Latex mattresses

Latex mattresses

Increasingly, on the shelves of stores you can find mattresses and pillows made of latex. Natural latex is made from rubber, which is extracted from the sap of the Hevea tree. The resulting raw material undergoes long-term processing, resulting in a viscous mass with unique characteristics.

What it is?

Natural latex has a special elasticity. Mattresses from this material are considered the best in the world and possess a number of unique qualities.

Artificial latex made from synthetic rubber technology, which is called emulsion polymerization. Differences between artificial latex and natural latex are very significant.

Types of filler

Natural latex is expensive - the minimum price for a mattress made from this material starts at $ 500. In natural latex there is a little more than 80% rubber, in fillers for mattresses - from 40% to 70% rubber.

Artificial latex costs lessIt is noticeably tougher, its service life is relatively short. Often, economic factors are crucial when buying, but the demand for products made of artificial latex, however, does not decrease.

Latex filler withstands heavy loads. It can be assembled monoblock or alternate with other fillers made of artificial materials.

Artificial latex - highly elastic polyurethane foam (filler brand HR), which is made from monomers of butadiene and styrene. If you compare it with other types of polyurethane foam, then artificial latex is more plastic, durable and inexpensive.

Often, artificial latex can be found in mattresses with springs and in monolithic mattresses.

Artificial and natural latexes are noticeably different.

Artificial latex:

  • Absorbs liquids;

  • It has a yellowish tint;

  • It has a chemical smell.

Natural latex to the touch has an oily surface, but there are no traces of it on the palms, moisture is not absorbed into such material. As the temperature rises, the latex becomes sticky, and if the temperature drops to minus marks, it becomes brittle.

The main quality of natural latex is that it is extremely durable and is able to serve for more than four decades without losing its properties. Latex is used as the basis of a mattress, differentiating into various degrees of rigidity (from 3 to 7).

If there is an opportunity, it is best to “test” the mattress before buying, taking a horizontal position on its surface.

What is better polyurethane foam?

When buying a mattress, many are lost, not knowing what to prefer - a product made of latex or polyurethane.

Advantages of a mattress from natural latex:

  • Elasticity;

  • Elasticity;

  • Harmless;

  • Does not absorb moisture;

  • Easy to wash.

Among the shortcomings can be said about the high cost.

Artificial latex is made from polymers that foam using steam. According to the characteristics, it is very similar to foam rubber - it restores shape well, but has a relatively short service life.

If in the first place is the question of saving money, then it is more rational to purchase an article made of artificial latex.

The best choice is a firm mattress from natural latex. Advantages:

  • Does not accumulate static electricity;

  • Ideal for children from 9 to 14 years old, when the spine is actively forming;

  • It has a long service life;

  • Stimulates blood circulation.

Mattresses can have an orthopedic effect, with varying degrees of rigidity.

Manufacturing methods

There are two technologies for making latex mattresses. The first method is called Dunlop, it exists since the 30s of the last century. When it is whipped foam in an industrial centrifuge, then the product is poured into special forms and settled. With this technology, latex is obtained more stringent.

Talalay technology - This is a method in which the foam mass is poured into molds and placed in vacuum chambers, whereby the bubbles in the substance are evenly distributed throughout the volume. After packaging in sheets, the latex is frozen at -30 degrees. Partitions burst in the bubbles and the mattress becomes "breathable".

Next, the substance is treated with carbon dioxide, which forms micropores. After this, heating to +100 degrees Celsius takes place, after which the latex is vulcanized. The resulting substance is cooled again, then heated again.

The Talalay process is more complicated. The production of one product requires more time and labor, therefore, the material turns out to be more expensive, but it also has outstanding qualities.

Which technology is better - Dunlop or Talalay, is difficult to answer. The mattress made according to the first method is more elastic; in Russia it has received greater recognition. The objects made by the second method are more airy and soft, their structure is almost uniform. In such mattresses excellent air circulation, which ensures the ideal temperature of the entire unit. In hot weather, this factor is especially appreciated.

Pros and cons of the material

Latex mattress must be certified according to the following standards:

  • Oeko-Tex;

  • Eurolatex;

  • LGA;

  • Morton Thiokol.

Latex, which consists of 100% natural rubber, is in great demand. PVC additives are not always a good solution because they give off an unpleasant smell.This latex mattress resembles melted milk by smell.

Chemical additives are harmful to health, especially for the younger generation from the age of 0 to 16 years. Therefore, if there is an opportunity, then it is better to purchase a thing in which at least 70% of latex.

To quickly check how the product quality, you can spend a little test. Place a glass of water on the right side of the mattress, then jump on the left side. If a thing is well made, then a glass of water will remain motionless. Another positive quality latex - it does not make unnecessary noise. Any toxins are absent in similar products, this fact is confirmed by the strict certification of Oeko-Tex.

Another positive feature of latex mattress is durability. It can serve for many years without changing its properties. Dust mites that provoke allergies are absent in latex mattresses.

If we talk about artificial latex, then the mattresses of such material better flex. On the market, they are also in good demand due to the harmonious combination of low prices with excellent functional characteristics.

