Choosing furniture in modern style: modern fashion trends

Furniture is considered a key element of the interior of the home, it gives it a final look, fills the space with a cozy atmosphere. Most people prefer to spend their free time at home, so when arranging rooms it is important to create maximum conditions for comfortable rest. This will help the acquisition of modern furniture models. To date, they are presented in a wide range, have a rich texture and coloring.

Unique production technologies allow to make beautiful, multifunctional products that take up little space and are perfect for any style of the room.

Special features

Modern furniture is characterized by comfort, simplicity and high performance.Recently, for its production using only environmentally friendly raw materials. Various design ideas can combine unusual combinations of wood, glass, plastic and metal. At the same time in the style of the designs are dominated by clear and lines. The main task of the furniture is the original design of the space, so the furniture should harmoniously fit the overall situation and not overload the room.

Modern designs are presented by various accessories and finishing materials. Each model provides multi-functionality and practicality. For kitchens produce universal modules, in which you can easily install home appliances. Such furniture is often filled with various brackets, shelves, comfortable sliding mechanisms. The working surface of products and edge elements are made of durable and high quality material.

As for furniture items for bedrooms, living rooms, hallways and nurseries, they are characterized by beautiful design and compactness. Modern fasteners make the design almost weightless, lifting mechanisms are used in housing models and upholstered furniture.Cabinets can open in different ways, sofas quickly turn into a bed, and huge dining tables are easy to assemble and save space.


Any living space can not be imagined without furniture, as it not only adds aesthetics to the interior, but also performs many functions. To date, produce many types of furniture. All of them differ in design design and packaging.

By type of construction, the following furniture models are distinguished:

  • soft;
  • corpus;
  • built-in;
  • transformable;
  • folding

Upholstered furniture deserves special attention in the interior of the rooms. It is installed in living rooms, hallways, kitchens, bedrooms and nurseries. The convenient and functional design of such models allows you to create a home comfort zone in the rooms. For the arrangement of rooms using upholstered furniture, consisting of a sofa, couch, chairs, sofas and poufs, corner sofas, complemented by small table tops and shelves are considered to be a good choice. Sofas can have a withdrawable or retractable folding mechanism, assembled whole or in modules.

Products in the style of modern classics are very popular.They are characterized by the correct form, expensive upholstery and exquisite lines.

Cabinet and built-in furniture is represented by headsets with different configurations, most often it is used in hallways and in the kitchen. Kitchen designs are characterized by spaciousness and practicality, in addition to traditional countertops in the room set cabinets and drawers.

In order not to clutter the room, a hinged model of lockers is recommended for the kitchen. They can be of different heights, depths and widths.

Suspended furniture is easy to use and allows you to perform an economical layout of the space. Built-in product models are well suited for hallways. They are often placed in niches. It can be closets, walls.

As for furniture-transformer, it is used everywhere, ranging from living rooms and ending with children's rooms. It is characterized by versatility and versatility. Transforming tables for small rooms are considered a good option. They can at any time be turned into an elegant place for a feast, and then quickly assembled.

Not less popular wardrobe beds in children. They serve as both a recreation area and a place to store things.In modern models of furniture, you can often find transforming sofas. During the day they are used for a comfortable rest, at night they easily reincarnate into a bed.

In addition to the external design, the furniture is different in its material of manufacture. It is divided into the following types:

  • glass;
  • metal;
  • wooden;
  • plastic (plastic).

Each of the above materials is unique in its own way and is characterized by individual properties. The perfect leader in the interior is considered to be wooden furniture made from expensive rock mass. In appearance, it is not inferior to the model of artificial raw materials. To date, most of the new furniture presented in the original combination of wood with glass and metal. They are mainly chosen for decorating rooms in which natural themes prevail.

Color solutions

Recently, the furniture market is represented by a huge assortment of tables, cabinets, sofas of any design and size. When buying modern models, special attention should be paid to the color of the product. The tone of the design will depend not only on the interior of the room, but also on the atmosphere of the mood. Designers recommend paying attention to several shades:

  • White. Furniture in white is considered the most fashionable and versatile. It allows you to visually expand the space. Bright palette goes well with all shades.
  • Gray. Accessories in this design can be installed in any room, it will serve as the background of the interior. To give the room a contrast, gray should be complemented with bright accessories.
  • Beige. It is characterized by comfort and home warmth, it must be combined with other shades, in the end you get an original design with a claim to premium.
  • Red. Suitable for kitchen furniture, not recommended for living rooms and bedrooms, as it looks too bright. Looks good red in a pair with white. The tone is appropriate as a minor touch of the interior (for example, upholstery design).
  • Orange. Visually increases the details of the furniture and gives the room a mood of warmth. Looks beautiful with brown and beige shades.
  • Yellow. Indispensable in the interior, as it is the main source of comfort. In a juicy tone, it is better not to use it, so as not to overload the design.
  • Brown. Fully consistent with the color of natural wood, therefore, originally fits into any style. A good option is a combination of brown with beige and blue.
  • Green. It has a calming effect. Furniture with such upholstery can be placed in a large and small room. To make the interior interesting, you need to add yellow, white and beige color to it.
  • Blue or blue. With such furniture, it is important not to overdo it and choose inserts with gold trim. Beautifully look such designs in the kitchen.
  • Pink. Fills the space with a gentle and romantic atmosphere. Models of this color are an excellent decoration for girls' rooms.
  • Violet. It is best to choose in combination with a cream or gray tint. This furniture looks rich, but the abundance of this color is unacceptable.
  • The black. This color will help to place the finishing points in the interior and give the room depth. It is undesirable to use pure black furniture: the room will turn out gloomy.

