Design of a small balcony or a small loggia

 Design of a small balcony or a small loggia

Previously, the balcony was used solely as a place to store unnecessary materials. Today, just a few square meters can be arranged to your taste. A balcony or loggia often becomes a place for a good time, work or entertainment.

We develop a design project

A small balcony can be used for various purposes. Typically, such a balcony can be found in the "Khrushchev", it has up to 3 square meters. However, it can easily be turned into a cozy, stylish and useful area.

Choosing the design of a small balcony or loggia, you should first decide on the functional purpose, because much will depend on it - style direction, color solutions, choice of furniture, and so on.

Basic ideas for creating stylish design projects:

  • A place for a pleasant stay. If you create all conditions for recreation on a small loggia or balcony, then this place will be ideal for relaxation. It should be placed on the balcony cozy furniture - for example, a small table. You can purchase a folding table with chairs or a soft sofa with spacious drawers that are ideal for storing things. Pillows will allow to bring comfort and convenience into the interior.
  • Workplace. A small loggia or balcony can be arranged for work. There is enough space for the location of a computer desk and a comfortable chair. If you work at a laptop, then a small folding table will be enough, which can also be used for rest, and a soft chair or sofa.
  • Dining or tea area. This option is perfect if the loggia is small but wide. On summer days you can sit comfortably at the dining table. Two or three people will be able to stay quite comfortable.
  • Winter Garden. If you organize a beautiful garden on the loggias, you can enjoy blooming plants even in the winter season.You can arrange on the walls of special shelves or shelves for pots. On the windowsill you can arrange the pallets with flowers. Some prefer a greenhouse.
  • Sports Hall. A small space can be arranged for a small gym. On it you can put a simulator or sports equipment. On hot days, you can do sports in the open air, and there will be more free space in the room.
  • Expansion of the room at the expense of the balcony. This process is rather difficult, since it is necessary to get rid of the door and window frame. In some cases, it is even necessary to carry the battery. In this case, the balcony is already becoming part of the room. If it is combined with a kitchen, then it can be arranged as a dining area, positioned appliances, or put a bar counter. If the balcony is combined with the bedroom, then it can be used as a workplace.

The choice of the project is completely individual. If you do not need a functional zone, then you can equip it for storage.

Color solutions

The choice of colors of various finishing materials is very large. You can find a decent option for everyone.However, it is worth remembering that not all materials are suitable for finishing a small balcony or loggia.

It is necessary to give preference to light shades. They will help to visually increase the area of ​​the room. Designers often offer warm pastel colors for rooms that are on the shady side. If the balcony or loggia is located on the sunny side, then materials of cold light colors will be an excellent choice.

Pink, lime, yellowish, beige, blue hues look very beautiful and impressive, and you can also use light metallic. The color performance for the balcony will harmoniously look if it is combined with the color scheme of the next room. Such a solution will allow you to create a single room, but with the division into functional zones.

When choosing colors for materials that will be required for finishing the room, it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the space. For small balconies, a tree is not always the best solution, because it visually makes the room smaller. If you still decide to use wood in the decoration, then you need to find light shades. Amber tones are a good choice.Over time, wooden materials darken a bit.

When choosing decorative plaster and stone, preference should be given not very textured and not too dark options. Then a small area will not be visually reduced. The combination of stone and plaster looks spectacular and fashionable.


Each room should be properly decorated, then to be in it will be comfortable and pleasant. When choosing a style direction, personal preferences should be taken into account.

On a small balcony gilding, silk and massiveness will look ridiculous. It is better to opt for the rococo or baroque style. Lightness and airiness are the main advantages of these styles.

A small loggia or balcony can be decorated in Mediterranean or Provence style. This style solution is ideal for recreation areas.

When choosing a base color, you can use the finish or furniture in cream, light turquoise, blue or sand colors. It is necessary to select wooden chairs and tables made of wicker or rattan. Wicker furniture must be moisture resistant.

If you choose Provence style, you can use textured plaster to decorate walls or bricks of discreet colors. Forged shelves and cabinets fit perfectly in the chosen style.If the loggia has no place for such furniture, you can simply put a refined flower stand. Pastel shutters on the windows perfectly complement the stylish interior.

Mediterranean style requires a lot of plants. The walls in bright colors look great with bright vases. Beige walls are ideally underlined flowers of chocolate shades, under the blue walls fit the flowers in blue. The design of light yellow tones looks spectacular with bright lemon-colored plants.

For lovers of rustic design, you should choose an oriental style or country. It can be equipped for kitchen purpose. Country allows you to create both spectacular and budget options for interiors.

When choosing colors for walls, you can give preference to pastel shades. You can create bright elements with a rich blue color, good options are crimson or terracotta. These can be photos, light bulbs or pots for pots.

For country style it is worth picking up wood furniture, because it is a highlight of this stylistic direction. You can install a cabinet or a small locker. If the space on the balcony is very small,then the folding table and chairs are perfect. To place a square shape, you can use a wooden bench (or even an original chest).

It will be better if the window frames are also wooden. Modern plastic does not fit into this style. If there is no other choice, then the plastic should be chosen to match the color of the tree, and you also need to take care of a wide windowsill.

Another popular style for the design of small balconies and loggias is minimalism, which does not require a lot of furniture and interior elements. Total should be in moderation. Suit gentle pastel colors. It is worth using natural finishing materials - wood, brick or plaster. It is necessary to apply simple forms without using the decor on the walls and windows.

We select furniture

The choice of furniture plays an important role in the implementation of a specific design idea for a small balcony or loggia. This room is small, so you should not overload it with large furniture. It is worth paying attention to the folding options of chairs and a table.

A good choice would be "air" items. You can buy a wicker table or chair.They will perform their functions - and at the same time on the balcony will be spacious.

Do not overload the interior with a large number of shelves. Their presence can visually reduce the area and so small premises. In terms of coverage, spots are an excellent solution.

For a small balcony or loggia fit glass furniture. Many select suspended and folding tables. If you plan to store things, then the ideal choice would be the presence of sliding doors. Of course, you can also use hidden boxes that will be located inside the seats.

Settlement Tips

Making a small balcony or loggia is not very difficult, if you follow some design tips for the visual correction of the area of ​​small size:

  • Light shades should be preferred, because they visually make even a tiny room wider.
  • Forget about bulky furniture. It is worth thinking about folding furniture or options with hidden drawers (for easy storage of many things).
  • For a small balcony, sliding windows with blinds are ideal. This design not only looks beautiful, but is practical.Roman blinds or roller blinds add coziness and comfort. If you have combined a balcony and a room, then you can already use heavy curtains or long curtains.
  • For the side walls is to use wallpaper with perspective. They help to make a small room more spacious.
  • If you are looking for a place for flowers, then do not forget about the wide windowsill. Although instead you can equip the bar. Under the window sill or stand you can make several shelves of a hidden plan - for storing various canned goods.
  • To make a loggia or balcony more visually, glossy surfaces are ideal. You can hang a large mirror. Often, designers offer stretch glossy ceilings that can be complemented with spot-type lamps.
  • Do not use mounted shelves. They will only reduce the small room.
  • Designers advise one of the walls to be painted in a different color. Such a color accent will also help to visually enlarge a small balcony.
  • Often balconies are decorated with flowers, but remember that the presence of pots and pallets on the floor will only aggravate the situation.

In conclusion, a few simple and original ideas on the arrangement of a small balcony or loggia in the video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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