Wrought fences: beautiful design ideas

The fortress house largely makes the fence around the site on which the building itself is located. It must be impregnable for those who were not invited to enter the courtyard and very beautiful, complementing the overall impression of the estate. The best choice with the highest demands on the functional qualities and appearance of the fence is the forged fence. It possesses reliability and high aesthetics even in the most uncomplicated design.

Special features

Wrought fences are used in many places. Such a fence can be around the territory of a private house or suburban area. An openwork metal fence can decorate and protect the space around the buildings where various state institutions are located. It becomes a natural addition to a public or private park.

But the forged fence in its pure form can not be found at every turn.Such a product is very expensive, not every land owner is able to afford it. Therefore, more often you can see the fence of the profile pipe or metal profile with elements of forging. In this case, some deaf fence with decorative components, painted black, looks impressive, unapproachable and stylish, resembling the wall of an ancient Russian fortress or medieval castle.

Advantages and disadvantages

On the market today there are a large number of various materials for fences. Someone can afford only wooden, and someone prefers stone or brick.

30% of buyers in Russia make a choice in favor of forged fences, because they are recorded in the best on the market. Even a metal grid will be a reliable border for unwelcome guests, what can we say about fences with 3-4 meter peaks! This is just one of the options for the design of wrought iron fencing.

The advantages of fences with forging include a number of qualities:

  • Reliability and durability. Forged fence on these parameters is simply impossible to compare with wood or vinyl (plastic). Metal is elastic and resistant. If, for example, a car enters it, then it will stand.And if no one tries to overcome such an obstacle with force, with proper care, it will stand for centuries. It is not by chance that the best copies of forged fences inherited by us from previous generations often fall into the list of valuable historical sites.
  • Security. One of its kind metal fence inspires respect for its owners. And no one doubts that if people decide to enclose a house with a reliable high fence, then surveillance cameras and other security elements will be attached to this.
  • Decent appearance. Forged fence looks beautiful and expensive. He may look graceful or menacing, testifying to the delicate taste, thoroughness and material wealth of the owners of the house.
  • Ease of care. Forged fence does not require constant attention, unlike wooden or plastic. To eliminate scratches or replace some elements, it is not necessary to dismantle the structure. Even to update the paint on this fence every year is not necessary.
  • Wide range of. The design of the wrought fence can be anything (depending on the fantasy and the needs of the customer).You can choose a relatively inexpensive product from ready-made structures or develop a unique pattern that will emphasize the personality of the character of the owner of such a fence, realize his long-standing associations, or even point others around to special family signs.

Forged fences have their drawbacks:

  • High price. To just protect the area from prying eyes, people settle for the usual wooden deaf fence. Forged is not only more durable and reliable, but is also an important part of landscape design at a particular site. Especially expensive construction, made with the use of artistic forging. And not everyone can afford such a luxury.
  • "Transparency". Forged fence (due to the peculiarities of its design) does not protect the house from outside noise, prying eyes and dust. This applies to fences with a simple and strict design. Therefore, it is often necessary to take additional measures to compensate for these features.
  • Corrosion. Every 3-4 years it is necessary to carry out a special treatment of the fence against corrosion. This will preserve the reliability of the structure and its beautiful appearance for many years.


Nowadays metal fences are made using a wide variety of technologies and additional materials. It all depends on what result you want to get at the exit.

A metal fence can be combined, for example, with polycarbonate, which will allow you to create the effect of a solid fence, protecting it from noise and prying eyes. Polycarbonate is a fairly lightweight material that is easy to cut and easy to install.

A metal fence in combination with it will not look ponderous, which, under conditions like the urban environment, is simply necessary.

Often deaf type fences are used for private houses, using forging only at the gate and wicket. Some combine it with forging in the design of the entrance door of the house or balcony lattice. The device of such a fence, on the one hand, will not destroy, on the other hand, there will be something special and unique in the external appearance of the fence.

Designs created by welding, can be attributed to one of the most inexpensive options for metal fencing. The welded fence is clearly not going to become an object of art, although it can look very elegant, but as an obstacle to those who are not invited into the house, it is indispensable.You can choose the combination of metal grating with brick pillars in various variations of their execution. Sections of forged rods, combined with supports of brick, leave the impression of lightness of this design, as well as make it reliable.

