How to choose high-quality and beautiful artificial grass?

Artificial grass - an alternative to natural vegetation. It can be placed anywhere, using it to decorate floors, furniture, interior and recreation areas, as well as sports arenas. Synthetic lawn is not trampled and remains attractive for a long time, and most importantly - safe.

Special features

The first artificial turf was invented in order to design sports stadiums. After all, as you know, live grass, being subjected to constant physical impact, is not able to maintain its original appearance, freshness and integrity. And often it just gets trampled down and you have to fill the resulting "bald spots" on the lawn.

Earlier, before the creation of synthetic vegetation, they grew special, more resistant grass, which, however, could not withstand all the sports activities.On top of that, it required special expensive care, and the cultivation took a lot of effort and was extremely time consuming.

However, 50 years ago, they found a solution to this problem in the form of nylon, the lawn of which was very similar to the carpet. Now the installation of rolls was not difficult and could be carried out both in closed and in open arenas. And most importantly - in areas where the real grass is simply not able to survive. It is not surprising that landscape designers paid attention to this coverage, because natural gardening was not possible everywhere. For example, where children or pets constantly play, as well as in shady places.

Modern artificial grass is made of polyethylene and polypropylene. These are fairly resistant types of plastics that can withstand heavy loads. It should be noted that the device of a lawn is not identical from different brands, although outwardly they practically do not differ from each other.

As the popularity of synthetic coating grew, its scope expanded significantly:

  1. Decorating greenhouses and greenhouses: it turns out a kind of green trail.
  2. As a clean floor on terraces or balconies.
  3. Green area around the pools.
  4. Creating a safe play area near children's playgrounds or playgrounds.
  5. Window dressing, summer playgrounds in cafes and restaurants, as well as at various exhibitions.
  6. Decorating the unsightly areas in the residential building.


Since initially artificial grass was provided specifically for football fields, it has a number of undoubted technical advantages. She does not need special care, it is resistant to dirt, earth and direct ultraviolet rays. Depending on the purpose for which the lawn was laid, it has the following positive qualities.

Registration of children's playgrounds:

  1. You can play all day without time limit. Live lawn means no more than two hours of games or sporting events on the rules of operation.
  2. With proper installation of the coating moisture in it is not delayed. Changes in air temperature also do not affect the state of the grass. In other words, the carpet does not depend on the weather or the season.
  3. The spring layer plays a shock-absorbing function and reduces the load on the musculoskeletal system.It is less traumatic when falling on it and does not leave any abrasions when sliding.
  4. The coating is always even and smooth, as if the field is slightly moist. This makes it possible to comfortably play active games and play sports.

When making the territory of residential areas and landscape design:

  1. The process of registration takes very little time. To grow a good lawn, you need to sow grass, fertilize, water, and perform other maintenance procedures. It takes time and cost. Synthetics does not need all this.
  2. You can lay areas where plants grow hard or do not survive. Also, just a couple of days you can carry out any landscape project and “grow” a beautiful lawn.
  3. There is no need for regular lawn mowing, watering, etc.
  4. The material is absolutely safe for children and pets. It does not emit any harmful substances or odors and is easily cleaned with water.

And, finally, artificial turf durable. He does not crush, retains its shape, color. Some manufacturers promise a maximum service life of 20 years without critical material damage.


Everywhere people are surrounded by structures made of metal, glass and concrete, so many prefer real, living vegetation.

Plastic grass also has the following negative qualities:

  1. The more expensive the material and the harder the mounting method, the more money you will have to pay. Savings from laying careless grass will manifest, but only after some time.
  2. Quality depends on the cost. You should not expect that cheap material will differ in excellent appearance, wear resistance and safety for others.
  3. The heating. Although the fibers do not fade when exposed to direct sunlight, they are subject to heat. Some owners report that the temperature of the canvas is able to rise to 60 degrees and deliver discomfort.
  4. False lawns can not always be recycled. In this case, they pollute the environment. Therefore, before buying, you need to be interested in the manufacturer about how to process and dispose of the goods.


Artificial turf differs in device, method of operation and functionality. Therefore, choosing it, it is necessary to consider for what purpose the coating will serve.

There are several types of coatings:

  1. Nezasypnoy. It is used as an exclusively decorative element for landscape design, as close as possible to the grass cover. If you actively walk on such a lawn, the blades of grass are crushed, sometimes pulled out, which violates the aesthetic appearance of the coating.
  2. Semi-Pour. This coating has a substrate with plastic threads. During installation, they are covered with sand from quartz. Due to the rubber base of the substrate, water does not accumulate in the coating. Most often used for finishing playgrounds, villas, for flooring in sports complexes or recreation areas.
  3. Feeding. This view is designed for places with large crowds of people or football fields. This is because rubber crumb and sand are located between the fibers, which reduce the friction force and prolong the life of the web. The villi themselves are made of dense polypropylene. Lawn filler consists of foamed polymers.

