Arrangement of loggias

 Arrangement of loggias

Loggias and balconies - these are parts of the apartment that many Russians are accustomed to consider as ordinary warehouses for different boxes and cans. Few people think about what can be transformed into this small space. Loggia can be reincarnated in a separate room, summer kitchen or recreation area.

Glazing, waterproofing and finishing

Before starting the refining of the balcony premises it is necessary to clean them of everything superfluous. It is worth getting rid of old and unnecessary things, do a general cleaning and take useful items to another place, for example, to the country. After thorough cleaning and cleaning, you can proceed to more serious work.

A very important role is played by the glazing of the balcony. The choice of windows today is rich, so you can pick up suitable copies for any style and surrounding interior. Recently, high-quality wood windows and wear-resistant PVC eurowindows have been in great demand. Often consumers turn to universal frameless glazing.

No further action is possible without these components, as the balcony will be cold, and extra street noise will be heard from the street.

You can pick up almost any glass. They can be stained glass, tinted or traditional.

After glazing, you can proceed to waterproofing. It is necessary to protect the premises from the destructive effects of the external environment. The most popular types of insulation are:

  • Coating, based on bitumen, polymeric materials and liquid rubber.
  • Roll or pasting. The basis of this isolation often takes the usual ruberoid.
  • Special primer, repel water.

In the process of working on waterproofing, you can do the outer cornice.

A great sign has warming. Very often, not only the floors are insulated, but also the walls, and even the ceiling.For this, a metal frame is pre-installed, a waterproofing layer is applied and the insulation itself is laid. It is covered with polyethylene, penophenol or any other vapor barrier material. Only after the completion of all the above works, you can proceed directly to the finishing of the balcony.

Sheathing is always selected in accordance with the tastes of the landlord and the overall style of the home. An important role here is played by the budget owners.

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Ceiling can be suspended. As a rule, it is sheathed with materials such as lining or whitened. Beautifully look ceilings, sheathed with high-quality and brand plasterboard. This material is very practical. It can be painted or supplemented with panels of wood of different shades.

The inner lining of the balcony block is recommended to make out with the help of high-quality plastic panels or different types of lining. You can also refer to a more affordable option: vinyl siding.

Creative and creative owners of apartments and houses can decorate their balcony or loggia with original photo wallpapers.

For the floor it is necessary to choose high-quality and wear-resistant materials. This may be a laminate, ceramic tile or soft carpet. Systems of warm floors possess high comfort and cost. Such options can replace any existing heating systems.

If you have experience in repair and construction, then any work can be done with your own hands. If you have doubts about your own strengths and knowledge, then it is better to turn to professionals.

Design projects

Registration of the balcony block or a loggia depends on the area. Even the smallest room can be converted into a personal office with a compact computer desk. It will not take up much space, but you will have a great opportunity to work in silence and solitude.

Many prefer to take the balcony to the creative workshop. For its design it is necessary to choose a wardrobe, bedside table and desk. These pieces of furniture easily fit in any area.

Often, similar greenhouses are made from such premises. If you decide on such a transformation of the balcony, then you should take care of good heating and proper lighting.

On large loggias you can place your own gym. To do this, it is necessary to put at least one simulator and the necessary equipment for training. It can be various trifles: dumbbells, rugs, jump ropes, etc.

Today, many owners turn their loggias into beautiful winter gardens. To design such a space, you can add one mirror wall with shelves and shelves for flower arrangements.

Let us consider in detail several interesting design projects for balconies of various sizes.

For 3 square meters. m

On a space of 3, 4 square meters. m. very difficult to "roam". You are unlikely to succeed in a multifunctional room, but it's worth a try.

Do not overload the balcony with unnecessary things. Stick to the minimalist style and simple lines.

A small square table can be placed under the window frame, and behind it (in the corner) a small chair or chair can easily fit. So that the resulting space does not seem boring, it can be supplemented with small paintings on the walls, vases with flowers or wrought thin lamps.

On a small loggia, you can create a real paradise for lovers of playing the guitar and reading books. It is enough to place a small rack with shelves for magazines and literature near the narrow side wall.At the top of this design, you can put different decor items: small baskets, boxes or flowers.

Put soft puffy pillows or mini-ottomans on the floor and you will have a wonderful recreation and creativity area!

