How to make a ceiling on the loggia?

 How to make a ceiling on the loggia?

Interior decoration plays a very important role in the design of balconies and loggias. Today, a large number of different materials are sold, with which you can finish the walls, floor and ceiling. About the latter and will be discussed.

Special features

You cannot do without high-quality and beautiful finishes, especially if the loggia is an extension of the living space and is used as a full-fledged room. Without attention can not leave any part of the room. This also applies to the ceiling. Ugly and bare concrete slab above the head can ruin even the most harmonious interior, composed of luxurious wall and floor coverings.

Properly selected materials for the ceiling can effectively transform the space and visually make it more spacious.This is especially true for small loggias.

A bright ceiling in tandem with beautiful glazing will make the room not only wider, but also much lighter. In many materials, you can embed light bulbs and small chandeliers.

Today, there are many options for decorating the ceiling plate on the loggia. Classic paper wallpaper is absolutely not suitable for this, so manufacturers offer customers special materials designed for such surfaces. Choose the perfect option will be able to every consumer. These can be inexpensive plastic panels of different colors or a more expensive stretch ceiling with a glossy surface.

There are some facings that you can install yourself. But there are other options, mounted only by professionals. For example, to install a beautiful stretch ceiling, you will need not only certain skills and experience, but also special devices that are hardly in your arsenal.

Popular options

There are several popular options for decorating the ceiling on the loggia. Let us consider in more detail each of them.

  • Sustainability and exterior appeal have ceiling panels MDF.With the help of such elements it is possible to form an interesting and modern interior design. In such materials, there are special mounts called spike-groove, which provide a simple and quick installation of panels on the ceiling. Frameworks for such finishes are made quite easily. You can easily do all the installation work yourself. Such panels are very economical and durable. They do not require special care.

But do not forget that high-quality MDF panels do not tolerate excessive humidity in the room. Over time, this can lead to their swelling and, of course, the loss of an attractive appearance. Then use the damaged panels will not work and they will have to be replaced.

  • The cheapest and most popular way of finishing is the ceiling cladding with PVC panels. Such materials are made of safe polyvinyl chloride. In the care they are very simple and undemanding. Not afraid of such ceiling and high humidity. Condensate does not accumulate on their surface and does not appear fungal deposits or mold. It is possible to install such finishing on any loggia. It can be both warm and cold.This also applies to the location of the loggia. The plastic ceiling is not susceptible to deformation due to temperature changes, so they can arrange the room on both the sunny and the shady side.

Installation of such finishing materials is very simple. Even a person who is far from any repairs will be able to cope with it.

  • Stretch ceilings have an elegant appearance. It is possible to install such a construction only on a warm glazed loggia. Modern options can easily withstand temperature extremes and are not afraid of exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Stretch ceilings are practical and durable. They have a beautiful and spectacular appearance. There are instances of a variety of colors and more expensive options with sparkles. Install them only experienced professionals who have all the necessary equipment.
  • For finishing the ceiling fit lining. Such wood material has an interesting appearance. Having a similar ceiling, it is possible to form a very cozy and hospitable interior of the loggia. But this material has its drawbacks. For example, the wall paneling needs to be treated from time to time with special impregnations that prolong the life of the material.Without them, the ceiling will lose an attractive appearance.
  • To install a suspended ceiling used drywall. It is recommended to choose waterproof materials. They are suitable only for closed and glazed rooms. Before installation, it is necessary to make a frame construction of impressive size, so you should first strengthen the ceiling plate.

The main feature of the suspended ceiling is that after its installation, you can pick up any decorative coating.


Waterproofing is needed for all types of loggias. Few people know, but melted snow and water often seep into premises through the smallest cracks and crevices in the upper floors. This can lead to damage to the walls and ceiling on the loggia. Even a very expensive repair will not be able to solve this problem, because after the first rainy seasons the interior decoration will deteriorate again.

A simple method of waterproofing is the treatment of gaps and seams with silicone sealant. Plates can be treated with a hydrophobic primer. This solution is suitable for rooms, over which there are neighboring loggias with glazing and waterproofing.

If the apartment is located on the top floor, then the loggia must be protected inside and out. To carry out such work is to contact the experts. They will do waterproofing on the roof and install the roof.

Do-it-yourself PVC ceiling installation

Sheathe the ceiling on the balconies can do it yourself. Let us consider in stages the installation process on the example of PVC panels.

  • Do not rush to start installing the panels. First make sure that the existing plane does not intersect with the window opening line (if there is a glazing on the loggia).
  • Often, people are faced with very unpleasant consequences in the form of the impossibility of opening the valves because of the ceiling.
  • Then you can proceed to installation. First you need to install the starting part. This work is simple, but very important. If you pre-calculate the number of parts needed to obtain a solid surface, you will notice that there are small gaps along the edges.
  • There are cases when the gaps are too large. They can be closed only by trimming the bar.
  • If the gap is small (no more than 2 cm), then it can be hidden behind a decorative plinth.
  • Next, you should install the following parts in the slots on the previous, tightly connect them to each other.
  • Each element must be secured with a stapler and screws.
  • This closes the entire surface of the ceiling.
  • Small problems may occur with the installation of the last panel. It needs to be inserted with effort. But try not to break the part.
  • The final stage of the work will be the installation of beautiful decorative baseboards. They will close the areas in which the overlap collides with the wall.

If during the installation of the panels you used plastic mounting elements, then you can not decorate the joints.

We offer to see detailed installation instructions for the ceiling with PVC panels do it yourself.

Examples of beautiful decisions

Let's take a closer look at the beautiful design solutions on the loggia.

  • White stretch ceiling in tandem with yellow plastered walls will look amazing. On such a pleasant background you can make a small corner for tea drinking, equipped with a small red sofa and a shelf for tea mugs.
  • A cozy place to relax can get out of the loggia, decorated with eurolining. This material can cover the ceiling and walls.Laminate flooring should be placed on the floor. Place chairs against a wall with a coffee table. You should have a very beautiful rest room.
  • Fill the walls and ceiling with plastic panels of blue and white flowers, and on the floor lay a brown green carpet with grass imitation. Place a small ottoman against the wall, place the lamps and flowers. Such an ensemble will look contrasting and very attractive.
  • On the narrow loggia you can equip a small dining area. Opposite the glazing, you should place a small white table and a pair of tall gray chairs. The floor can be tiled with a contrasting pattern, the walls - light gray plaster and make a white suspended ceiling. In such a room will be very bright. You can dine on the loggia or chat with friends over a cup of coffee.
  • You can create a futuristic design with the help of white walls with imitation of brickwork and the floor, covered with ash-brown laminate, running along the side wall and moving to the ceiling.
Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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