How to make a fence from slab?

Now it is very prestigious to be the owner of a country mansion. It is in this house that you can easily retire in the hot summer time, here it is convenient to hide from the hustle and bustle of the city. One of the main requirements for a country estate is a strong fence.

Reliable fence

A person who wants to have a natural, beautiful and reliable fence, should pay attention to this option, as a barrier from the mountains. Some may find this option absurd, as the latest design trends advise us to choose such fences for our country house that emphasize the sophisticated style of the mansion. However, despite the fact that the slab is a waste of the forest industry, such lumber is also attractive, as is solid wood.You can easily become the creator of the original and reliable fence.

The cheapest kind of wooden fence is a barrage made of gorbylin. You can easily make such a fence by hand. You can always buy lumber for your work at a sawmill for a nominal fee. Although, who knows, maybe you just get lucky, and the slab will get absolutely free.

The fence of such material will be durable and good-quality, and if you make every effort, it is quite beautiful and creative.

Let's see with you, what are the features of this material, and how to make a beautiful fence out of it?

What is this lumber?

In simple terms, the slab is ordinary garbage, which is obtained in the process of the enterprises of the timber industry.

The croaker is a board cut from the side, and the other side has its original appearance. He has the texture of raw logs.

Previously, they just stoked the stove or decorated temporary and draft buildings. However, over time, people began to create strong and unusual fences from this sawn timber.The price of such a fence varies depending on the type of wood, its size, method of finishing.

The advantages of such a fence:

  1. Budget.
  2. Easy installation of the fence.
  3. Durability and good quality.
  4. Nice appearance design.
  5. Moisture resistance.
  6. Individuality and originality.
  7. Environmental friendliness.
  8. Multifunctional.

This material has some negative points:

  1. The processing of the material is complicated. You will need to polish and carefully process all boards to one. Such work may take you many days.
  2. Flammability Do not forget that the croaker is still ordinary wood. Such a fence can very easily catch fire. This fact should be paid attention to when choosing materials for the fence to the country, because no one needs a fire in the house.

Selection of croaker

There are two types of slab - wood and business.

Wood is not used to create fences. This kind of slab has an uneven surface. Often it is a split of unstable wood species.

The slab is used for shedding, construction of formwork, fences and partitions.

This type of slab is also conventionally divided into:

  • fat;
  • thin.

The price of slabs packaged in packs is much higher than that dumped in a pile. This croaker has less waste. The best is a calibrated view, in other words, a block house or imitation of a log. It is much more expensive than a simple business slab. However, he also needs careful treatment and stripping.

The croaker draws attention to its intrinsic texture, but gradually the crust will begin to peel off, and a bark beetle is likely to start inside the board. The crooded and crooked croaker looks rich and prestigious. After appropriate treatment with the help of special solutions, such a fence is guaranteed to stay at your dacha for at least twenty years. Slab grinding will help you to make the appropriate money for workers at the sawmill.

You are quite able to clean the croaker with your own hands - with an ax and a grinder.

In no case do not buy boards from poplar, as it rots very quickly. The fence from it will be unsightly. Do not advise the master to buy a birch plank - it is very solid. After you deliver the material, you will need to sort it out and process it as quickly as possible, because the harmful bark beetle will very quickly spoil all your material. You will need to be sure to dry the wood after it is processed.

Varieties of fencing

There are several main types of fencing:

  1. Vertical fence. The simplest type of execution of the fence, for its manufacturing boards need to mount perpendicular to the base, prepared earlier.
  2. Horizontal fence without cross. Gorbylins are mounted horizontally, with or without gaps.
  3. Bilateral barrier, in it uncircumcised boards are installed on both sides. This option of making a fence is the most expensive because you will need much more wood.

Building materials and tools

For the manufacture of the fence will require:

  1. Gorbylins.
  2. Columns of metal or wood.
  3. Mounts.
  4. Crossbars - poles, bars or long strips.
  5. Sand, rubble.
  6. The substance that handles the tree.
  7. Mastic.
  8. Paints.
  9. Liquid cement.


  1. Rope and measuring tape.
  2. Hatchet.
  3. Sanding machine.
  4. Hacksaw.
  5. Garden shovel, drill.
  6. Kiyanka
  7. Paint brushes.

To build a barrier you need to choose a sunny sunny day. It is necessary for the boards to dry after all the manipulations.

How to build?

The whole process of building barriers is divided into stages:

  1. Calculate the area of ​​the barrier and the amount of material needed.
  2. Prepare and mark the plot.
  3. Prepare the material.
  4. Be engaged in the installation of support columns and foundations.
  5. Attach the croaker to the base.

Preparatory work

We calculate the area of ​​the fence and the required amount of lumber.