Also, the grass differs in the height of blades of grass and purpose. Lawn is decorative and special. The first is used in landscape design, scenery and camouflage. Special is designed for sports arenas and playgrounds.For different sports it differs in the density of the canvas and the height of the grass.

Tips for choosing

To make the right choice, follow these tips:

  • You can buy artificial grass on the Internet, directly from the manufacturer or in a specialized store. Both those and other methods have their advantages. By purchasing the product in stores, the product can be viewed and touched. But to inspect the entire range, you will most likely have to visit several shops. The online store has a wide range of products, but they can only be considered closely upon delivery. There is a risk of being deceived. Therefore, before making a purchase, you need to familiarize yourself with the guarantee and methods of returning money.

It is only necessary to buy a lawn from trusted manufacturers and sellers, before that it is worth reviewing customer reviews to avoid cheating.

  • Modern technologies make it possible to create grass that is almost completely identical to natural vegetation. When choosing between foreign and domestic manufacturers, you should rely on certificates and customer reviews.Because both those and others are not inferior to each other in the quality of manufactured products.
  • Before purchasing a lawn, it is necessary to review all the models available in the range. Be sure to pay attention to what the carpet looks like and what it is made of. Hard to touch and shiny lawn, most likely, refers to cheap brands and is most appropriate for decorative design.
  • We look at what height and thickness of flooring. And also, what filler is used: sand or rubber granules. Long and fluffy pile is suitable for sealing up any defects. But, the longer the grass, the greater its value.

When making a purchase, you should ask the seller to show the certificate of quality and issue a guarantee. In order not to be deceived and not buy low-quality goods. Popular models of artificial turf:

  1. Vanilla Grass.
  2. Pennisetum.
  3. "Papyrus".
  4. "Fox's tail".
  5. "Lime".

How to lay?

The technology of mounting a roll of artificial grass is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. In order for it to last a long time, the styling must be correct, especially if it is decided to lay the canvas with your own hands.

The main thing is to thoroughly prepare the surface to which the material will be attached. Before you start work, you need to accurately calculate the area and determine the shape, and then transfer the results to a roll. Thus, the minimum number of seams and waste.

Preparing the base

To the base have several basic requirements:

  1. Lack of trash.
  2. Smooth surface.
  3. If it is earth, then it should be dense, eliminate friability.

Thus, the work begins with a full cleaning site. Remove weeds and other unnecessary vegetation by mechanical or chemical means. It is important to remove all debris that may damage the integrity of the coating. If the foundation is earthen, then at the same time we level the surface, fill up the potholes, fill the pits with soil. After all these manipulations we tamp the ground.

It is advisable to check the horizontal position of the base with a laser level. The optimal value: from 3 to 6 mm slope per 1 meter. This value is especially important when laying a roll on concrete. If there is sand in the area, then it must be removed.Then condense the opened reservoir and place a drainage layer on it.

Excessive moisture removal

To protect the surface of the lawn from the accumulation of fluid, for example, during rain or snow, it is necessary to ensure its outflow. Fluid can drain and linger directly under the web. To avoid such an outcome, arrange drainage at a sufficient depth.

This task copes perfectly lawn substrate of small and medium gravel. Before you start laying a roll with grass, you should fill this area with water to identify areas of soil subsidence. If they are found, then land should be added to this place.


Under each base is made its own substrate, consisting of a different number of layers.

Concrete base:

  1. Artificial turf.
  2. Geosynthetic material.
  3. Reinforced concrete.
  4. Gravel 20 and 40 mm.
  5. Geotextiles.
  6. Sand.
  7. Geotextiles.
  8. Pre-compacted soil layer.

Base of gravel and sand:

  1. Artificial turf.
  2. Granite screenings 1 and 5 mm.
  3. Gravel 5 and 20 mm.
  4. Geotextiles.
  5. Sand.
  6. Geotextiles.
  7. Pre-compacted soil layer.

Base of gravel:

  1. Synthetic lawn.
  2. Rubber cushion backing.
  3. Small granite screenings.
  4. Large gravel.
  5. Geotextiles.
  6. Pre-compacted soil layer.

These examples are given for professional decorative works or design of sports fields. The number of layers may be reduced if the load on the lawn is small.

Installation of artificial grass

  1. Take the roll and unwind in one direction. To villi literally were tilted in one direction.
  2. We lay the canvas exactly butt joint, but if the edges are curved, then we do an overlap of up to 10 cm.
  3. We allow the material to lie down for one day so that it will completely decompose and minor defects of the grass will disappear.
  4. It is necessary to cut the roll in the middle of the overlap with a stationery knife or scissors using a ruler and chalk.
  5. Pulling off the edges of the two canvases, check how tightly they fit together. The gap between them should not be greater than 1 mm.
  6. After this, we connect the edges of the lawn cloths with a tension stapler or a connecting tape. The instructions must specify the connection method.