Also, a wrought-iron fence on a high foundation will look solid. This may be, for example, a structure created using cold forging. Such a fence will look elegant and at the same time reliably protect the house from the noise, dust and prying eyes of strangers.

Fences of highly artistic performance are created by special order. For the master blacksmith, this will be a real gift, because nowadays such specialists have few opportunities to embody bold creative fantasies.

The finished design can be a true work of art, as well as the pride of its owner.


Forging as a craft originated in the VI century BC. It turned into art only with the improvement of metal processing technologies. By the 18th century, blacksmiths had already learned how to create elegant and subtle decorative elements from this coarse material.Later, the patterns became more diverse and bold in form. Each era has its own forging design. Already the Renaissance period can be attributed decorative elements and complex patterns, which were then developed in the Baroque style.

Today, metallic flowers, various ornaments, intricate snails and curlicues are an integral part of forging, as art, which is reflected in the creation of a wide variety of products. Fences among them are most noticeable to the outsider. For anyone who wants a metal fence with an original design solution becomes something like a museum piece, for the contemplation of which does not need to buy a ticket.

Nowadays forged fences are distinguished not only by the types of design, but also by colors. The quality of the paint used depends on how long the fence will retain its original appearance, how often it is necessary to tint it. The palette of colors for metal fences in our time is very diverse. You can choose the color that allows the fence to best fit into the overall look of the estate.

It is not necessary that the fence be black or brown.It can be a bright shade, which will look light and elegant. A certain shade of green will resemble oxidized bronze.

You can add an extra tone and a noble effect to the old metal by patinating spans. This looks especially bright on exclusive fences where art forging is used. Samples of such highly artistic works can be seen in numerous photographs in magazines and on the Internet.

Amazing design effects are achieved by combining brick and metal. Decorative metal spans with forging around an ordinary front garden can give this natural corner a unique look and a special spirit. Actually, a competent combination of cold metal and natural greenery itself can become an excellent aesthetic move even for a relatively inexpensive fencing product, simultaneously solving a lot of functional tasks related to the isolation of the territory enclosed by this fence.

A hedge along a metal fence or climbing plants braiding an iron lattice will highlight the special charm of the house and the site.Forged lanterns will give a decorative perfection to a concrete metal fence, which even make the most simple variant a memorable object and turn it into an excellent landmark. The fence may become a true work of art as a result of the use of cast elements. The whole site will acquire with them. not just rich but magnificent view. Of course, it is expensive, but the beauty is worth it.


The price and level of solidity of the metal fence depends on the method of manufacture. You can not compare the complexity of the production of wrought fence, for example, with the peculiarities of the creation of wood. But even the technology of manufacturing metal fences are very different in complexity from each other. The same welded structures are therefore inexpensive compared to simple variants of forged fences, since the creation technology is simple.

True forging is a laborious process, albeit with the best result. Especially difficult art forging. The manufacture of such enclosing structures takes a lot of time.People who decide to get this kind of fence will have to be patient. therefore forged-welded products are more popular. The production of such fences is carried out using ready-made elements, and this significantly shortens the time of work. And the result can please no less than what the hand of a true artist-smith will give out.

Garden forged-welded fences or fences around the house, created by this technology will inspire respect and serve for a long time. It is important, among other things, comply with the installation technology of such a design. First of all, it is necessary to carefully prepare a foundation for it. Given the size of the sections and the design features of the supports, they make the marking of the territory.

It is better to carry out these works, relying on the drawing of the future fence and to observe the accuracy of the marking. Otherwise, in the future, you can gain very serious problems with the installation of the fence sections themselves.

Having completed the preparatory stage, proceed to the device foundation and installation of pillars. There are various technologies for fixing supports. You can do this with and without formwork, as well as with the use of mortgage.When the pillars are installed, they are equipped with fasteners. The finished sections are fixed to the supporting posts by hanging. In some cases, they are also welded to the supports (to be more reliable).

After the installation is completed, the joining points of the sections are primed. Caps are installed on the support pillars so that precipitation does not accumulate. Then the metal must be degreased with a solvent and treated with an anti-corrosion solution. At the end of the painting is a wrought fence.

