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People spend a lot of time in their sleep and not everyone knows how to choose the right and useful mattress. From the right choice depends on the usefulness and strength of sleep, as well as a healthy state of the body and vitality for the whole day. A popular Russian manufacturer offers to purchase Comfort Line mattresses.

Varieties and features of models

The Comfort Line company offers high-quality mattresses and mattress covers. It occupies a high place among other manufacturers of similar products. The products have excellent quality, a large product range and affordable prices. Upgraded equipment allows the manufacture of mattresses in large quantities.

The factory for the production of comfortable mattresses conducts a study of human sleep.

All results are used to develop and create new models. Sleep is the main component in human life.Duration and quality affect its well-being. Good sleep, proper nutrition and physical activity support a person for the whole day of work.

The Comfort Line company is focused on manufacturing high-quality mattresses to ensure a good sleep. Mattresses of this company are optimally balanced in price and quality. They are able to meet all the highest requirements of consumers. The design of the products "Comfort" consists of high-strength spring blocks and a natural, environmentally friendly filler. Natural latex and coconut fiber are most commonly used.

Varieties of Comfort Mattresses

  • Strong model - Mattresses have blocks with reinforced Bonnell springs. The product is economical and has a filler of coconut coir and holkona. The anatomy of the mattress is low, but it has good elasticity, reliability and low cost. The spring block is reinforced and can withstand a constant load of 150 kilograms. This model is suitable not for permanent use, but for temporary use.
  • Promo model collection. Lightweight products with independent springs.Layer for extra comfort is reduced, which allows you to purchase the product for little money. From this comfort is not reduced. The force for this model is no more than 110 kilograms.
  • Mattresses of the Balance model belong to classical products. The basis is independent with a filler from natural latex and coconut coir. Products have the increased comfort, ergonomics and reasonable prices.
  • Premium models are made only from natural fillers and fabrics. They are simply created for a comfortable and restful sleep. Products belong to orthopedic mattresses with a spring base. They perfectly support the body during sleep and have the properties of maximum relaxation.
  • Springless models - Comfort Line mattresses with a base of natural or artificial fillers. They create a person complete rest and comfortable sleep.


The Comfort Line company makes economy-class products at an affordable price.

The offered range is large and has several advantages over other models and manufacturers:

  • Reasonable price of some models for a country house or a guest room.
  • Cheap models for permanent use at home.
  • High level of anatomichnost, the increased comfort.

Comfort Line mattresses are suitable not only for adults, but also for babies. For a child's growing body, a not too hard surface is needed. For this perfect springless model with coconut coir and dense foam.

Spring blocks in Comfort Line mattresses. Block with springs Multipack has a reinforced base and includes 1000 springs per item. The base of independent springs includes up to 500 elements per bed. Such a product is available for a large number of buyers of any weight and age. The product can withstand heavy loads and does not lose its positive anatomical characteristics. The dependent spring units are of the classic Bonnel basis. Dense foam interlayers reinforce mattress models with springs. Products have high strength and serve for many years.

To choose the right and safe mattress, it is necessary to study not only the characteristics of all models, but also to read customer reviews, which are often positive.

You will learn more about the mattresses of the Comfort Line in the following video.

How to choose?

In order to finally determine the choice of a good mattress, you must consider the main characteristics of the product and other aspects, such as:

  1. The size of the product. The size of the mattresses are divided into: single, one and half-sleeping and double products.
  2. Weight category. From these readings depends on the level of rigidity of the mattress. Tighter models are suitable for obese people, and if the weight of a person is small, then a soft mattress will be just right.
  3. Spring or springless product. The main difference is the design features of the mattress. The choice of a particular model and design depends on individual wishes and needs.
  4. Hardness level This characteristic depends on the weight and age of the person. Mattresses of medium hardness are suitable for children, but for people of the age it is better to choose softer models.
  5. Material and filling mattresses Comfort Line. The life of the product depends on these indicators.

The above are the main characteristics and parameters by which it is determined how to choose the right mattress so that it is cozy and comfortable during sleep.

Not every model has orthopedic properties.These indicators depend on the level of rigidity and product design (the presence of a spring unit that creates the best load and support for the human body).

Manufacturers offer another good model of mattresses - two-way. Each side has a different stiffness. The basis of the product is a block of independent springs. The spine has good support, and the person is in maximum comfort. For this model, highly elastic polyurethane foam is used as a filler. The mattress becomes softer and more comfortable. On one side of the product is a layer of natural coconut chips for good rigidity and elasticity. The outer cover is made of jacquard cotton fabric.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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