Flat Ceiling Chandeliers

Flat ceiling chandeliers have become a multifunctional element in the interior. This type of lighting allows you to adjust the asymmetry of space, solves the problem with the ceiling lights in rooms with low ceilings, completes the design of the room in any style.

Special features

It is a mistake to believe that flat ceiling chandeliers are only suitable for rooms with low ceilings. These models are universal in their application both in spacious rooms and in miniature rooms of standard apartments.

Flat ceiling chandeliers have a number of features compared to other chandeliers and lighting fixtures in the interior:

  • Fasten directly to the ceiling or ceilings, without chains and tripods.
  • Due to the variety of shapes, frame materials, sizes, it is possible to choose to any interior and style of the room.
  • Suitable for ceiling lighting in rooms with low ceilings.
  • May cover a significant area.
  • Depending on the design, the ceiling flat chandelier can be neutral and inconspicuous in the interior, and can become a decorative element in the room.
  • Universal at the place of attachment: can be attached to the ceiling as well as to the wall.
  • Indispensable for zoning rooms without the use of additional partitions.
  • Are the best option for lighting non-residential premises: administrative, office, industrial.

Features flat ceiling chandeliers led to the popularity and demand for this type of lighting devices on the market today. Designers offer new forms and designs of this type of lighting in each new collection. For the average customer, choosing a flat ceiling chandelier will solve the issue of ceiling lighting in a room of any geometric shape, even with a small ceiling height. Author's models of flat lamps will make any interior individual and unique.


Flat ceiling chandeliers are a versatile lighting fixture that will find its application in rooms of various architectural complexity and style.

Types of flat chandeliers are differentiated by the following criteria:

  • According to the frame material: wooden, metal, plastic, ceramic, glass.

Lamps made of natural material perfectly fit into the interior in the style of country or Provence, will complement eco-design. Metallic shine will emphasize the restraint and conciseness of style minimalism or futuristic high-tech style.

  • The shape of the lampshade: round (lamp-tablet), square, rectangular, oval, asymmetric shape.

The lamp-tablet - a common form in modern collections of lighting. Glass shade can be white, transparent or colored, frosted or glossy. Such lamps are suitable for interiors in the style of minimalism, hi-tech, avant-garde, classic.

  • By way of attachment and design features: mortise, overhead, on a flat bracket, raster, embedded, swivel.

The design features of the luminaires are selected in accordance with the purpose of the room in which their installation is permissible and expedient. Raster lighting devices are equipped with a parabolic grid of specular aluminum. Mirror reflecting part increases the flow of light.Such lamps are used in offices, educational and administrative institutions, hospitals, etc.

Mortise and built-in models are designed for installation on suspended or suspended ceilings, so that the housing and the wires will be hidden.

Overhead models are mounted on the bar directly to the ceiling, on which there are no mounted structures.

The modern lighting market offers pivoting models in which you can adjust and change the flow of light. Ultramodern options are equipped with a control panel. The remote-controlled light flow is indispensable for multi-functional rooms with different zones, for example, a dining area and a seating area on soft sofas.

Models on a flat bracket allow you to fix flat ceiling lighting modules that are large enough in area.

  • By type of lamp: incandescent, halogen, LED, fluorescent, raster.

The type of lamps for flat ceiling chandeliers is of particular importance, since the distance from the lampshade to the ceiling is minimal, therefore, the heating of the lamp should be insignificant. Incandescent bulbs are quite voluminous and heat up even after a short work, so this is not a good option for compact flat ceiling chandeliers.

Lamps for chandeliers should be chosen depending on the functional purpose of the room. For living rooms (bedroom, living room) it is better to use LED lamps. They are safe, have a long service life and a bright stream of light. In the bathroom, hallway, kitchen, it is advisable to install halogen or LED lamps. Fluorescent lamps are suitable for non-residential, industrial premises.

Modern ultra-thin models of flat ceiling chandeliers are equipped with thin led-lamps. These lamps are economical in energy consumption, durable, depending on the model give white or yellow light. Such models can be used in any living room and office space.

When choosing a luminaire on the ceiling, it is necessary to be guided not only by the design and style performance of the model you like, but also to take into account the mounting and construction features, as well as to select the necessary type of lamp.

Forms and sizes

Despite the fact that flat ceiling luminaires are ideal for rooms with low ceilings, such models are widely used in spacious rooms with a sufficient ceiling height.Therefore, the dimensions of a flat luminaire can vary from miniature to huge art objects of any shape.

