Choosing a hi-tech style chandelier

 Choosing high-tech chandeliers

Technological progress has entered into all spheres of life of a modern person, is reflected in the manufacturing sector and in everyday things, at home. Designers create high-tech interior. The combination of super-functional pieces of furniture, lamps, textured unusual finish in one composition is peculiar to the high-tech style. Let us consider in more detail the nuances of the design of chandeliers for the interior in the high-tech style, and find out what should be guided by choosing such a chandelier.

Special features

Interiors in high-tech style are assembled with utilitarian objects, framed in an unusual geometric shape or with streamlined space lines.The atmosphere is full of various transforming mechanisms, much is controlled with the help of consoles, including chandeliers.

In general, the high-tech design is designed to make a somewhat futuristic impression. There is almost no artificial decor, jewelry, ostentatious luxury, but the elements of this design are harmonious in their functionality, where there is nothing superfluous, and every detail corresponds to its function, which causes a feeling of cosmic mysteriousness.

A transforming table, a folding bed, a chair made of transparent plastic, the latest generation of technical equipment, an unpainted concrete wall, brickwork, the absence of textile draperies — and all this background has unusual lamps of amazing bizarre shapes. They want to be considered, the designs are non-trivial and unusual.

High-tech chandeliers can be very conventionally called room lamps, for the most part it is a whole work of art. This small architectural form in the interior illuminates only that part of the room that requires light, often controlled by a remote control, can change the intensity of lighting depending on the needs.

Usually there are several separate light sources, united by one design. Each projector can be turned in its direction, distant or close due to its design features.

The ceiling can be raised to the ceiling for a festive bright lighting of the entire room or down below the dining table to create a cozy little space.

In the design of objects in the high-tech style there is a limitation in the use of materials and colors. As a rule, it is gray, white, metallic, black. They are designed to solve the problem of design at the expense of form, and not decor. It can be considered a minus, but with the right style decision these colors can create an impressive composition.

In any case, the central chandelier will rivet all the attention with its unusual and original shape.

Types and models

In modern interiors, high-tech with no partitions between the zones, the chandeliers are not tied to the center of the ceiling. Large areas, where the zones of the kitchen, living room, bedroom, hallway are combined in one room, it is difficult to light one chandelier.

It is much more practical to place the main source of lighting in the living and dining area, and in others - individual lamps according to the functional area.For zoning it is convenient to use separate lamps with a directional spotlight on a rod.

These projectors can be of different heights and are grouped in the center of the room, if necessary, the height of the rod changes, and the light of one of the lamps is directed to the desired area.

Another option was the use of LED ceiling lights and a hanging designer chandelier in the center of the room. In this case, the lamps are distributed over the zones in the form of separate suspended structures or several point LEDs in a metal frame over a specific zone.

Lighting in high-tech style have simple geometric shapes, or, conversely, emphasized fantastic, however, both of them are equipped with metal elements with a chrome shine. Chandelier in high-tech style is a set of simple metal shades or tubes with directional light, arranged in several rows. In one zone there can be one such tube, and in the other - several dozens.

Elite designer chandeliers combine inconceivable structural elements both in height and location, and can take up to several meters in space, becoming the main element of the architecture of a room.


Hard constructivism of the design of these lamps involves the use of special materials.

  • Preference is given to to metal. The metal can be shiny chrome or black, matte gray or painted in some color.
  • Plastic - one of the basic materials for ceiling lamps of unusual curved shapes. Plastic is used both transparent and matte.
  • Glass organically complements the design of metal, gloss of glass and chromium adds an extra fantastic glow. The design features of multi-row chandeliers make it possible to impart artistic expressiveness even to electric cords, on which lampshades of various shapes are mounted.

To equip chandeliers in this style most often LEDs are used, since for one chandelier it can take up to several dozen light bulbs. For original hi-tech compositions, COB diodes are used, which are mounted on the board and provide a uniform luminous flux. For large chandeliers, powerful and super-power diodes are suitable, for ordinary residential chandeliers - SMD illuminators, inexpensive with varying light intensity of the lamp.


These plastic materials make it possible to embody the most fancy shapes in the high-tech style chandeliers. It can be a variety of concentric circles, fancifully intertwined with each other, and whole fountains of small LED lamps.

For brutal interiors fit strict geometric shapes, composed of a composition of several rectangles. Against the background of a concrete wall, metallic identical spotlights of directional light look organically.

