What should be the children's mattress?

Healthy sleep is an important component of the normal growth and development of the child. An important role is played by a mattress that is matched correctly. Modern brands offer a wide selection of stylish, high-quality models for children.

What should be a good mattress?

When choosing a children's mattress, it is necessary to take into account the age, build and growth of the child. Most mattresses are hypoallergenic, they are designed to create optimally comfortable sleep, ensuring the correct position of the spine. A good mattress has a great influence on the correct development of the baby, helps prevent possible violations of posture. For a child, it is worth buying a new mattress so that it is only his.

The parents' bed is not suitable for children, since mattresses for adults have a different structure. Most models are spring-loaded, and they are not intended for children at all.Springs can not provide the necessary support for the skeleton of a child who is at the stage of formation. Therefore, each child should have their own bed and mattress.

Special features

All models of children's mattresses are made exclusively from hypoallergenic materials. They do not cause allergies and skin irritations of the baby. These mattresses need newborns and older children. Children's mattresses are made from materials that are not predisposed to the formation of rottenness, fungus, reproduction of dust mites.

All children's models are characterized by excellent breathability and high moisture resistance. Mattresses are designed for children with different weights, which has a positive effect on the duration of operation. The weight of the child can not lead to deformations of the product. Mats are made from various raw materials, which makes it possible to choose a convenient option depending on health, age and doctors' recommendations.

Most models have an orthopedic effect. These mattresses ensure the correct formation of posture and do not have a negative impact on the musculoskeletal system.Some variants have anatomical properties; they ideally adapt to the contours of the body.

Most often, they are made without steel elements, which prevents the creation of squeak and other kind of annoying sounds, because they can wake the child during sleep. The absence of springs prevents the effect of falling through.

The hard surface of the products ensures a strong sleep and allows you to relieve tension in the joints and back. Children's models are lightweight, so they do not tend to clothe. A wide range of options allows you to choose the most comfortable option at an affordable price and in a stylish design.


Children's mattresses can be divided into three groups depending on the type of structure.

  • Monolithic presented in the form of a solid block made from the same material. Such products are characterized by rigidity. Mandatory composite mat is a textile cover. Mattresses can have a simple design, which is designed for light weight, or with cylindrical holes. The latter option is ideal for teens.
  • Polyurethane foam - available substitutes for expensive products from natural fillers.They are based on a monolithic block, characterized by excellent performance properties. One of the main advantages is protection against dust, since such mattresses do not have openings and are divided into comfort zones.
  • Combined have a lot in common with monolithic products, but include different layers of gasket. This option provides the necessary softness, while maintaining the orthopedic effect of the product. These mattresses include several layers, with the main filler having a thickness greater than additional gaskets. These models include the mattress winter-summer. The product is characterized by the presence of two different sides: warm padding is designed for the cold season, thin and soft cotton - for hot days.

Among the variety of models worth highlighting folding mattress. It consists of three parts, so it can easily be folded. Such models are usually presented in special cases that protect products from dust and dirt. It is convenient to store a folding mattress, if there is no free space in the room, it is comfortable to transport it.

For a sliding bed-transformer produce special mattresses.The peculiarity of these beds is that they "grow" with the child. A small bed can easily be transformed into a spacious place for a teenager. Mattresses are perfectly adapted to the size of the bed. This approach is characterized by convenience and functionality.

Some children's models may be two-way. Usually one side is rigid, the other is soft. Coconut coir is used for the manufacture of hard surface; for the soft side, hallcon or anatomical latex is ideal.

Double-sided mattress can be purchased for a child of any age. For the baby is ideally suited tough side. When the child grows up, the product can be turned on the soft side. Functionality and practicality are the main advantages of such products.

Most children's mattresses are waterproof. They are presented in protective covers that do not let the liquid inside the product. If necessary, they can be easily removed, washed and dried. This prolongs the life of the child mattress.

The shape of children's mattresses can be different. It depends on the shape of the bed. Therefore, most models are rectangular.Unusual look round and oval mattresses. They are designed for round cribs, which are usually made for newborns. This form provides maximum comfort to the baby during sleep and rest. Square models are extremely rare, often they are made to order.

