What style of office to issue?

Most of the time we spend at work, sometimes we have to take her home to finish things in a relaxed home environment. It is better to perform any tasks in a separate room, where nothing will distract you from the process.

Reflection of individuality

When making a study should choose the style of the room, which will reflect the inner world of its owner. You can try to do it yourself or seek the advice of professionals.

Everything depends on the choice of style for the cabinet: furniture to be acquired, room decoration, decorative elements and their harmonious combination.

In an empty apartment or new building there is an opportunity to choose the room where the office will be located.For this, a separate room is best suited, but you can place it on the loggia or attic. If it is not possible to adapt an entire room for an office, allocate a separate area in a large room.

When choosing a place for the office should take into account the fact that it should not be next to the nursery or living room, since nothing should interfere with work.

Preference should be given to square or rectangular rooms. With this layout, the furniture will be arranged functionally, there will be a lot of free space.

Distinctive qualities of a study should be:

  • functionality;
  • comfort;
  • practicality;
  • good lighting of the working area.

    When developing a room design, you should consider the preferences of its owner. Home office is a place not only for work, it is possible to communicate with visitors, carry on important negotiations or just relax after a busy day.

    Cabinet should be protected from unauthorized persons., because it stores valuable documents, expensive and antique items. Home office reflects the personality of the owner, his business qualities, makes it clear what the character traits of the owner,learn more about his hobby.

    The interior of the room should emphasize the status of the owner, indicate his preferences and taste.

    Popular destinations and their features

    Thinking through the style in which to create a study, you should study the popular destinations and choose the option that suits its owner. The level of comfort while working in the room depends on how correct the choice is.

    You can arrange the cabinet in one of the following styles:


    Among the great stylistic diversity, you should pay attention to the English style, which suggests:

    • symmetry in the lines;
    • use of natural materials;
    • restrained colors in the decor, texture and colors;
    • coloring in soothing colors;
    • unobtrusive in luxury;
    • solid and reliable furniture.

    This direction involves the use of a dark brown color, which is repeated in the color of furniture, walls, ceiling, flooring. It is necessary to dilute the dark color and add other shades to emphasize the depth of the pitch.

    The windows are decorated with expensive fabrics, for this they use silk, brocade, tapestry, you can stop the choice of calico fabrics.

    At registration of walls of an office use wall-paper. You should stop the choice on the materials in a strip of different widths, which alternate with each other. You can pick up wallpaper with small and large flowers, floral ornaments. When choosing a material with a floral pattern, it is important to ensure that this pattern is repeated in the upholstery of furniture or on curtains.

    When entering an English-style office, good-quality furniture first draws attention to itself. The room should have a table for work, a bookcase, and massive armchairs. The interior can be supplemented with a small sofa, a chest of drawers, double shelves.

    At registration of working space use the polished panels from a tree, decorated with a carving.

    To fully support the idea, you should add decoration with decorative accessories:

    • In the office set the fireplace. On the shelf on top of it post photos, awards or trophies.
    • Use the antique motif. He is present in the design of keyholes, switch, wall sconces.
    • On the windows they hang complex curtains in terms of cut.
    • In the design they use a lot of dark shades, so they pay special attention to the lighting of the room.A large crystal chandelier, elegant sconces, antique candlesticks will complement the chosen style.
    • The walls are decorated with paintings, large clocks, and animal skins.
    • A warm carpet is placed on the floor near the table or by the fireplace.


    The design of the room in the Empire style is more suitable for male offices. This design is more suitable for country houses or luxury mansions.

    If in an ordinary apartment the Empire style can only be slightly denoted, then in large elite mansions it is fully expressed. Here they use decor in the form of columns, elegant decorative molding, and expensive chandeliers.

    Considered appropriate and the use of furniture made of precious wood.

    On the windows in the room hang heavy curtains that will help create the twilight. In the design of the cabinet in the Empire style, they use brown shades, greenish tones, often prefer milk-coffee half tones, which are universal and will always be in trend.

