Loft style chandeliers

Nowadays, the Loft style is especially popular among young people and representatives of creative professions. It dictates its requirements for an interior saturated with the spirit of “incompleteness”, and at the same time full of harmony and simplicity, which especially emphasizes the uniqueness of this style.

He originated in the 40s in America. Since then the population had problems with housing, people were forced to move into industrial premises, which are characterized by high ceilings, large windows and "bare" walls. It was then that loft began to form as a direction of style in the interior, which to this day is very relevant, gaining popularity in both private homes and apartments.

"Loft" in translation from English means "attic", so the room itself should resemble, if not an attic, then a kind of workshop with a slight degree of carelessness inherent in creative individuals.

The main and only purpose of the chandeliers in this style is their functionality, rather than decorating the room. However, light sources in the loft style are a beautiful art object, not without a share of aesthetics, a genuine sense of beauty.

Chandeliers are intended to give so much light that the room was literally flooded with it. For bright lighting is given special attention in this style, which requires the multidimensionality of space, the illusion of a wide room, more reminiscent of factory factory room.

Special features

Lighting plays a big role in shaping your interior in this style, for one of the Loft slogans is “More light, more brightness, more rays.” Therefore, you should carefully consider the choice of chandeliers, which are an important and even integral element in any room.

A unique feature of the loft style chandeliers is a certain amount of roughness, industrialism, “negligence”, which characterizes this style along with conciseness and simplicity. Chandeliers made in this style, as a rule, are strikingly different from the standard ones that we used to see in our houses and apartments, since the style itself implies immediacy, pretending to be casual chic with its inherent bohemian nature.


Extremely impressive is the ceiling chandelier-spider. Outwardly, it resembles a huge spider with LED lamps, stretching almost the entire length of the ceiling. Such a chandelier will especially emphasize the extraordinary space and the specificity of the style that requires the type of factory premises. No less memorable are suspended chandeliers that harmoniously fit into the interior, while not focusing on the ceiling itself.

Designer chandeliers are also surprising in the form of a large hoop, at the edges of which there are electric analogs of candles.

Such chandeliers are popular because they are able to globally illuminate the room, giving the interior the due for him brightness and illumination, which requires style.


More and more designers prefer white and black chandeliers, as these colors are most appropriate to this style and fit harmoniously into the space. Black and white are quite suitable for such an extraordinary style.

White chandeliers are chosen in the event that they do not want to particularly focus on the ceiling, while black, on the contrary, serves as a bright spot for the whole room, paying attention to itself.

However, experienced designers are not limited to these two colors; chandeliers can be quite red and aquamarine; the brighter the better, because this style does not accept pastel colors.

Particular attention should be paid to neon, acidic colors, as they perfectly complement the interior, adding a bright note to it, which serves as a necessary spot to emphasize the exclusivity of your room.


This style implies industrialism, light “unfinished” space, so chandeliers are made from pipes, from all sorts of flexible parts that resemble plumbing elements, various tires, appliances and the like, which will give the interior a share of supposedly special incompleteness, barely noticeable roughness.

However, materials from the tree in the style of "loft" are not welcome, because wooden chandeliers are more conservative, elegant, claim to classic sublimity and unshakable traditionalism.

Loft is about freedom, going beyond ordinary interiors, it is the will of self-expression that has gone far beyond the canons of classics and standard room finishes.


There are no particularly strict requirements for the size of chandeliers.However, more and more often the choice of designers falls on large chandeliers that are able to illuminate a large area of ​​the room.

Since the motto of the style is “More light and rays”, large overall chandeliers provide the total lighting and brightness required for the overall style of the interior. Small pendant chandeliers that look like light bulbs hanging from the ceiling are also popular.

The only rule of small loft-style chandeliers is that there should be a lot of them at once in order to provide the necessary lighting that is required for this interior.

How to choose?

It should be remembered that wooden chandeliers should not be present in the interior, because such material as wood adds sophistication and luxury, which completely contradicts the concept of the loft style.

Prefer suspensions; Such chandeliers are widely used for lighting the kitchen. Large chandeliers, such as a spider chandelier, would be very appropriate in the living room or in the dining room, impressing guests and focusing their attention on the lighting and the ceiling.

