Children's mattresses Plitex

 Children's mattresses Plitex

Caring for the health of the child is the main task of the parents, so they should take care of all aspects of their life. Sleep conditions of the baby deserve special attention. Mattresses are very important, not only providing comfort, but also helping to maintain the health of a growing organism. Plitex is engaged in the production of high-quality children's mattresses that parents will appreciate.

Little about the brand

Plitex is one of the most popular manufacturers of children's mattresses that meet the most stringent requirements. These products provide a healthy sleep. All mattresses are made in compliance with the recommendations of orthopedic surgeons, so the manufacturer fully vouches for their quality.

The mattresses of this brand are equipped with a special ecotex system. The manufacturer uses natural materials of natural origin, which do not harm the skin of the baby and his health in general.

In addition, since 2009, the manufacturer has been producing not only mattresses, but also eco-friendly bed linen.

Anatomical and orthopedic features

Plitex brand products are designed for children, so special requirements are placed on them. It is worthwhile to consider in more detail what properties a mattress should have, which provides high-quality sleep (from the point of view of orthopedics):

  • In the manufacture of high-quality springs are used with a sufficient degree of rigidity. Thanks to these springs, the surface of the mattress adjusts to the curves of the child’s body, providing maximum comfort.
  • Only natural hypoallergenic materials are used..
  • Mattresses are wear resistantthat is especially important, because the kids are very mobile.
  • Springs combined into separate blockswhich prevent their penetration to the surface.


There are several types of children's mattresses of this brand:

  • Organic - products made from natural fibers. Possess orthopedic and hypoallergenic properties.
  • Evolution - a series of products, which were created using innovative technologies, so that the models are breathable and very comfortable.
  • Eco - springless products made by the latest technologies, exclusively from natural fibers. They are great for sleeping and relaxing babies up to two years.
  • Bamboo - luxury orthopedic mattresses. At production independent blocks with high-quality springs are used, as well as cotton and coconut fibers.
  • "Comfort" - a mattress with a classic structure, made from the most common spring block (using hypoallergenic filler).
  • "Junior" - in this series are mattresses for infants. Products do not have springs and are quite elastic, they provide optimal body position.
  • Ring and Oval - mattresses without springs, manufactured according to the same principles, using natural materials. A distinctive feature is that this line presents models for round and oval beds.

What are they made of?

As already mentioned, the products are made from natural materials. This applies to the filler, and the upper part, which is a light beige canvas.

It is necessary to consider in more detail what materials are used for the manufacture of mattresses.

Exterior materials

The following materials are used to make the outer part of the bedding:

  • Teak - natural cotton fabric which differs in the increased level of durability.
  • Linen - acts as an excellent heat regulator.
  • Calico - cotton material, different functionality and durability.
  • Stress free - knitted fabric that regulates the accumulation of particles of static electricity.
  • Bamboo material - durable insulation material, which has bactericidal properties.
  • Organic Cotton - Organic cotton material, the fibers of which are grown without pesticides and other harmful substances that affect the quality of the material.

Internal materials

Coconut fiber is sealed with recycled juice obtained from rubber trees, and converted into a strong moisture-resistant and fairly dense canvas.

The composition contains latex, which is also obtained as a result of the processing of natural materials. Thanks to latex, mattresses take shape of the body, helping to support the spine during sleep.

Mattresses are distinguished by a memory effect, which is ensured by the use of special materials - they swept away polyurethane foam and latex. Durable, resilient material is not only high quality, but also hypoallergenic.

In addition, other materials are used that differ in special properties:

  • Seaweed (grass) - useful for the immunity of the child.
  • 3D polyester material - the hygienic breathing filler.
  • Aeroflex - foamed elastic polyurethane. Breathable and hypoallergenic material.
  • Many synthetic materialsthat do not harm health.

How to choose?

Of course, the choice should not be made at random, you should first examine all the characteristics of the mattresses and read the customer reviews.

Speaking about them, it can be noted that many are satisfied with the purchase of sleeping products of this brand and are delighted with their wonderful properties. Negative reviews leave only a few,in the majority of responses, only discontent with high cost or unreasonable comments are noted.

In addition, the choice should take into account other nuances:

  • Individual characteristics health of the baby, on which the choice of mattress depends on varying degrees of rigidity.
  • The child's tendency to allergies should also be considered. For allergy sufferers, you should choose hypoallergenic mattresses from natural materials.
  • Mattress should fit to bed.
  • Bedding form should also be considered.

On how to choose the right children's mattress, you will learn from the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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