Fillers and covers

The main part of any mattress is the filler. Baby options are usually made from natural materials. From the choice of packing depends on the life of the product and its characteristics. Quality mattresses have a long life. Basically it ranges from eight to fifteen years.

Children grow quickly, so the replacement of the mattress should be done quite often. First, a rocking bed is bought for an infant, then a full-sized bed is bought for replacement, the size of which gradually increases depending on the growth of the child. When changing the bed, you need to think about replacing the mattress, while choosing a different type of filler.

The main fillers mattresses for children.

  • Latex refers to natural fillers. It is made from Hevea juice. It consists of cells, which contributes to the creation of excellent ventilation of the product.Latex mattress is not afraid of high humidity, characterized by a long service life. This option can last from 15 to 20 years.
  • Polyurethane foam is a good substitute for latex, but its characteristics can not be compared with natural material. The lifetime of the PUF product is approximately 10 years. It is characterized by elasticity, elasticity and rigidity. Even with a large load, it is not prone to deformation.
  • Coira made from coconut fibers. This filler is often used in the manufacture of mattresses for children. It provides the correct position of the body during sleep, because of its rigidity. This material ensures the stability of the product. The service life is 10 years.
  • Holofiber is a unique material, the advantages of which are resistance to deformation, environmental friendliness. Holofiber mattresses are ideal for newborns.
  • Sisal - natural material derived from the leaves of the plant Agave. Compared with coconut coir, it has greater elasticity and breathability. A mattress with sisal is a good option for a baby.
  • Holcon often used in the creation of mattresses for children.Such models are suitable for children from three years, because the products are characterized by the presence of a high soft substrate.
  • Linen - a natural filler that is ideal for creating hypoallergenic children's mattresses. Linen products have antiseptic properties, do not absorb moisture and provide optimum rigidity.

Modern companies often use several fillers to satisfy the needs of all customers, to create convenient options for every taste. In addition to the mattress, you should choose a cover or mattress topper. They are used to create convenience and comfort during leisure. For children's models, manufacturers usually use removable covers that are easy to remove and wash. So the product will again acquire the original appearance.

As a rule, manufacturers use natural materials in the manufacture of covers for children's mattresses. Popular materials:

  • calico, cotton - are inexpensive options;
  • tick - soft, pleasant to the touch, but impractical;
  • StressFree - textiles of two layers (the bottom layer has breathable pores, and the top one is cotton fabric);
  • Bamboo - bamboo mattress pad attracts attention with hygroscopicity and excellent durability.

If you compare all the above options for a cover for a children's mattress, you should prefer the bamboo or anti-stress varieties. They have a high cost, so they are not available to everyone. Bamboo case has antimicrobial properties, is a natural antistatic. Antistress pouch favorably affects the nervous system, will ensure a healthy and sound sleep. The cover, which includes a coarse calico, is quilted. He may have one or more layers of padding polyester. Their presence provides the softness and elasticity of the product.


For children it is better to buy wooden beds with slats, which will provide an additional springy effect. Such a base provides good support during sleep.


When choosing the dimensions of a single baby mattress, you need to build on the child’s age, taking into account the standards offered by manufacturers.

Basically, for babies of the first year of life, a berth can have dimensions of 40x90, 45x90, 50x90, 60x90, 50x60 cm.

For a child of preschool age the main dimensions of mattresses are: 60x100, 60x110, 60x120, 60x130, 60x140, 50x120, 70x140 cm.

For primary school age, products with dimensions of 80x130, 80x140, 125x65, 150x70, 150x80, 170x80, 90x200, 200x80, 120x80 cm are suitable.

For teenage children, a sleeping place should have 60x170, 60x200, 70x160, 70x170, 80x160, 80x180, 80x190, 90x160, 90x180 cm.

Mattresses for children, standard in accordance with GOST, are characterized by convenience, since they have the necessary margin for a comfortable sleep in height and width. They are 90x190 cm. Baby mattresses are often custom-made, they can be presented in non-standard sizes: 55x110, 100x50, 85x170, 161x72, 100x100 cm. For example, a mattress of 1390x700x100 mm is suitable for a small cot, while ensuring optimal rigidity of the product.

The thickness of the product should be selected depending on the age of the child.

For babies, the height should be about 10 cm. This thickness is sufficient for an orthopedic effect; high models are strictly prohibited.