You can create a cozy corner by sheathing the walls of a balcony or loggia with woodwork panels. On this soothing background it will look great little sofa near the narrow side wall. Before him, it is desirable to put a small chair and a transparent round table. For windows it is better to pick up bright blinds so that the room seems to be brighter and more free.

For 6 square meters. m

On the balcony will fit a little more furniture and other things. Of course, it is unlikely that a large gym can be built from such a space, but it is quite possible to build a working or recreation area.

The design of such balconies can be decorated in any style. The area will allow you to supplement the room with materials and objects of different shades. From this balcony you can make a summer kitchen, a private office or even an original place to sleep.

To create a cozy recreation area should refer to the folding furniture. It will not take up much space and easily fit into such a space. It can be light chairs and a table. Do not turn to too heavy items that look heavy. Such things can visually reduce space.

If folding furniture is not, then it is quite possible to replace it with a beautiful bar counter. The rack can be equipped on the seat of the window sill and substitute high bar stools. On such a loggia fit a sofa by the side wall, near which a small round table and two chairs comfortably fit. Such an ensemble is perfect not only for recreation, but also for meetings with friends over a cup of coffee.

For the design of the workplace, you can equip the balcony with a computer desk with additional shelves and side tables. A tall bookcase and a cozy armchair will look harmoniously against the opposite side wall. So you will create at the same time both a working zone and a recreation area.

Such places are often used as large storerooms. It is possible to store in such places not only banks and products, but also other important things that could not find a permanent place in the house. It can be winter sledges, strollers, roller and ice skates, as well as a bicycle.

But do not think that with such a placement on the balcony will be only a pantry.If you carefully and correctly place all the stored items, then you can easily put there a small sofa or a coffee table with a pair of folding chairs.

We select furniture

On small balconies and loggias, the area of ​​which does not exceed 4 square meters. m., it is better to have not too bulky furniture of soft and pastel colors. Large and dark tables, armchairs and sofas will make space uncomfortable.

  • On a small balcony you can fit a narrow bookcase or a tall rack with shelves under books or flowers. Near it you can put a small chair or a fashionable wicker chair.
  • In compact rooms light objects look especially good, and when it comes to tables and chairs, they can be white or have surfaces under a light wood. If you decide to decorate the balcony with dark chocolate or black objects, then they are recommended to be beautifully and gently played up with various objects of decor.
  • Balconies with a large area will allow you to arrange a larger amount of furniture. This may be a kitchen appliances or a dining table, if the area is combined with a kitchen.
  • In these areas, you can place an exercise bike or a stepper.So, you get a small gym.
  • A large balcony can be turned into a multifunctional room with a large table, bookcases, coffee tables and document cabinets. They will not look cumbersome computer with a large monitor.
  • In the working area, you can add a folding chair or a miniature folding sofa. You can escape from work at any time and lie down for a while.

It is not recommended to force spacious balconies with a large number of pieces of furniture. You should not think that a large space must be “hammered” with something, so that it does not seem empty.

  • For such original and functional rooms it is better to select lamps of warm light. Cold options can deprive the space of softness and comfort.
  • Do not contact too large ceiling lamps, chandeliers and table lamps. They will attract too much attention to themselves, since such a space is still smaller in area than a regular room.

How to make the atmosphere cozy?

Without decorative additions, an equipped room will seem unfinished. Sometimes small things can transform the space and make it much more comfortable and hospitable. Many owners decorate their balconies and loggias with flowers. This may be a single large flower or pots with many different plants. They can have different colors and create a special positive atmosphere in the room.

Often, flowers are placed on the outside of the loggia. Before they are planted in a large cache. A balcony with such a decorative detail will attract a lot of attention. In the inner part of the flowers can be in vases or different pots in color.

Empty and boring walls are worth adding pictures and photos. It is not necessary to hang too large copies, especially if the loggia has a small area. It is better to hang several medium or small pictures in a row.

Frames with photographs will also not be superfluous in such a cozy space. They can be put on shelves, racks, computer desk or cabinet. On the floor you can lay a mat. It can be soft and monophonic, or motley and colorful in the style of boho. These items must match the surrounding pieces of furniture.

If you have designed a loggia in pastel and soothing colors, then in such an ensemble, a gentle carpet of beige or caramel color will look best.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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