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Ormatek is considered one of the best in the production of orthopedic mattresses for children and adults. The company's products are manufactured according to the latest technologies and from environmentally friendly materials, taking into account international quality standards. Since 2001, the company has successfully represented on the market more than a hundred models of orthopedic mattresses with a variety of characteristics and properties. A special place is occupied by the category of children's products for sleeping. Children's mattresses (as well as products for adults) differ in type of fillers and degree of rigidity.

Special features

For the smallest, mattresses of increased rigidity have been created, taking into account certain features. For older children, the level of stiffness is reduced - based on the age characteristics of the child's skeleton.

One of the main features of the mattress Ormatek is the difference in the degree of rigidity from different sides. This saves parents from the extra costs of purchasing a new product, and also serves as an ideal option when, for some reason, you need to adjust the degree of rigidity.

Special attention is paid to hygiene products. To ensure ventilation in the production of Ormatek there are special holes - aerators (as in porous fillers of mattresses, and in hygienic covers for them). All materials are tested for environmental friendliness and quality.

Tips for choosing

The health and proper development of the child depends not only on how he spends his day, but also on the quality of rest and sleep. Often parents think that children can get enough sleep for a good night’s sleep, but this is a misconception. During sleep, the body does not stop the processes of growth and development, which means that kids need the most comfortable conditions for sleep.

With this approach to the issue in the first place is not the beauty and design of the crib, but the presence of a modern orthopedic bed.

When choosing a mattress, it is important to pay attention to the age category. Given the duration of sleep of young children, the bed contributes to the formation of the body of babies.

Conventionally, the age category can be divided into phases:

  • From birth to three years. The best choice would be rigid products filled with natural fibers.
  • Up to seven years. Such a child continues to grow actively, but a rigid bed only for straightness and fixation of the spine will no longer be a suitable option. The child is developing rapidly, spinning, jumping and playing on the bed. There is a great option mattress of medium hardness, spring or not - at your discretion.
  • Younger students. Orthopedic models of the bilateral type will fully correspond to the growing organism, they adapt to the rapidly changing forms of the children's body.


The mattresses of the Ormatek children's category are divided into three types of products. Each species differs in its properties and purpose.


This type differs according to the type of spring clutch:

  • Spring block, where the springs are interconnected or enclosed in fixed blocks, what makes the product more durable. Protective bumpers prevent the fall of the child. The disadvantage of this method of coupling the springs is in the possible “sagging” of certain places of the mattress, which adversely affects the spine.
  • Spring unit, where each spring is placed in a separate container or "bag" and is not in contact with adjacent springs. This design eliminates sagging mattress. The minus of the model lies in its heavy weight: most of the children's furniture is simply not designed for such heaviness.


In these models, filler is of primary importance. It is of several types, and each has its own characteristics:

  • Coir (or coconut fiber). Natural filler with a high level of hardness, ideal for babies, but not for older children. Koyru are also used for spring mattresses with double-sided stiffness.
  • Foam rubber. The most common and inexpensive filler. Not intended for prolonged use, made of synthetic fibers. Its main advantages are low cost and ease of transportation.
  • Latex. Flexible and pleasant to the touch material, environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic. It is often used for filling mattresses, as it has orthopedic properties: it takes the shape of the body of a sleeping person, but does not sag. The advantage of the latex filler is the porosity of the structure, which ensures the thermoregulation of the product.


Such mattresses meet several requirements at once and perfectly combine the best qualities of several fillers at once. For example, springless mattresses may consist of layers of rigid coir and soft latex. Bilateral spring mattress on one side has a coconut filler.

These double-sided mattresses are functional and can last from birth to adulthood. They are the most popular - according to reviews of customers of mattresses Ormatek.

The choice of mattress filler is the first major step in purchasing a product, but not the last. When a person is determined with the choice of filler, the question arises about the size of the mattress and the material of the cover.

As a rule, manufacturers of mattresses are guided by the standard dimensions of beds for children.

However, it is necessary to measure the bed yourself - the size of the mattress should fit her.

The mattress cover deserves special attention. It should be dense, breathable, created from modern materials. The best option is a removable cover, it will allow you to check the presence of the claimed filler, as well as simplify cleaning and ventilation.In some models, the covers are impregnated with a special antibacterial composition, they are great for children who are prone to allergies.

Mattress covers are important and functional accessories for children's mattresses. They can either be bundled with the model, or sold separately or made to order. Water-repellent mattress covers are indispensable for the beds of young children. They are easy to use, easy to wash in the washing machine and allow you to save the mattress for a longer period.

Necessary formalities

When buying a baby mattress, it is advisable to find out as much as possible about the manufacturing company and look at the certificate for the product so as not to become a victim of dishonest sellers. This is not always an absolute guarantee, but is a good safety net.

For each product must be issued a warranty card. If the purchased product does not meet any requirements, technical defects are found in it, you are entitled to exchange it or request the seller to return the money for the goods. This moment is regulated by the law on the protection of consumer rights and must be prescribed in the warranty conditions.manufacturer.

Mattresses can be purchased either directly at points of sale or via the Internet. If you are going to pay, ask the seller about the availability of discounts, preferential terms of delivery and various promotions.. Large manufacturing companies do not stint presenting their customers with pleasant surprises in the form of pillows or mattress covers (a bonus to the purchase of children's mattresses).

The more solid the manufacturer, the greater the chance not to be deceived by the expectations and to purchase a product that will last for a long time and will meet all the requirements. It is considered that only foreign manufacturers can create high-quality products. However, the modern Russian market is confidently crowding overseas competitors in product quality, which compares favorably with prices.

One of these manufacturers is Ormatek, whose outlets are located in almost all regions of Russia. Materials undergo mandatory testing for quality and environmental friendliness. Ormatek products are considered to be trustworthy.

Of course, in order not to be disappointed in the choice made, it is necessary to approach the acquisition of the mattress as seriously as possible.Make sure that the product meets all your requirements, wishes - and only then make a purchase. So you can get the option that will be perfect.

Dr. Komarovsky will tell you how to choose the right children's mattress in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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