Landscaping Ideas for a Country House Courtyard

Landscaping in a rustic-style house combines the simplicity and charm of nature. How to translate your creative ideas into reality, how to arrange your site in the right way, will be discussed in this article.

What it is?

First you need to decide what is a rustic style. Its main distinguishing feature is a kind of carelessness, which manifests itself in every detail of the design. Unlike exquisite French lawns, rustic-style plots do not have to be perfect.

All plants and flowers grow naturally, and the owners do not need to constantly cut them and trim the height of the bushes.

Exquisite decorative flowers are combined in one area with wild plants, and it looks quite organic.The only thing that is definitely worth giving up is the use of exotic flowers that look quite unnatural on such simple flower beds.

But you can use to decorate your plot not only ornamental trees and bushes, but also fruit or berry. This means that you will receive twice as much pleasure from your plot, as you can not only enjoy the beautiful nature, but also harvest ripe fruits and berries when the time comes.

Suburban area in this style make out those who have neither the time nor the desire to mess with the garden. It will be enough for you to plant beautiful flowers, break a small pond, and you can enjoy the beauty of your site at any time of the year without spending much time caring for it.

How to divide the land into zones?

The landscape of the rural courtyard should not be clearly divided into separate squares. All parts of the site merge together, smoothly flowing into each other. But anyway, a certain conditional division into zones must be present.

As a rule, designers distinguish four main areas.

  • The first is input. Looking at her guests make up the first impression of your site.Therefore, they always try to make it as attractive as possible. Statues are used to decorate this area, small flower beds can be located next to the entrance.
  • The second zone is economic. Since at the summer cottage many are not only resting, but also engaged in gardening, it is necessary to store the things intended for this somewhere. This is what the economic zone is assigned to.
  • There is a garden zone next to it.where you can grow as low ornamental shrubs, as well as delicious fruits or vegetables that your family can enjoy in the cold season.
  • Of course, at each site should be recreation area, even quite small. If there is enough space, you can put a gazebo or arrange a dining area under a canopy. Otherwise, you can get by with a small wicker rocking chair or sofa.

The main elements of the exterior

A beautiful, private, country-style plot is what we associate with childhood. Most of these sites have common elements that are used constantly.


If you decide to buy a house in the country or to build it from scratch, it means that you like to stay in nature surrounded by all kinds of trees and flowers. Therefore, at the site near the house should be at least some vegetation.

The most natural for our latitudes are trees such as apple, cherry or pear. The scarlet and pink mallows, sunny yellow sunflowers planted near the house can add a yard to the charm. As a rule, when designing plots, designers try to do everything in such a way that the garden will bloom from spring to late autumn.

For this are selected flowers that bloom at different times of the year.


If the word "garden" you associate with dirty beds with potatoes and beets, then you should familiarize yourself with the design ideas in which small kitchen gardens are successfully combined with a flower bed. Such an ornamental garden-garden, decorated with a low wicker fence and clay figurines, looks charmingly in the courtyard in the village.

On small beds of a kitchen garden such plants as dill, carrots or lettuce look beautiful. You can diversify the contents of the flowerbed with edible flowers, for example, daylily buds.


Rustic simplicity does not mean the complete absence of decor.To decorate your site you can safely use all kinds of wicker baskets with flowers, and functional things. For example, it can be a cart or a bench. If you have a spacious enough yard, then you can even place a small decorative well near the house.

Additionally, you can decorate and fence, and garden paths. Lay out such a path with stones or sprinkle with gravel, and it will look more aesthetically pleasing. As for the fence, you can pick up a low wooden fence in the style of Provence or a wicker fence. It will look beautifully woven into rattan flowers, earthenware jugs and hanging decorative items.

garden furniture

In order to equip a recreation area, you will need furniture that is suitable in style. It is even possible to do it yourself with simple materials. Wicker chairs and tables, wooden carved benches or something similar are ideal for a country house in a rustic style. It is quite possible to do even simple unpolished hemp, which will replace your chairs.

If you plan to install an arbor in your yard, then it is best to give preference to the construction of natural wood or uneven bars.Wood can be left untreated - it will fit perfectly into the overall concept. And you can, on the contrary, decorate the beams and walls of the gazebo with decorative carvings or paintings.


Not too much at the dacha will be a small pond. Pond with clear water or a mini-lake surrounded by low shrubs, just do not spoil the appearance of the site. If you do not have room to place a full-fledged pond there, then you can limit yourself to a small well or even fill a barrel or a trough surrounded by flowers.

In addition to these basic details of the exterior, you can use others - the main thing is to select the most simple elements that do not spoil the overall impression.

Design Ideas

For registration of the estate, you can use a variety of ideas. It all depends on what is more important to you - aesthetics, comfort or the opportunity to engage in gardening on the site.

If you value the appearance of your suburban area above all, then you can decorate it with flower beds and various statuettes. In this case, the area next to the house will resemble a small park, decorated in a rustic style.

If this is not enough for you, then you can break up a small vegetable garden in the backyard. This option also has many advantages. For example, in summer you can eat fresh fruits and vegetables from your own vegetable garden. This means that not only will you not spend extra money, but you will also be sure that you eat healthy and environmentally friendly products.

Additionally, you can also start at least a small greenhouse. In it, vegetables and fruits will ripen almost the entire year.

Only it is worth remembering that the greenhouse should not occupy all the space in the yard.

You can also arrange in the courtyard and a cozy place to relax. This can be a gazebo, barbecue grill or children's playground. And if the backyard area is large, then you can arrange everything in one yard at once. The main thing is that the details are combined with each other and fit the definition of rustic style.

For more on how to embody a rustic style in the design of the courtyard, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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