The chandelier can be one or more luminous columns of a plurality of LEDs or can be in the form of a ball floating in the middle of space. Popular unusual compositions of broken metal rods with a LED at the end. These compositions can have both horizontal and vertical directivity.

Ceilings as to the original wavy form, and to the shape of a ball, a square, a cone or a tetrahedron, as well as the form of honeycombs.

How to choose?

When choosing a chandelier you need to focus on the size and purpose of the room. High-tech chandeliers for the bedroom can be minimalist, and in the hall to take the place of the light installation.In the kitchen, it is better to have several lighting fixtures to illuminate the working space and the dining area; in the office for good illumination you need powerful lamps.

In all types of rooms chandeliers should be stylish and functional.

Living room

The living room is a great place for a stylish hi-tech chandelier. If the interior of the living room is decorated in suitable light gray tones, a chandelier in the form of a composition of LEDs on chrome-colored suspensions would look very good here.

In case of low ceilings, it is better to give preference to a horizontal composition; for high ceilings, it is possible to install a composition from downwardly descending structures. LEDs give a bluish tint that adds alienity to the interior.

An interesting option would be a chandelier of luminous balls, cubes, rectangles, hexagons of the same or different size, attached at different heights. A few fancifully curved oval or circle, suspended on metal cables, will be the original accent of high-tech interior.

Metal elements in the form of spirals or shavings, harmoniously intertwined with each other and located on a platform of the same metal, will add shine and brightness from the shine of chrome-plated surfaces.


The bedroom will require a different approach when choosing a chandelier. This is an intimate area that requires dim lights to relax. Most appropriate here is a chandelier with several shades of frosted tinted glass with ordinary lamps.

Ceiling lamps can be located on a horizontal bar on the chandelier, one or two of the same ceiling mounted on a vertical bar in the bedside area for additional lighting.

To create a more romantic atmosphere in the bedroom, it is recommended to use chandeliers in the form of ovals or fountains of very small LEDs and thin, almost imperceptible structural elements. This creates a feeling of a floating light spot.


The cabinet requires rigor and conciseness, chandeliers should be equipped with cones in the form of a cone with directional light, located along the desktop. It is allowed to use red, green or yellow colors. The lamp will suit any, but it should be comfortable to view.


The kitchen will have to combine different types of lighting. Above the dining table you can place the main chandelier, along the cutting table - single lamps of the same model.

You can equip the entire perimeter of the kitchen at the level of the ceiling and at the level of kitchen cabinets with two strips of strip lighting from LEDs. To make it resemble a space object, a third line is added, slightly above the floor plinth.

In small rooms, spots look good. In the nursery they can be multi-colored.

When choosing a chandelier, you need to remember that stretch ceilings can not be heated, therefore, halogen lamps must be abandoned. LEDs do not heat up and cannot damage the coating.

Mirrored ceilings enhance the effect of high-tech chandeliers. You need to choose designs without a massive platform, preferably on thin cables. Many glowing lights, multiplied by the reflection of the ceiling, create the effect of the starry sky.

In the rooms, furnished with dark furniture, you need to install a chandelier with bright lighting, it can be several lampshades with powerful lamps or a bunch of small LEDs.

In a monochromatic interior or on a brickwork background, a hi-tech chandelier can have bright red lampshades or structures painted in yellow and other natural colors.

Large designer chandelier will be the main focus of the room.If you do not need to draw attention to the lighting, it is better to stay on a smaller chandelier with neutral white or gray frosted shades.

Ceiling chandeliers directed upwards will give additional illumination, softer and more diffused light is obtained by directing the ceiling lamps downwards. In any case, a room decorated with a futuristic-style lamp will look out of the box.

Ideas for modern interior

In addition to the unusual design, chandeliers in the style of hi-tech have a lot of advantages. They have a variable form, diverse in the type of placement in the space of the room - from the horizontal arrangement of the composition almost in the plane of the ceiling to “floating” in the center of the space.

High functionality is provided by the possibility of multidirectionality of the lampshades, by adjusting the intensity of illumination using the remote control. These chandeliers fit in a small room, and in a huge space to create a modern look of the interior.

High-tech style chandeliers are often used more as decoration than for lighting space.

LED strips on a rigid geometric frame set the dynamics of the interior.Crystal elements on the chrome-plated metal construction sparkle when the lights are on and are an accent in a monochrome interior.

Really unusual shapes are created from thin metal rods. Almost transparent element sets the atmosphere throughout the room.

Sometimes fantasy designers take the most unusual forms. This idea is clearly taken from another planet.

How to choose a lamp in the style of "high-tech", you can learn from the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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