For children of school age need a thicker mattress. The height of the product usually varies from 15 to 18 cm. It can be monolithic or combined.

How to choose a crib by age?

If, when choosing a mattress for a child, to start from the type of construction, it is worthwhile to opt for springless products. They provide the correct position of the body during sleep.The child will not roll into the center or fall through. In terms of hardness, mattresses can be hard or soft. Do not think that a hard product will be too hard: this option is often more comfortable than soft mattresses. Considering the advice of an osteopath, it is necessary to understand that soft products can harm the spine, providing an incorrect position during sleep.

The choice of mattress hardness depends on age.

  • Tough models are ideal for babies.
  • For children from 1 year to 3 years, suitable options that will not sag. This will be a good prevention of spinal curvature. Springless models are ideal for children of 2-3 years, while natural materials should be used as a filler.
  • Children 4, 5, 6 years old can choose a mattress with a soft surface, but with a hard filler.
  • For children 7 years and older, an average density mattress is suitable, since at this age the spine forms further, it is worthwhile to give it good support during a night rest.
  • Children 8, 9, 10 years old can already buy a mattress with an anatomical effect. Such options are perfectly adapted to the features of the body.

Care and maintenance

After purchasing the product it is not necessary to immediately put in the crib. To begin with, it should be ventilated in the fresh air, putting it on a veranda or balcony and leaving it for about 1-2 days. This time will be enough for the mattress to lose its unpleasant smell.

When caring for a baby mattress, it is necessary to regularly turn it from one side to the other, remove covers and wash clothes, and periodically take it out to the balcony for airing. The cover (cotton or jacquard) differs in density, so it does not lose its original appearance even after numerous washes. Covers should be washed after the appearance of dirt. The minimum number of washings for half a year should be at least one or two times. If you take into account all the above rules for the care and operation of a children's mattress, it will serve for many years, providing a comfortable and correct position for the child during sleep.


Parents often share reviews on children's mattresses, as many are interested in finding a high-quality and convenient option. This mattress provides the correct posture of the child at any age. If you choose the right bedding, the child will sleep soundly,get enough sleep and get up always vigorous and fun.

Most parents prefer mattresses with orthopedic effect. They are used as prevention of the development of the musculoskeletal system. Rigid models allow you to relieve tension from the back muscles, contribute to their relaxation. Sleeping on such a mattress ensures the correct position of the spine, preventing the possibility of curvature, - parents are sure.

They mark a wide model range, a variety of sizes, colors, fillers and covers. In this assortment, you can find the best option for your baby. It is better to give preference to natural materials, because they do not cause allergic reactions, - parents assure.

Manufacturers Rating

When buying a baby mattress, be sure to pay attention to the quality certificate. If your chosen model has documents that confirm the high quality of the product, you can safely buy such a product. Today, a lot of fakes, the certificate will allow you to protect yourself from the acquisition of a fake.

Modern manufacturers of children's mattresses have been working for more than one year and have earned a lot of customer feedback.Among the variety of companies we can single out the best ones that use natural materials, offer products of excellent quality at an affordable price:

  • Company "Ormatek" offers a series of Kids Classic. It consists of monolithic products. The mattresses are made of latex-coated coconut fiber, they have an excellent ventilation system, and also have a special anti-bacterial impregnation. Products have a long service life and excellent characteristics. Such models cost an average of 8,000 rubles.
  • Factory "Sakura" offers mattresses Bambini, which have much in common with the previous design. They are produced by their natural latex and coconut coir. Mattresses are characterized by elasticity, practicality and durability. They are reliably protected from mold, mildew and reproduction of dust mites. These mattresses cost about 8,000 rubles.
  • Company "Ascona" offers children's mattresses Mediflex Star Kids. They consist of orthopedic foam and natural latex. Practicality and density are the main advantages of such products. They evenly distribute the load, so they are not prone to deformation during everyday use. Such mattresses can be purchased for 15 000 rubles.
  • Company Perrino offers a combined mattress "Kroha", which is made of natural latex and coconut coir. It is dressed in a removable cover with anti-allergic impregnation and anti-stress properties. This mattress costs about 16,000 rubles.

How to choose a mattress for a child, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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