To calculate the required number of columns and materials, you should use a calculator that can be easily found on the Internet, or calculate everything on your own. It is necessary to start the calculation with the measurement of the perimeter of the territory, which will be fenced. Then you need to determine the distance between the supporting columns and calculate the number of building materials that are needed.

For example, if the area of ​​the site is twelve hundred square meters, then its perimeter will be one hundred forty meters. When the distance between the columns is two meters, and the width of the gate is one meter, then you will need seventy columns. Having a board two meters long and ten centimeters wide and two and a half centimeters thick on the whole area of ​​the fence, that is, 278 square meters. meters, you will need 1390 gorbylin or 6.95 cubic meters of the lumber.

It is better to buy more slab, so you do not have to go and buy more.

When the height of the barrier is two meters and the width between its parts is two meters, you will need a 76 mm by 4 mm metal pipe.

Then you need to calculate how deep the columns should be buried in order to find out how long this building material is needed. To get a well-standing barrier that will not fall from sudden gusts of wind, the depth of the pit must be no less than sixty centimeters.

The slab does not need a foundation. However, the support of the metal will need to be fixed, for this they concreted. Columns from a tree need to be covered with a layer of bitumen mastic or charred.

If the soil is soft, then you will need to hammer the pillars into the holes prepared in advance.

Instructions for the manufacture of barriers

  • Stage 1. Wood preparation for work. The leg of the material is necessary, it must be done with the help of an ordinary shovel or ax. Then the slab is laid out, filed and sanded. Diligently after grinding, layers of protective substance are applied on the slab. For this purpose, apply a spray or brush.
  • Stage 2. At that time, while the crooks are drying out, they mark the holes and set up the columns of the support. The interval between the pillars should be about two and a half meters. Material you can attach to the columns of wood or metal. Metal poles are driven into the ground to a depth of 50 cm and poured with concrete. The supports of wood should be covered with a layer of bitumen mastic. Remember the need for drainage of gravel.

Backpacking is done in parts with further tamping. All columns must be leveled.

  • Stage 3. Fasteners gorbylin. Even before the attachment process begins, you need to decide how your future barrier will look like. If you attach the material perpendicular, then you will need a horizontal wooden plank. Nails or screws that have been coated with linseed oil or engine oil are used to fasten the material. When installing the boards horizontally, they are not needed, because the gorbylins are attached directly to the support columns or on the lining. It is necessary to install the boards one after another. This will help you to mount your product without gaps.

Gorbylins are diverse lumber, however this property gives it some originality.

Above the dies you need to attach a visor. This will protect the fence from the damaging effects of precipitation.

  • Stage 4. Barrage decoration.

Decorating methods

There are many methods for decorating simple barriers:

  1. Artistic sawing out of the ends of gorbylin.
  2. Coloring, toning, varnishing.
  3. Roasting, followed by varnishing wood.
  4. Artificial aging of the tree - pulling out the soft fibers of wood with a brush and further toning the product. Before the brushing process, the wood can be burned - as a result there will be a beautiful fence.

Coloring a wooden fence is imperative. This type of decoration is very important, because the raw wood will not long please you with its novelty.

A great idea would be to preserve the natural shade of wood - it will just need to be treated with special chemicals. They greatly extend the life of your wood fence. Paint for painting the fence, you can make yourself. This, too, can save your family budget.

All that you will need to work, you can easily find in any specialty store. It is more difficult to get iron minium and vitriol - they are sold in the construction market.

The recipe is very simple: you need to dilute the flour in one liter of water and make a paste. Without removing it from the heat, you need to add a little salt and iron sulfate. It should be mixed until complete dissolution of the particles.

Pour the red lead and mix the resulting substance. Then add the linseed oil and stir until smooth. In the finished paint you need to pour half a liter of water. This will help you get the paint thickness. Now the paint is ready for use. You can immediately begin painting the barrier.


During construction there will be no problems if you follow the recommendations:

  1. It is necessary to fill the boards one after another at a distance of at least one and a half to two centimeters.
  2. The suitable width of the boom boards is twenty centimeters. Gorbylins greater width during operation partially split.

Let's sum up

The fence from the croaker is a kind of creative in everyday life. You have to show your imagination, then the fence will delight you for a long time with its exclusive appearance. Connoisseurs of fashion and style in the interior can work hard and cut a beautiful ornament on their barrier.

It is estimated that the slab fence serves about ten or twenty years.

We were convinced that the creation of a boom made of uncut edger is not a very difficult job, but it is long and laborious. Insignificant cash costs for the construction of such a fence more than compensate you for the high complexity of construction and installation works.

In order for you to properly use your personal time, first draw up a fence construction plan. Then, divide all the work into separate parts, carrying out each step by step, according to the plan. This is especially true of the owners of large plots that are fenced from neighbors from all sides. They should prepare for long-term construction and installation work. The most practical thing to do is not to do the whole fence, but by elements, the first of which is the outer side.

How to build a fence from slab, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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