Dimax mattresses

In a wide range of products for sleep and rest, you can find elite models of famous brands, and more modest, but not inferior in quality and characteristics, budget options of "young" manufacturers. Dimax mattresses, products of the same company, which first appeared on the market in 2005, are among the latter. These mattresses have already managed to find their niche and win the love and trust of customers.

Features and benefits

The main task of the manufacturer is to ensure a comfortable and healthy sleep for children and adults, so the company is closely monitoring not only the quality of the products produced, but also all the latest innovations in the production of mattresses.

To keep up with the times, companies allow:

  • Own factory, equipped with the latest technology.
  • Constant modernization and updating of the range.
  • Use only quality materials from proven suppliers.
  • Wide range and flexible system of work with clients.

One of the features of Dimax products are removable covers-mattress covers.

Their presence allows buyers to personally see the composition of the mattress and easily replace the outer layer in case of damage.

The advantages of branded products, most often include:

  • The optimal combination of high quality and low prices.
  • Environmental friendliness. When creating products using various materials, including adhesives, but they are completely safe for people of any age.
  • Easy operation.

A large role in ensuring these advantages is played by the size of the factory itself - it is relatively small, which allows you to more closely monitor the production of each individual unit of mattress.


The modern range of Dimax mattresses is represented by several series:

  • "OK" - mattresses on the basis of the block of independent springs EVS500. In addition to the springs are various fillers, including natural ones - coconut coir and latex, artificial polyurethane foam, as well as innovative foam with the effect of "memory".

Due to the variety of materials used, the series includes mattresses of varying degrees of hardness. The most budget model of the series is “Simple” with a slight stiffness of 17 cm in height. In addition to the spring block, it uses thermal foam and orthopedic foam. Designed for a weight of not more than 80 kg. To the most expensive model is a double mattress "Ultimate". One side of the product has a high degree of rigidity, the second - the middle. The height of such a mattress is 27 cm, and the maximum permissible load is 130 kg.

  • "Mega" - products of medium hardness with the base of the spring block Multipack S1000. Belongs to the average price category. One of the features of the line is a jersey case soaked in aloe juice. The collection has soft mattresses with natural latex filler, double-sided copies with different stiffness of the sides and models that can withstand increased loads up to 150 kg.
  • "ONLY" - springless models with natural and synthetic fillers. The most affordable in this category is considered to be the “Basis” mattress - a 19 cm high model from balance foam orthopedic foam.
  • "Practitioner". In this series, various mattresses are presented on the basis of independent spring blocks, a Bonnel block with a dependent spring system, and springless models with fillers made from natural and artificial materials. Single-layer, multi-layer, two-sided - here everyone can choose a product to his own taste. Prices for all products are quite affordable, which does not affect the quality of bedding.
  • "Micro". Luxury series of spring mattresses based on the independent block “Micropacket”. It has a maximum orthopedic effect, but differs from others in a higher price.
  • "Twin". Products with a double spring unit (inside the large spring there is another one - of smaller diameter and length), designed for couples with a large difference in weight.

In addition to these main series, the assortment of Dimax presents products of different stiffness and with various fillers, packed in a roll. A separate collection includes mattresses for children from birth to adolescence.

Tips for choosing

A wide range of Dimax products is considered by many to be both a “plus” and a “minus”, since a large offer makes it difficult to choose the right model.

Therefore, in order not to be mistaken and choose the right mattress, you should heed the advice of experts:

  • Before choosing one model, you need to test at least three different products from different series., to determine which will be more convenient.
  • One of the selection criteria should be a favorite posture for sleep. People, most of the time sleeping on their side, should prefer models that allow shoulders and hips to sink and waist to get the necessary support. Those who like to sleep on their backs will need a model that allows the buttocks to sink, leaving the hips in a natural position.
  • The size of the bedding should correspond to the dimensions of the sleeping. The length of the product should be 15-20 cm longer than height, and 15 cm wide should be kept away from arms bent at the elbows.
  • Weight. One more important parameter on which the choice should depend.
  • Age. Experts agree that the older the person, the softer the mattress he needs.

And yet, if you have to choose a mattress for people with a big difference in age or weight, then the best option would be to buy not one double, but two single models, which take into account the characteristics of each sleeper.


For any manufacturer, the best assessment of the quality and convenience of bedding is customer reviews. Given the reviews of Dimax products, it can be concluded that these are really good and comfortable mattresses that are available to the majority. The quality of products deserves the highest praise from consumers. In second place - the choice and affordable price. In addition, many customers who have opted for Dimax point out that it is very comfortable and healthy to sleep on such mattresses.

You will learn more about how to choose a mattress in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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