What is Ormafoam in a mattress?

When choosing a mattress, the main attention should be paid to its composition. Today, leading manufacturers offer a variety of fillers. Mattresses with Ormafoam filler are well proven: high-quality and inexpensive.

What is it?

Ormafoam - this is a new, synthetically created fiber, which is widely used in the orthopedic industry due to its properties. This material is a cold-foamed polyester and polyester. Ormafoam is similar in composition to polyurethane foam.

Ormafoam differs from polyurethane foam in open-cellular structure, which resembles a honeycomb. Small cells are filled with air, so when exposed to weight, the material is compressed, and in the absence of pressure, the original shape is restored. The mattress restores its shape over a long period of use (warranty period of use is 8 years).

Experts say that due to its properties, innovative material is not inferior in quality to natural latex (hevea juice foam), but much cheaper in production.

Consequently, products made from this material are affordable.

Features and benefits

In the assortment of the leading manufacturers of goods for sleep, there are more springless models, in particular, with Ormafoam filler.

The advantages of springless models with innovative filler:

  • suitable for people with overweight, while the lifespan is not reduced;
  • elasticity and elasticity of the material provides muscle unloading during sleep, reduces the number of coups in sleep, has a massage effect;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • easy transportability: the product is light, the filler allows you to roll the mattress into a roll, and after transportation the appearance is restored.

The main properties of innovative filler in mattresses:

  • reduces pressure on protruding parts of the body;
  • has an orthopedic effect: provides high-quality maintenance of every muscle of the body during sleep;
  • prevents compression of blood vessels and improves the blood circulation of the body;
  • ensures the preservation of a long phase of deep sleep;
  • in a few seconds it restores the original shape, not sagging in places of constant loads;
  • long service life;
  • ease of operation and hygiene of the product, since the structure of the synthetic material prevents the accumulation of dust and the development of harmful microorganisms;
  • thermally and moisture resistant material - does not respond to temperature changes, due to the cellular structure, good ventilation of the product is ensured and moisture does not linger;
  • hygiene.

Polyurethane foam according to the conclusions of the European organizations that are engaged in testing harmful fumes from synthetic materials, is completely harmless and non-toxic. The manufacturing process of Ormafoam meets high standards of hygiene and ecology.

The finished product does not cause allergic reactions in contrast to natural materials with similar properties (for example, latex).

Due to its structure and synthetic origin, parasites and harmful microorganisms do not start up in the material, excess moisture does not accumulate, preventing the processes of decay.

The free penetration of air into the cellular structure of the material allows its use at any air temperature of any season.


Customer reviews about Ormafoam mattresses are mostly positive and describe in detail the emotions from the purchase:

  • When choosing a springless product for sleep, many customers were stopped by the price, since springless models are in the premium product line due to expensive fillers. The new material Ormafoam allowed to reduce the cost of the springless product, while maintaining the properties, quality and high service life.
  • Sedentary work, an inadequate active lifestyle leads to pain in the back, and after resting on Ormafoam mattresses, back pain disappears completely or decreases. After awakening, full recovery is felt.

Negative customer reviews are unusual sensations that are tested on the springless model of the mattress. Some owners of the mattress say its lack of rigidity. In the springless model, you must choose a stiffness higher than in products with spring blocks.

In general, Ormafoam mattress buyers view this species as an orthopedic product that helps unload the spine and reduce pressure on the joints and muscles during sleep.

On how to choose the right mattress, learn from the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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