Furniture can be chosen in any color, taking into account personal preferences and room design. At the same time, it is important to observe the rules of combination of shades: it is impossible to use more than three colors in one space.


Modern furniture is made in a different design.As a rule, multifunctionality is present in its design. All designs create the most useful and ergonomic. Despite the huge selection of models, products of several directions are especially popular:

  • Minimalism. Such furniture is characterized by impeccable lines and shapes. It is dominated by seasoned colors, designs should consist of a minimum of colors and details. For the production of products using the most popular materials: natural wood, steel, aluminum profiles, frosted glass. As for the appearance, in the furniture you can find figures in the form of rectangles, circles. All designs raise on low legs, the material of which should repeat the shade of the walls or ceiling decoration.

In the products there are no decorations, they look monochrome. The body is often performed in white color or use compositions of black tone with gray contrast.

  • High tech. New furniture, presented in this style, are of unusual beauty. A rich selection of palettes and surfaces made of glass, wood and metal make the products original. Forms of structures can be the most unusual, with the exclusion of coarse lines.In models dominated by modules with different geometries. Such furniture is stylish, it fits the interior of any room.
  • Country music. In this style, make models that match the rustic style, choose for decoration natural stone and wood. The main items of furniture are a large wardrobe made of wood, massive sofas, stools, buffets. In this case, the surface of the case is not painted, manufacturers retain the natural beauty of wood. As a rule, designs take up a lot of space.
  • Avant-garde The design direction is new and unusual, the products amaze with their unusual look. The shape of the furniture has clear circles and an original structure. Often you can find shapeless models (for example, a chair-cushion). Cabinets are characterized by flat and embossed patterns. Upholstered furniture has chiseled and curved legs with thread, on the chairs there are curly backs and elbows.
  • Classic. Always in fashion and in great demand. Classic furniture has a chic and sophisticated forms. There is nothing superfluous, although luxury is emphasized. The decoration may be gilded decoration elements that make it special.In this direction, models with precise contours and natural colors are presented. Particular attention is paid to the designs of practicality and versatility.

Tips for choosing

Modern furniture should serve as a decoration of the room and be useful in operation. Before purchasing it, you need to take into account the size and style of the room. For each room select certain designs. To make the right choice, you should consider a few recommendations:

  • For the children's room. It is advisable to purchase solid models and avoid modules: they will interfere with the active games of the child. A mandatory set will be a bed, bedside table and desk. To add to the situation will help hinged shelves. In the room where several children live, you can buy a bed consisting of several tiers. All designs should be economical, made from environmental materials.
  • For the bedroom. This room can not be forced to a large number of furniture. The central place in the room will occupy the bed. It is better to give preference to spacious models with an orthopedic mattress and a strong frame.In the room you can install a dresser and bedside tables under the lamps.

If space allows, a small closet will be a good addition. The color and style of the case may be different.

  • For the living room. The family spends a lot of time in this room, so beautiful and comfortable pieces of upholstered furniture should be present in it. For the hall is well suited a large dining table and cabinet wall. The decor of the living room depends on the zoning. For example, some like to allocate a zone under the office. For this you can use a small table. Others like to combine the hall with the library. They additionally install cabinets under the books.
  • For the hallway. Here it is necessary to place the most necessary furniture and not to force the space with unnecessary objects. In the hallway bowl use hangers or wardrobes, shelves for shoes and a large mirror. Modular walls look good here. They beautifully complement the interior and allow you to store a lot of things.


Today, the furniture market is represented by domestic and foreign manufacturers. Leading positions are occupied by well-known brands. Vitra and Antonio Baston. These factories produce exclusive models of furniture for living rooms and bedrooms that look beautiful in large and small rooms.

Italian products Minotti characterized by an unusual look. It may contain inserts from exotic materials, pronounced geometric shapes, corresponding to the art-style.

Antonio Baston

Well-established trademark Hulsta. German designers have created many models of beautiful passers-by, bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms. It is possible to originally fill the interior of the room with the help of furniture from Italian manufacturers. B & B (Italia) and DV Homecollection. Not only imported products are very popular. Many designers recommend purchasing original Russian brand models. RMK. His products are of high quality and unique style.

B & B
DV Homecollection

Beautiful ideas in the interior

For a small living room is better to choose furniture in light shades. It will help to create a cozy atmosphere. One of the walls can be decorated with a modern model of the locker, which will beautifully accommodate the elements of decor and books. The design of the cabinet has built-in drawer. They can hide various documents and other items.On the second wall, you can install a TV and hang a decorative shelf.

To make the rest area comfortable, it must be provided with a soft sofa with a convenient design and a coffee table.

Lovers of unusual and original interior will need interesting pieces of furniture. It must be small, otherwise it will lose expressiveness. The main element will be a soft modular sofa beige shade. Its design is unique, it allows you to create different shapes, assemble and disassemble parts. A hinged locker and a coffee table made of natural wood will decorate the room.

In such a minimal performance, the room turned out to be free and stylish. The space is filled with weightlessness, it creates a favorable environment for a comfortable rest.

In the next video, see the various options for modular living room furniture.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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