an apartment, try to adhere to a certain sequence in actions.

First of all, develop a project plan and determine what you want to see in the end.

After that, proceed to the development of a sketch, and prepare the drawings. All this will help you determine the choice of furniture and decorations. Let's talk about each stage separately.

Apartment Project Plan

In order to develop a project plan for an apartment, you first need to take measurements of the premises. Approach this issue seriously, as this will help avoid inaccuracies.On the plan, note the height of the ceilings, the width of the walls, the size of the windows and doors. It should also be noted where you would like to place sockets, batteries, pipes and other communications.

Make a plan for the project with your own hands is not difficultif you use special computer programs. Having entered into them the initial data, the program will draw the exact plan of your apartment. Mark on it the desired location of the furniture, then you can adjust its position. Save this plan in a convenient format for you, with all the necessary applications. It would be desirable to print it on paper.


Once you have decided on the style in which you would like to see your apartment, and have drawn up a project plan, proceed to creating a sketch. Sketch can be made on paper or in electronic form. Mark on it first of all the color solutions of your interior. Draw the desired furniture and decor items. With the help of a sketch, you can clearly see what your apartment will be like after renovation.

Develop your own sketch in case you do not have artistic skills, computer programs will also help.

So, you can come up with your own or choose the available furniture, wallpaper, flooring.

Detailing interior design

When the main stages are completed, you can begin to detail the interior design. Add to it the elements of decor, textiles and other items that will create comfort in your apartment.

In case you want to create a simple repair, minimize the number of decor items and furniture, leaving only the most necessary.

Preparation of drawings

When preparing drawings, use your project plan that you have completed on your own. The drawings will be similar to the plan, however they will be more accurate. You can also run them in a computer program. Drawings will help you or a group of workers when you are directly involved in repairing.

The choice of furniture and other elements of the situation

One of the most interesting moments in the repair is the choice of furniture. After the measurements you already know what size your furniture should be. When buying furniture and other decor items, stick to one style according to your sketch.

You can go looking for a furniture store or find designer furniture via the Internet.

Sometimes there are cases when people are inspired by one piece of furniture and build all the other solutions around it.

Useful tips and tricks

In order to independently develop a design project of your apartment, use the following useful tips and recommendations.

  • Start the development of the project after you have decided that you can cope with this task yourself.
  • To facilitate the task, use special computer programs that will help you create an exact plan and drawings for your project.
  • Study the special literature on interior design, as well as specialized magazines and Internet sites. In them you can find inspiration and interesting information.
  • If possible, do not purchase furniture before you have developed a detailed design project. After she may not fit into the conditions.
  • Take into account your needs when creating the interior. First of all, the design assumes a convenience. This means that you should be comfortable in your apartment. Choose the style and those colors that delight you or bring calm. Furniture should be functional and comfortable.
  • When developing a project, calculate your approximate budget, which you will be ready to spend on repairs. Simultaneously with the development of the project, look for information on the cost of the necessary materials. Such calculations are called estimates.

Interesting examples and options

There are very unusual options for interior design. Consider some of these that you could repeat on your own.

Very interesting design studio in the Scandinavian style.

Beige tones prevail. The kitchen is combined with the living room, creating a single space. An interesting find - the TV is fixed on the wall on the bracket, which allows you to watch it both from the kitchen and from the sofa.

All this options for budget repair. They are suitable for a small dvushki or for one-room apartment. A selection of options made in the same style.

See how to create your own apartment design project in the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

Entrance hall

Living room