Mattresses features "Afalina"

The Russian brand Afalina has been producing high-quality children's mattresses since 2003. Over the 14 years of its existence, she was able to take an active position in her segment, releasing models with orthopedic and anatomical effects for newborns and toddlers of preschool age.

The characteristics and popularity of the Afalina mattresses among buyers consist in a number of differences from the analogs of their segment, in qualitative and practical characteristics.

Special features

The mattresses of a domestic company are distinguished by their quality, time-tested and small users. They are manufactured using the latest technology on the equipment of leading companies in the world. The brand takes care of its honest name, releasing a high-quality product from the best materials.

Mattresses "Afalina":

  • are certified products that meet quality standards and hygiene standards (maintain a skin-friendly microclimate);
  • have a large model range, allowing parents to choose the most convenient option in terms of form and volume, taking into account their own preferences and available budget;
  • they take into account all the wishes of the client, being performed in the classical and prophylactic variant in order to properly support the baby’s spine and the necessary formation of its bends;
  • made of environmentally friendly and harmless to health materials that do not emit toxins, because they are suitable for children with allergies and asthma;
  • silent and safe to use (do not wake the baby when changing positions);
  • differ in admissible weight loading and have different height of the block;
  • made of modern filler of natural and artificial origin, resistant to deformation;
  • have a long service life with proper and careful operation (up to 10 years or more);
  • Packed in a textile "breathable" quilted jacquard cover with a tonic effect, antistatic and antibacterial impregnation, therefore, resistant to the formation of fungus, mold, rotting;
  • they are of one-sided and two-sided type, differing in different degrees of stiffness or warmth of the surface of each side, evenly distributing the weight load on the whole body and relieving muscle tension;
  • for convenience of choice, they have separate names for each model and a detailed description, including the composition of the unit, the characteristics of each layer, dimensions, photos, and detailed instructions for operating rules;
  • made with Microcapsuletech technology, which functions exclusively when heated from the child’s body, which emit a fragrance that has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, relieving the baby of stress and excessive excitability;

Depending on the cost of components and their volume, mattresses differ in different prices, so you can always choose the option to your taste and wallet.

With a lot of advantages, the afalina mattresses have several disadvantages:

  • in most models they do not have a removable cover (relevant for the care of the surface of the unit);
  • in constructions of a dependent type they do not provide the necessary support for the spine and due to the large diameter of the springs do not have sufficient rigidity;
  • do not have a well-pronounced orthopedic effect in models with springs;
  • have a magnetic effect on the baby, which may be accompanied by dizziness, general fatigue, moods (they accumulate static electricity);
  • they do not have bright colors of the case, due to which the already impractical textiles need a mattress cover or an additional zippered case (the brand adheres to all-joint production technology and believes that the removable case causes loss of quality and deformation of the unit when washing and removing).


The Afalina mattresses are of two types: spring (on average, 256 pieces per square meter) and springless basis with perimeter reinforcement in systems with a metal core. The company develops models taking into account the characteristics of the child’s development, offering a different block structure, complementing it with layers of elastic packing to vary the degree of rigidity of the mat.

The range without springs consists of monolithic and composite in structure models. A single filler is a rarity for brand blocks; it is latex foam of an average height of 12 cm, packed in a quilted cover.

At the base of each combined block there is a base (dense layer of the main gasket), supplemented along the edges of the gasket of a different composition.This is mainly latex or polyurethane foam, the number of layers ranges from two to four. The structure of such mats is divided into symmetrical and asymmetrical, when the core is supplemented with a different composition and thickness of the packing from both sides.

Spring block

The uniqueness of the models of the independent type of brand is the correct support for the baby’s spine. Thanks to the “pocket” spring placement system, with a weight load, only those elements that are under pressure are included in the work. This is the main difference between such models and analogs of the dependent type, in which, despite the different elastic addition of the top and bottom, in addition to the working springs, nearby ones are used, due to which they have wave formation, but there is no even distribution of the load on the baby’s body.

Considering the number of springs, it is worth noting that its level means a soft type of surface, large diameter and height. Even supplementing with latex or coconut coir, such a unit will not have a well-pronounced orthopedic effect, such as in the systems Mikropaket and Multipaket, in which the number of springs is from 600 pcs. on apt. mThe only exception to the ruler is mattresses with a removable cover (Symphony "Comfort"), made on the basis of dependent springs. They have rather bright textiles made of cotton with funny patterns for children's themes.


Stuffing mattresses "Afalina" is modern and durable. In the creation of most of the models of the line are:

  • dependent springs - metal mesh "Bonnel";
  • independent springs - “pocket” springs, packed individually in textile cases with attachment to the bottom surface of the frame;
  • coconut fiber - a product of processing coconut towers, having excellent ventilation, rigidity, resistance to absorption of odors;
  • natural latex - Recycled extract of the rubber tree Hevea, with a porous structure and high elasticity;
  • shaped latex foam - material based on latex, having a relaxing, massage effect, designed for maximum comfort during sleep and muscle strengthening;
  • HR class polyurethane foam - synthetic latex with a high damping effect and excellent elasticity, fine porosity of the structure;
  • holofiber - material from polyester fibers with a volumetric structure and vertical arrangement of individual spring elements;
  • thermofelt - mattress insulation, used in the construction of "winter-summer", providing the desired microclimate under the body of the child, excluding overheating or coolness.

The uniqueness of the fillers is in excellent compatibility with each other. They complement each other, improving the quality and practical characteristics of mattresses. In addition, the gasket protects the child from the springs, often laying in two or three layers on top of the steel elements.


The parameters of the children's mattress "Afalina" are different. The manufacturing plant offers three dimensions of each model, indicating not only the length, width, but also the height of the mattress in centimeters (for example, 120x60x12, 125x65x12 cm). Due to the small difference, they can be selected as accurately as possible to different models of small cots.

In general, the sizes of models look like this: 120x60x8, 120x60x11, 125x65x11, 120x60x14, 125x65x14, 120x60x15, 125x65x15, 120x60x16, 125x65x16 (in two sizes the height indicator changes). Less commonly, a third is added to the two sizes: 140x70 and 14 cm high.


The Afalina mattresses have a different, generally positive user rating. Buyers, whose children sleep on trademark mats, note the benefits of the domestic manufacturer's units.We do not regret the choice, - caring parents write in the comments, - the mattresses of the factory are excellent, orthopedic, they retain heat well, combine environmental friendliness and affordable price.

Parents are especially noted for bilateral options with varying degrees of rigidity of the sides and the “summer-winter” model, in which the baby gets the necessary warmth in the cold season and freshness in summer. In addition to practical characteristics, customers, zealously and carefully choosing mattresses for their favorite children, mark the quality of the mattress itself and its optimal width.

The brand's mattresses are chic, comfortable, easily turned over to the other side if necessary, - the customers write in the reviews, - they are elastic, anti-allergenic and healthy.

How to choose a children's mattress, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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