Mattress "cocoon"

With the birth of the baby, many parents try to provide him with the most comfortable sleep conditions. Flat hard mattresses for newborns began to move away into the background: today the focus is on the mattress "cocoon". This model of a mini-mattress was developed by French neonatologists, it differs from ordinary blocks and has several advantages.

What it is?

Mattress "cocoon" - a kind of bed for the baby, which is an ergonomic springless pear-shaped mattress, taking into account the anatomy of the child’s body. Outwardly, it is relatively small, it is acquired for the first months of the baby’s life and is considered the best adaptation of the baby to the environment. As conceived by the developers, it is a kind of peculiar cocoon resembling the mother's womb.

It is a relief mattress of small height and concave shape,lying in which the baby is in a grouped intrauterine position, while his spine is in a rounded shape, and his legs are slightly raised. The mattress "cocoon" is an addition to the usual mattress of the crib, a temporary "dwelling" of the baby, made of soft material.

Features, Pros and Cons

The developers of the cocoon mattress claim that the special shape of the mat is good for the health of the baby and contributes to the correct formation of the spine, while the usual mattress with a hard surface harms the formation of posture, violating the correctness of the bends. Pediatricians agree with them, advising expectant mothers to take care of purchasing such a mattress in advance.

The consistency of the filler does not include balls to restrict movement, however, the mattress "cocoon" does not have anatomical coating properties, like in memory foam. It is a classic and portable form (cradle).

The advantages of children's "cocoons" include:

  • form of the mother's womb (reduced degree of fright baby open space);
  • the presence of retaining belts in some models (safety and protection against falling out of the baby from the "cocoon");
  • mobility and self-sufficiency (the mattress can be easily transferred from the bed to another place);
  • decrease in muscle tone and relaxation of the body during sleep;
  • deliverance of the baby from the discomfort associated with colic (the curved shape of the mattress reduces pain cramps in the abdomen);
  • warning of plagiocephaly (correct development of the shape of the skull, eliminating the risk of flattening roundness in any part, as during sleep on a hard flat mattress);
  • improved infant sleep, a beneficial effect on its duration;
  • ease of feeding (when burping baby will not be able to choke);
  • relatively small weight and the availability of additional accessories (covers with zippers, spare cotton sheets, sleeping bags in the form of compact blankets);
  • no need to swaddle and complete freedom of movement of the baby (with the exception of wicking and numbness of the body associated with immobilization).

A rich model range with varying sizes allows you to choose a mattress according to your preferences. Thanks to such products, the newborn behaves calmly, is less naughty and afraid. All removable accessories of the mattress allow a delicate mode of washing, thanks to which thought out the care of the product.


Along with the advantages, mattresses "cocoons" have disadvantages. Being a trendy novelty, they are not at all harmless to the spine, because it is in the first months of life that it is soft and malleable. Rounded shoulders, back arch, raised legs - it is difficult to call the norm for the development of posture. Although these mats facilitate the care of the mother and add to her calm.

Omitting the development of the necessary curvatures of the spine, one may be confronted with the problem of poor posture. As temporary mats, such products are good, but constantly using them every day is a certain risk to the health of the infant. "Cocoons" are not suitable for newborns born with spinal problems.

Such products:

  • have a high cost, commensurate with the purchase of several high-quality mattresses from coconut (not always affordable for ordinary parents);
  • short-lived: after half a year, or even less, they become unnecessary and even harmful;
  • unsafe from the moment the baby begins to try to roll over;
  • more suitable for premature babies, but may be too hot for term babies (do not have thermoregulation of the surface).


In order not to get confused when choosing a suitable size (especially important for primiparas women), it is important to know the existing sizes of such mattresses. Not every model is suitable for a particular baby. Typically, manufacturers indicate three parameters (for example, standard: 70x41x18, 68x40x12 cm).

Do not buy the product in advance: it depends on the weight of the infant (there are discrepancies in determining the weight in the womb).

The existing models of mattresses "cocoons" are divided into three sizes:

  • S1 - The size is used exclusively in medical institutions and is recommended for premature newborns weighing from 1.2 kg;
  • S2 - size is a variation of the first one and is used primarily in hospitals, it is supplemented with an insurance belt and is intended for babies born prematurely weighing 2 kg;
  • S3 - the size is for home use: it is designed for children from 2.8 kg and is relevant as a mattress, cradle, comfortable for a walk in a pram.

How to use?

Since the children's mattress-cradle has a relief surface, implying a specific body position of the infant, it is necessary to take into account the position of the head and legs.

The mattress can be "adjusted" to the size of the baby:

  • Before changing the “size”, it is necessary to remove the pillowcase and put the baby on the back of the mattress (the head should be on the narrow side of the mat);
  • if necessary, change the location of the limiter (the correct position - under the ass baby);
  • after “fitting and fitting” the pillowcase is returned to its place: the “cocoon” is ready for use;
  • If the model is equipped with a safety belt with velcro, you can fix the baby, not constraining his movements.

Top models

Mattresses "cocoons" are original. To have a better idea of ​​their appearance, you can pay attention to the models of brands that have mostly positive reviews and recommendations of satisfied customers:

  • "Yawn" - high-quality models for babies with care for their health and correct body position;
  • Red castle cocoonababy - “hugging” baby mattresses, providing comfort, safety and protection;
  • Baby nice - soft and elastic mattresses with low weight and comfortable placement of the baby;
  • Woombie - worthy purchases of models with a soft surface structure and excellent quality characteristics;
  • "Seventh heaven" - anatomically correct "cocoons" that support the atmosphere of "mother's warmth and comfort" in the stomach.


The mothers who bought such products note their real effect: the kids sleep peacefully, their neck is formed correctly, there is no need to twist the child in each direction and, not least, lying in such a cradle, the baby will never rest its nose on it and will not suffocate. With regards to the choice of brand, the opinions are different: the products of the French company Red Castle have 100% positive reviews, the “Zevushka” brand has good criticism among the good comments. However, in general, according to mothers, such products can avoid many of the problems with the health of the baby.

Below you can watch a video about why you need and what is useful for newborns mattress "cocoon".

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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