Before fixing the lawn on the ground we fall asleep sand or pellets of rubber. This procedure is performed only for filling and sometimes for half-filling grass species. After that we fix the edges with garden clips, wire, slats or nails.

Useful tips to help facilitate the work:

  1. Apply a two-component adhesive on the connecting tape is better with a trowel with teeth (3-5 mm). In this case, the excess glue will not protrude on the canvas.
  2. In the process of work, dust should not be allowed to fall on the tape, leaves and waste (cuttings) would stick.
  3. On the fresh docked edges you need to put a heavy object so that they grab better.
  4. It is better to distribute sand and granules with a rake, broom or seeder.

Proper installation is a guarantee that artificial turf will last a long time.

How to care?

Proper installation is important, but equally important is the proper care of the coating.

Special tools are not needed here, and the process itself takes a little time:

  • Once every seven days you need to comb the lawn, this will help brush. It is necessary for the fact that the filler was evenly distributed, and the nap remained fluffy and raised.
  • In autumn, it is necessary to clean fallen leaves daily with a lightweight rake so that the quality of the grass does not deteriorate.
  • Weed grass rarely grows through the lawn, as it prevents textiles. However, sometimes it can make its way between the tiles, through the floor itself or closer to the wall. Therefore, the perimeter must be framed plinth.If, however, weeds are noticed, they must be removed.
  • Sharp objects, chewing gum, cigarette butts can significantly damage the integrity of the coating.
  • On the coating can not walk in shoes contaminated with soil or natural grass. Also prohibited shoes with spikes.
  • At children's playgrounds or places where pets walk, the coating can be treated with special approved bactericidal substances.
  • Snow or frost can only be cleaned with a broom or other safe tools. It is better to clean them when the air gets warmer and the snow and ice melt, so as not to damage the pile.
  • In hot and dry weather, the lawn needs to be moistened with water.
  • At least once every six months, it is necessary to add fresh filler in order to avoid deformation of the structure.
  • Artificial turf does not need a haircut.


Many buyers are concerned about the environmental friendliness of such products. However, at the moment there are models that can be recycled again. Clarify this point when buying.

In general, customers are satisfied with the quality of coverage. Spent on the purchase and installation of money pays off.Often there are options when artificial grass is combined with live plants.

Beautiful examples

Due to its characteristics, artificial grass has a wide distribution in various directions. Especially often it can be found in such a field as landscape design.

Also, grass is used for decoration: children's playgrounds, recreation areas (parks), football and sports grounds.

  • Football fields. For a long time, natural grass coverage in the fields was the only option. However, care for him was difficult, and during operation, the coating inevitably deformed. Therefore, it was decided to replace the natural grass with alternative synthetic fibers. Thus was created the first nylon lawn, which had excellent characteristics, it completely covered the ground, thereby isolating it. He was replaced by simpler and cheaper to manufacture materials from polyethylene. This plastic survives well in the Russian climate and is characterized by a long service life and high wear resistance.

The color of the coating can be mixed: green with a pink border or even white.You can literally place such coverage anywhere, but once again the ground is isolated, which is why the earth lacks oxygen.

  • Interior. Making rooms and buildings, use a special carpet. He can have a variety of colors. The similar carpet perfectly fits practically into any interior and differs in unpretentiousness. The coating has a natural green color.

Plastic grass can decorate any problem areas and hide them from the eyes or make a bright and unusual accent. Also, the grass can be issued some interior items.

  • Country cottage area. Buying a lawn for the suburban area, you need to focus not only on the cost, but also on softness and elasticity. For example, material from propylene. With it, you can easily arrange the stairs, but it is not intended for recycling. Choosing color, it is better to stop the choice on products with an opaque and natural shade. They will last a very long time. Blades of grass 7 mm high, roll length 25 m, color is usually green. It can be laid as a decorative carpet, but it is subject to strong heating.
  • Landscape Design. Synthetic grass - just a godsend for designers, because there is no need to take into account the specificity of the terrain and the type of soil.In addition, these models can be of different colors, which allows you to experiment with them. The height of the pile is 20 cm, the length of the roll is 25 cm. The color can be pink, red or other.

Pros - in a bright and unusual color and simple care. But the color fades pretty quickly.

  • Finishing flooring. Such a carpet can mimic the structure of a natural lawn and helps to create your own green corner or a place to play (for example, golf) in your home. Height of pile is 5 mm, length of a roll is 25 cm. Color is natural, green. Safe for people with allergies, non-slip.

Plastic lawn is the brainchild of human hands. Despite some shortcomings, this is generally a great option for a wide variety of purposes. It also allows you to create unusual interior solutions that would not be possible with live grass.

How to choose artificial grass, see the next video.

How the process of laying artificial grass, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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