    Art Deco

    For lovers of luxury should pay attention to the art deco style. The room decorated in this style will look very expensive and elegant, everything here will indicate the status of the owner.In the design of the cabinet used genuine leather, ivory, bamboo, precious metals.

    In such an office, you can put a sofa, made of natural materials, with beautiful armrests.


    Should dwell on the features of the Gothic style. It will look great in large and spacious rooms with tall windows, luxurious stained glass windows. The premises in the Gothic style are made up in black, burgundy, purple, lilac shades, they use natural material, glass, metal products. Multi-colored stained glass windows have become an important and recognizable element of style.

    It is not always possible to use precious woods, stained glass windows and fireplaces; some elements can be replaced with materials that imitate marble or stone.


    If the old cabinet seems dull, you can arrange it in baroque style.

    This style suggests:

    • the use of wooden furniture, decorated with carvings and gilding;
    • expensive design in everything from floor to ceiling;
    • use of calm colors.

    To create accent spots, it is best to use curtains in red and white shades,they will add the necessary paint in a quiet working space.


    You can arrange a working room in a classic style. This office is simple and concise, it is not boring or monotonous room, there is everything you need, soft colors, calm decorations. Shades of the room are more often in gray, white, beige. A large dark leather sofa will give the room solidity and indicate the status of the owner.

    The designer’s tips on designing a classic-style cabinet are in the following video.


    This is a collective image of the classic trends. Neoclassical style can be arranged under any room, but it would be best to look in rooms with high ceilings, arched openings, large windows. When choosing furniture, preference is given to products made from natural materials, with carved and forged elements. Padded stools and stools can perfectly fit into the interior of the cabinet. A noble-shaped writing table will decorate the room.


    Home cabinet, decorated in the style of minimalism, implies the presence of only the most necessary furniture and accessories.Smooth and clear lines prevail here, natural materials are used.

    High tech

    It is one of the most modern styles, but is rarely used for the design of the cabinet. In the modern style most often draw up living rooms, hallways, kitchens.


    If the newfangled styles are not to the liking of the cabinet owner, then you can decorate it in the style of Provence, which resembles village motifs. Being engaged in registration of an office, it is necessary to stop on the choice of wall-paper. This style is characterized by canvases in blue, beige and lavender shades. Furniture should be used simple and a little rough, you can also use decorative forging in the design.

    Country music

    All country style is associated with simplicity, gentleness and naturalness. The office, made this style, resembles a room in a quiet rural house, although country is more often used in the design of living rooms, hallways, kitchens.


    It differs from other design trends, such as Italian, American, Scandinavian, Japanese, marine, eco or chalets. It assumes strict and clear lines, right angles, glass and chrome elements.When making walls, they prefer light monochromatic shades. This style involves only modern ideas and trends.


    We should also talk about the style of loft. If your room has large sizes, bright windows, simple finishing in the form of brick, concrete and rough plaster, this style is definitely suitable for its design. Loft involves a lot of free space, so when you make a design often combine several rooms into one large one.

    The desktop should be placed near the window so that the light from the street can illuminate the working area as much as possible.

        Along the wall put open wooden or metal cabinets for literature. It is possible to divide a room into zones using a cabinet partition.

        Spectacular examples

        Create a harmonious design office in the office no less important than in the apartment. The ability to work and the productivity of its owner depend on how well the working room is designed.

        When making office manager should pay attention to the furniture.

        Preference is given to solid and high-quality furniture made from natural materials. Most of the time the owner of the room is in a chair, so his choice should be approached with no less attention.Choose the most convenient model with a high ergonomic back, it is better to choose the option on rubberized wheels.

        For the cabinet will be the best classic style.

        When interior design is important to consider the following criteria:

        • the size and shape of the room;
        • the presence of windows and doors;
        • functional purpose of the room;
        • room illumination;
        • style and color, which is close to the owner of the home office.

        You can arrange a study in a modern style that will allow you to create a workplace, using even the minimum environment. To create bright accents, use unusual colors.

        Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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