It should also be remembered that the chandeliers in this style should not contain exquisite decorative elements, excessive pomp and luxury claims.They should harmoniously fit into the surrounding space, which accepts “carelessness”, roughness, a kind of incompleteness, which is not devoid of, nevertheless, creative zest and peculiar chic.

If you nevertheless decided to equip your house in the style of "loft" or furnish only a few rooms in this direction, then you should follow some recommendations that have been given by experienced designers working in this field for several years.

So here are some helpful tips from the experts:

  1. Remember that the chandeliers in this style are not so much intended for a decorative role, but rather as a functional element that can give maximum light to your space;
  2. Highlighting the interior is recommended at once in several levels. The ideal combination would be the installation of a chandelier on the ceiling, walls, the presence of floor lamps, as together they will give the maximum lighting to the room, which is required for this style;
  3. The size of the chandeliers should match the interior, blending harmoniously into it, and not getting lost in space. Therefore, prefer large large chandeliers;
  4. If you opt for small chandeliers, remember, there should be a lot of them in one place in order to preserve the unity of style and give maximum illumination;
  5. The best source of light will be the one that will cause associations with the industrial industry.

Aluminum chandeliers - this is exactly the kind that will most advantageously look in the interior under the influence of this style, since such lamps most of all lead to the association of the factory premises, artfully forged by housing. Aluminum chandeliers will look incredibly organic in any room of your home. In addition, they are very unusual, because such a material as aluminum, in itself, is something extraordinary for a chandelier, non-standard for an interior element.

The ideal option for lighting in the interior under the influence of the spirit of Loft are LED models of lamps that create the impression that you are at the exhibition of a famous artist or in his studio. Such lamps are largely simple, although they are not devoid of original taste, which gives the interior an even greater modernity in the spirit of industrialism.

Remember that this style is especially anxious about the choice of lighting, because it originated during the boom of factory housing, which was brightly lit by large windows. There are quite stylish lamps on the market that look attractive for such a modern interior.

A wide selection of chandeliers and the information obtained will not let you get confused when decorating your rooms.

All chandeliers in this direction, whatever they may be - floor, wall, wall or spot, are remarkable in that they already represent an independent art object, regardless of whether they are in your home or hanging in a store.

Take a closer look. The variety of lamps is amazing, captivating him with their intricate shapes or geometric shapes. Not a single loft-style chandelier will leave you indifferent if only because it does not fit into the framework of everyday interiors to which we are so used.

You will not pass by such a chandelier, even if you don’t like it, because “loft” is an explosion, it’s a flight beyond the standard interior, it’s a huge step from the classic canons of your room design.

Loft-style chandeliers should meet the following requirements, since this trend dictates its own standards, which are far from standard.

However, these standards should be taken into account if you still want to equip your room in the style of "loft":

  1. Minimum decor on the lamps;
  2. Black or white color, less often neon or bright acid colors;
  3. Very bright illumination, the brighter - the better;
  4. Big sizes;
  5. Small chandeliers are permissible only if they are many at once in one place;
  6. No decorations, crystal pendants;
  7. The material from which the chandelier is made should resemble, for example, plumbing fixtures, cords, etc., which suggests a factory room.

Leading designers in the field of interior design talk about such bright as possible lighting that it would be impossible to look at the chandelier (chandeliers, if it is a little small) while it is on. After all, the light in such an interior plays a key, almost leading role, not yielding even to the design of the walls themselves, which, incidentally, is also important.

We present to your attention the top of the leading manufacturers of lamps and chandeliers in the style of "loft":

  • Divinare (Italy);
  • Favorite (Germany);
  • Loft IT (Spain);
  • Ideal LUX (Spain);
  • Lussole Loft (Italy).

The modern “loft” design in the interior design is truly an extraordinary and unique style, since it absorbed the features of light negligence, room industrialism, a certain “incompleteness”, combining them with practicality and functionality of the space. This style rushed unceremoniously into the lives of city dwellers and continues to captivate the hearts of people, finding more and more supporters around the world.

Such an interior resembles a workshop of an artist or other creative person. As a rule, the style of "loft" is more common in the interiors of bachelors, in people of creative professions. However, he finds more and more fans around the world because of his extraordinary atmosphere and exclusivity. This style can be recognized immediately, since it is quite catchy and memorable, which will not leave indifferent the most demanding esthete.

See the next video for a master class on creating a spider chandelier.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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