Forms of flat ceiling fixtures:

  • Classic: square, rectangular, round.
  • Avant-garde: oval, in the form of a polyhedron, irregular geometric shape.
  • Combining elements of various shapes: the individual elements of the chandelier of various shapes and sizes are mounted in a single lighting fixture. Most often, such models are provided in the author's developments and are exclusive options.

Small in size ceiling chandeliers will find their place in small-sized rooms. Two or three identical miniature chandeliers are recommended by designers in long rooms for better lighting and at the same time interior decoration.

Small ceiling lights can be combined in a small room for zoning space without the use of partitions - this is a modern trend in the interior design of residential premises.

Large flat lamps have a small height and fill the ceiling space, as if spreading over it. Such models are appropriate in spacious rooms.It is permissible to use large chandeliers in small rooms, provided that the lighting fixture becomes an integral part of the interior.

Properly selected in size and shape, flat ceiling lamps provide the room not only with good lighting, but also are able to correct the flaws in the architecture of the room. A long rectangular room will visually become more compact if a large-diameter horn-type luminaire or one flat canopy is installed in the center. The space of a small square room will become more dynamic with flat chandeliers of irregular or oval shape of medium or miniature sizes.

Tips for choosing

Ceiling flat chandeliers - ideal for rooms with low ceilings. Designer models are multifunctional interior items. Using the help of a designer, the lighting will be ideally matched to the style of the room, but its services are quite expensive.

In the case of self-selection of a lighting fixture with a ceiling mount, you should be guided by the following principles:

  • Avoid dark stained glass, shades,lamp shades in miniature rooms with insufficient natural light. Too muted light will make the room darker and visually smaller.
  • In spacious rooms with low ceilings, the ceiling lamp should correspond to the area of ​​the room. A large flat luminaire should be installed in the center of the ceiling. If you install small lamps, it is better to install a pair of the same or different in appearance at different ends of the room.
  • It is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of mounting various lighting devices. Laid on models are not designed for suspended ceilings, and mortise - for ceilings without suspended structures.
  • Design options for lighting devices will give the room individuality and originality. But do not forget about the conformity of the design of the chandelier to the overall style of the room. For eco-design, it is necessary to choose chandeliers made of natural materials, hi-tech style and minimalism will complement the lamp made of metal and plastic, in a classical interior it is better to install a carob chandelier without a suspension on the patch mounting plate.
  • In the ceiling chandeliers it is better to install energy-saving lamps with a minimum heating temperature,which will avoid the ignition or smoldering of ceiling trim and luminaire designs.
  • When mounting the lamp, it is worth choosing the places where it will be more appropriate: in the kitchen it is better to install it above the dining table or work surface, in the bedroom - above the bed, in the living room - above the sofa group.
  • To illuminate architecturally complex rooms, the chandelier should be selected with multi-directional lamp horns or select models with a control panel, with which you can adjust the illumination intensity and the direction of the light flux.

The price range of ceiling chandeliers is extensive: you can find very low-end models made of artificial materials, and you can also find exclusive author lamps. But do not save and buy the cheapest model, because even if the appearance is completely satisfied, the manufacturer could save on the wires and the quality of the base. When purchasing, be sure to overcheck the integrity of the design and fill out the warranty card.

Variants of placement in the interior

Flat ceiling chandeliers are in demand in the interior of living rooms in various styles.

Thanks to its design ideas, a classical carob chandelier transforms into a laid-on flat ceiling lamp and perfectly complements the classic or pompous art deco style of the living room or bedroom. The lampshade or lampshade in such models is miniature or completely absent, leaving the lamp open.

Fixtures of regular geometric shape (square, round, rectangular) are most often made on a frame made of wood or metal with glass shades. A new design trend is the use of stained glass. Such models will occupy a worthy place in any living room, will create the necessary intensity of illumination or will scatter the light thanks to color inserts.

An interesting option for placing futuristic chandelier models is offered by designers in modern interiors. The lamp becomes a decorative decoration of the ceiling and an accent of the whole interior. Bold author's models fill the larger ceiling space and form its relief.

Flat ceiling chandeliers in large areas are also used as an option for zoning the space (a seating area above the sofas and a dining area).

Compact ceiling lamps in office and administrative premises have found wide application due to their brevity, minimalism and good luminous flux.

Ceiling flat chandeliers can be chosen for any living room in the house and non-residential premises. Only his style and his own imagination can become a limitation. Do not forget that a modern lighting fixture is not only a source of light, but also the final part of the interior.

How to choose the right chandelier, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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