Cabinet design on the loggia

 Cabinet design on the loggia

Any girl wants her apartment to be cozy and original. One of the places that everyone often forgets about and uses as a repository for unnecessary things is the loggia. However, this very room can be useful if you are dreaming of a separate office, and the size of the apartment does not allow. In this case, consider the design of the cabinet on the loggia - the best solution

Special features

A study on a loggia is just a godsend for those who appreciate isolation, warmth and comfort. This room is quite private, there is no passage through it, so you will always feel comfortable. There is also nothing distracting from work, and even if you are tired, you can always get up and enjoy the good view from the window.In addition, the loggia - it is always the presence of fresh air, and problems with airing will not arise. Of course, sunlight will stimulate activity.

It seems to many girls that creating such a working area is overwork. However, this opinion is fundamentally erroneous: the arrangement of the cabinet will take less time, and there will be no significant financial costs. An ideal cabinet can be made without the help of designers - the place itself is rather unusual. Nobody says that creating a cabinet will be easy, but the result is worth it. It is in this secluded corner you can realize your most creative design solutions.

We develop a design project

If you are going to start developing the design of your future cabinet, it is necessary to carry out a number of mandatory works. The first thing to do is to glaze the windows. It is better to use the highest quality triple glazing, so that noises from the street and from the house do not penetrate inside and do not interfere with work. Good windows will also prevent temperature drops, and you will not have to freeze or overheat. Do not forget about mosquito nets - everyone knowshow annoying some insects can be.

The next stage is the general warming of the walls, ceiling and floor, sealing the cracks. If there is no electricity, it is worth taking care of and carrying it into the work area. A good option - spot lighting, which will be located directly near the workplace. Heating is also required, and the best idea is a warm floor. However, the finances for this will require considerable, so the choice of a good convector or heater will be a practical solution.

If you have a long or wide balcony, you can perfectly arrange it in the form of a whole room. On the one hand, you can place a working area, and on the other - a comfortable bed or chairs.

This design is perfect for business ladies who value not only work, but also rest. It is also necessary to consider the arrangement of the furniture - so that it visually expands, rather than “steals” the space. Wallpaper and finish choose in warm neutral colors - ivory, beige, peach.

The narrow balcony is not at all an obstacle to the arrangement of a stylish cabinet. Even the narrowest room can accommodate a minimum set of furniture - a table, chair, shelves.An excellent choice would be to place a flower pot, a small chair or a soft lounge chair. In the balconies of this type a lot of space is stolen window sills, so the best thing is to just remove them. You can also connect the loggia with the room using a partition - a soft furniture wall or an aquarium.

How to place the furniture?

Placing furniture is one of the most difficult stages, because you need to make sure that the cabinet visually appears more and does not crush. The first thing to install is the table. Be sure to put it away from the entrance and order this model so that it fits perfectly with the size of your loggia. A good solution for narrow balconies will be mounted or corner worktops with extra space at the bottom (for the keyboard). The computer should also be in the working area - make sure that it is well placed and does not take up too much space.

To give the office a working look, you can install several shelves. Do not forget that all this should be done in a single color scheme. You can put the necessary papers, stationery and any other work accessories on the shelves.It is interesting to look at the shelves mounted in the partition between the room and the loggia. This solution is not only practical and functional, it also increases the space.

In the presence of a wide and large loggia, the working area is far from the only thing that can be arranged here. The whole room is quite possible to create, if you place a bed or a sofa opposite. In the narrow balconies will look good easy-chair drop, as well as cushions on the floor or a stool for rest. Flowers and plants in stylish pots will never be superfluous. You can also put a coffee table with newspapers, magazines or fruit.

If the seating area on the balcony is not a necessity, then a more complete improvement in the workplace will be the best choice. Try to arrange a reading room. Near the walls you can place small shelves with books or one bigger bookcase. Use shelves not only for books, they are perfect for magazines, CDs and small statuettes.

When selecting the entourage for your work area, try not to overdo it. Furniture is something that should be a little, but with taste. Home comfort will help give a soft carpet, there will not be unnecessary flowers on the shelves.But with large vases, massive figurines and other decorations you should be careful - they overload the space. When placing furniture, try to completely occupy the room - one empty side will look weird - and soon it will again become a haven for unnecessary things.

Examples of successful decisions

The office in white is a very creative solution. It is not recommended to take white shades, choose a milky or ivory. A narrow table without a hint of massiveness, a comfortable leather chair and a few shelves to create an atmosphere - that's all you need for an ideal workplace. It is desirable to hang thick curtains or blinds on the windows. It looks interesting and white balcony with a contrasting wall, decorated with a brick.

It is always advantageous and spectacular look rooms, in which there are fresh flowers. It doesn't matter if it is a palm tree or violets. Plants refresh the room and produce oxygen, clearing the air. Small can be placed on the shelves, large - put on the floor. If there are several colors, try to keep the pots in the same color, this will make your office more stylish.

A narrow loggia will look best with a partition connected to the room. The partition can be made in the form of several glass shelves, where there will be flowers, small figurines or photographs. Pick a corner table with a long outstanding shelf, which is useful for documents and books. Above the desk will fit the shelves for papers and CDs. The partition can be chosen to a wide loggia - one large shelf will look appropriate and versatile.

You should not assume that the working area is only a desk and a computer, because professions are different. Creative girls can equip the whole drawing room on the loggias. Such a balcony in a romantic style will not leave anyone indifferent. It can additionally be decorated with photographs, own paintings or candles.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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