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 Mattresses Damascus

Not the first year among the best accessories for sleeping and rest with orthopedic effect mattresses "Damascus" of domestic production. Their competitiveness is due to the optimal combination of quality that meets modern requirements and standards, a rich assortment and quite affordable prices.

Features and benefits

The main advantage of the manufacturer is that the Damascus factory is equipped with everything necessary for a full cycle of manufacturing mattresses. This makes it possible not only to significantly reduce the cost of finished products, but also to control the quality of each manufactured product unit.

In addition, the company uses modern high-tech equipment from Europe, which allows to produce productsCompliant not only domestic but also European quality standards.

Other features and benefits of Damascus mattresses include:

  • 100% environmental friendliness and safety. In the manufacture of branded mattresses used materials that are hypoallergenic and no harmful additives.
  • Presentable. The external design of the covers is made according to the original design, which makes them aesthetically attractive.
  • Effective anatomical support and orthopedic properties.

At the same time, the model range includes products for any age and weight categories.


In the first years of work, the range of the enterprise was limited to only 6 models of bedding.

Currently there are more than 70, divided into series:

  • Models on the dependent bonnel spring block. The most budget collection of the company. Without orthopedic effect.
  • Tfk standard - a collection of products with the base of the independent spring block pocket type. Features of the spring design allow you to provide a comfortable microclimate, to take the shape of the body lying, maintaining the musculoskeletal system in a comfortable position.The base springs have an increased diameter of the coil, which gives them additional strength and increases the reliability of the whole structure.
  • The collection on the spring block "Multipack". The base of the bedding is made of a block in which for every 1 m2 there are 512 springs. This allows you to enhance the orthopedic characteristics of the mattress.
  • Collection on the block "Micropack" - luxury series of mattresses, in which the number of springs per 1 m2 is already 1024 pieces, which makes sleep even more comfortable and healthy.
  • Dubble series - combined systems with a double spring unit for sleeping and rest, with all the advantages of spring and springless bases.
  • Springless Series with fillers from natural and artificial materials.
  • Kids mattresses (Kids) - orthopedic products that take into account the characteristics of a growing and developing organism. The series includes both springless mattresses and models based on an independent spring unit.

As a mattress padding, Damascus most often uses coconut and latex fillers.

In addition, the following materials are used:

  • struttofiber (Forplit);
  • cotton batting;
  • various felts (soft and hard thermofelt, lush).

The outer shell of the models is made of jacquard, knitwear or polycotton (a combination of cotton and polyester).

Popular models

In developing the models, the designers of Damascus take into account both the latest market trends and the needs of consumers, so each model of the mattress finds its owners. However, the most popular models include:

  • "Classic" - one of the most available models with the spring “Bonnel” block at the base. Addition to the springs are spunbond, batting and felt, which give the product both strength and softness. This model is suitable for people of average weight.
  • "Aristocrat" (Tfk series standard) - double-sided mattress with a spring block in the center. From the most rigid side, a filler made of pressed coconut fibers was used, with a softer one - natural seven-zone latex with a massage effect. The height of the model can vary from 16 to 20 cm. At the same time, it can withstand a load of 130-150 kg.
  • "Premier Suite" (on the spring block "Micropacket"). It also combines the properties of latex and coconut coir. Height is up to 30 cm.Able to withstand increased loads and gives comfort during sleep and rest.
  • "Junior" (Dubble series) - double-sided model consisting of a base with a Tfk spring block and two toppers on both sides. Different rigidity of the sides is achieved by varying the thickness of the fillers.
  • Latex Light (a line of springless mattresses) - the ideal solution in terms of price-quality ratio. Inside latex filler with micromassage effect. Height from 11 to 15 cm. Designed for people weighing up to 90 kg.
  • "Nemo" (children's collection) - a mattress with varying degrees of hardness of the sides, filled with a strut-fiber, which is lined with latex on the one hand, and coconut pressed fiber on the other. This composition allows you to use the model for children from birth to 5-6 years.

Each model is available in all standard sizes. In addition, the company can manufacture custom-made mattresses according to individual sizes.


Numerous reviews left by those who have already bought and use Damascus mattresses testify to the high quality and convenience of products.

Buyers note that in spring mattresses springs are not felt at all and do not interfere with comfortable rest.On the contrary, they give the products a comfortable elasticity, which does not allow “to fall through” and keeps the body in the correct position.

Not less positive reviews and springless models. Users note that a wide range allows you to choose exactly what is most suitable for each family member. Such qualities of Damascus mattresses as resistance to pollution and ease of operation, hypoallergenicity and environmental friendliness deserve high marks.

But the most important thing is that Damascus products allow you to fully sleep and gain strength and energy. With such accessories for sleeping and relaxing, every morning becomes really good - without fatigue from uncomfortable posture and numb neck, back or limbs.

The following video will tell you about the types of mattress covers that Damascus offers, so that the mattresses are longer in good condition.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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