Useful tips

In determining the type of future fence, it is necessary to find a balance between the functionality, the external attractiveness of the product and the financial costs of it. The sectional variant can be tightly closed with a durable tree or made on the basis of a metal profile, and forged elements will enrich the appearance of such a model. At the same time, creating such a fence, you will not spend too much money.

Installing a high foundation will also save a few.

It is important to observe the correctness of the dimensions of the foundation itself and the height of the forged grille. If everything is done correctly, you can get a balanced combination of protective functions and aesthetic properties of such fencing.

In addition, when ordering a metal fence, you should consider a number of important things:

  • The density of the wrought fence pattern ultimately determines its strength. Than this ornament is “more detailed”, the stronger the fence is.
  • The components of the entire fence are welded using clamps. The quality of the welds is of great importance. They should be invisible and even.
  • At the design stage of the future fence one should plan the construction of the gate. This can be, for example, sliding or hinged doors.
  • You should also plan what will be the gate.
  • The pattern on the gate and the gate should repeat the one that adorns the fence.
  • The metal fence should not be closer than a meter and a half from the road. Otherwise, water and dirt will do their job - the fence will quickly rust.

Beautiful options

In forged designs you can find a wide variety of styles accumulated in the baggage of art history. These are elements of the Romanesque, Russian-Byzantine style, Renaissance, Rococo, Baroque, Gothic or Modern. Sometimes it is very difficult to attribute a particular design decision to a particular style. With the help of the design of the fence, you can set a certain mood for the entire estate, institution or park located behind it.

Forged fence with gothic elements will bring a sense of mystery and romance to the perception of a house or garden. Simple lines of metal achieve the effect of lightness and rigor of the design, leaving a feeling of enchanting understatement. A beautiful forged fence can also be made in very concise forms. Just interspersed with small elements with curved leaves in the Art Nouveau style in a simple metal grid diversifies the dignity of the unsophisticated lines of the main background. On the one hand, such a fence looks very modern, and on the other, it sends a bright past. The combination with a stone base makes the fence durable and reliable.

Forged fence, decorated with leaves and curls, despite the dark color, looks playful, easy and relaxed, while leaving a feeling of stability and irresistible. The wrought-iron fence on a brick foundation with completions in the form of sharp peaks is a continuation of the house, resembling a medieval fortification in its appearance.

The forged pattern, consisting of decorative elements that do not differ in their special originality, suggests thoughts of calm respectability of homeowners.

It is unlikely that anyone will pass by indifferently past a richly decorated baroque fence. The deliberate pomp of the jewelry speaks for itself. Consider the details of such a fence can be very long. And besides the ostentatious joy of the magnificence of the artistic solution, it is easy to see reliable heaviness, not an obstacle only for special guests.

A metal fence that harmoniously combines the smooth and angular lines of modern forms is hardly a serious obstacle to the path of a person or animal. It is rather a decorative line denoting the boundaries of the territory. Nevertheless, it is very interesting to hold a look at her, as she is fascinating with its transparency and ease.

A fence that combines rich baroque forging with many elements in the form of curls and flowers, as well as tall pillars resembling round turrets on a stone base suggests that there is a royal palace behind this fence. This is the case when the art of forging is applied in full force. And the design presented in such magnificent forms will surely be a strong barrier from the outside world.

Even the simplest metal fence of vertical rods will look charming, being entwined with beautiful flowers. Due to the lush vegetation, evenly distributed over the entire surface of the lattice, it does not look transparent, but it creates a desire to closely look at what lies behind it, rather than pass by.

Fencing of this kind testifies not so much to the desire of the owners to hide their life from the eyes of others, but to their cordiality, hospitality, openness to the world and love of nature. It seems that behind such a fence there can be nothing else but a cozy fairy-tale house, which is buried in the colors of the brightest shades.

The black metal fence with decorative elements, whimsically combining the smoothness of lines with simple geometric shapes, looks inconspicuous and personable.

The repetition of the fence in the window grilles completes the image of the whole territory.

Such designs, decorated with forging, look especially organic in front of aristocratic and presentable houses of several floors. It can be chic buildings in the style of a classic, hospitality or any artsy direction.

How to make a wrought fence with your own hands, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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