Artificial latex was originally created for the defense industry. Its second name is latex foam rubber. Its base is foamed polyester and isocyanate. In the production of this product is used foam with a density of from 26 to 34 kg per m3.

Disadvantages of artificial latex:

  • There is a chemical smell;

  • Serves no more than 10 years;

  • Poor tolerates high temperatures.


As a rule, antiseptic and other additives are added to latex. Manufacturers can write in the output that the mattress is 100% natural latex, however, additional components are present in the product in any case. The reason for this is that it is necessary to protect it from fungal damage and premature deterioration from moisture.

The combined latex mattress can consist of one or several layers and be a sandwich with coconut coir and holofiber.

Mattresses with multilayer latex have some advantages. Layers can be swapped, adjusting to the parameters of the body. For example, a composition of layers of 16 cm and 5 cm is more preferable than one layer of 21 cm.

Latex mattresses with memory effect are made of very different quality.therefore, the price range is significant. Sometimes these products can cost more than one thousand dollars. The density of the structure of a latex mattress with a memory effect varies from 34 to 95 kg / cu. m. The higher the density of the foam, the longer the product stores heat. With the disappearance of the load and body heat substance takes its original state. On such products, the body is fixed in the maximum number of points, which gives a feeling of absolute relaxation.

The use of a latex mattress is especially useful for a child’s body, when a skeleton is just being formed and there is a high risk of spinal curvature. Modern children experience increased burdens on their backs, carrying huge school bags filled with books and spending many hours at school at their desks or at home preparing lessons.

For babies, a double-sided mattress is the best choice. This product has two types of stiffness. The harder side is suitable for the little ones who have not yet turned one year old.

Advantages of a similar latex product:

  • Strength;
  • Durability;
  • Elasticity;
  • Does not contain allergens;
  • Beneficial effect on the development of the skeleton;
  • Does not emit unpleasant odors;
  • There is an air exchange inside;
  • Does not crumple;
  • Quickly recovers form.

The softness of the latex mattress provides microgranules with air, they are deformed under the action of body weight. The level of rigidity is directly proportional to the number of such cells per cubic centimeter. If there are certain additives in the latex mattress, then it acquires the appropriate rigidity.


The most popular mattresses for children come in sizes:

  • 63x158;
  • 120x60;
  • 65x156;
  • 68x153;
  • 80x150;
  • 75x120

Sizes of single adult models:

  • 190x80;
  • 160x70;
  • 73x198.

For a double bed optimal parameters:

  • 140x200;
  • 160x200

Full rest depends on how thick the mattress is. The thinnest specimens do not exceed a height of 7 cm; it is uncomfortable to rest on such products. Experts do not recommend their use and children, as well as patients with osteochondrosis. There are models in which the thickness of the layer is 10, 12, 15, 17 cm. Such products also belong to the category of thin.

The optimum height of the monolithic bed is from 15 to 30 cm. Mattresses, which have independent spring blocks, are available in thicknesses of 18 cm.

Mattresses that have many layers are considered more comfortable.Premium models have a thickness of from 25 to 42 centimeters. The most common standard is from 18 to 24 cm, ideal for an adult.

The width of the mattress should be slightly less than the width of the bed, otherwise the edges will hang down, which leads to inconvenience and incomplete sleep. Sometimes, if the bed is too wide, two mattresses are purchased, which in format correspond to the specified parameters.

Manufacturers Rating

Before buying a latex mattress, it should certainly be tested and tried to lie down on it. A mattress is suitable for each person, men often like tougher products, women prefer softer ones.

Thousands of units of latex products are shipped from Thailand to Vietnam every year. Thailand is famous for high-quality natural latex and products from it. In a small country there are dozens of enterprises for the production of latex, especially in the southern regions. They produce not only mattresses, but also pillows, headrests and other products.

It is recommended to purchase products only from well-known manufacturers. Even if the price of products dumped, then buy a latex mattress of dubious quality is not worth it.A good double sample is estimated at no less than $ 400, a pillow - from $ 70.

The highest prices for products are traditionally tourist places on Koh Samui, Phuket, Pattaya. The best latex manufacturer in Thailand is Patex. Good products make the company Durian, Knobby.

The quality of mattresses from Vietnam are not inferior to products from Thailand. Vietnam is traditionally considered one of the major suppliers of latex to the world market.

When buying is worth paying attention to the source data. If the label says 100% latex, then you should not believe it, especially for little-known manufacturers. Companies whose brands are “not promoted” are trying to save as much as possible on expensive raw materials during production.

It is recommended to purchase items of famous brands, even if they have to overpay for them. For example, the Lien factory makes high-quality mattresses. Its products can often be found in stores in our country. Products of this manufacturer correspond to the declared characteristics that are present on the label.

How to choose?

It is recommended to buy not designer products, but manufacturers' mattresses that can be trusted. Before making the final choice, it is better to read the reviews.With such information, it will be easy to navigate a wide variety of offers and look for the right thing that will meet your needs, will become much easier. It is better to collect information from different sources, as paid reviews on the Internet are often found. When buying an important source of information can be a seller. He is not only interested in selling a latex mattress, it is also important for him that there is no return to the store.

Serious manufacturers provide a guarantee of up to ten yearsMoreover, they are ready to change products after several years of operation, should any problems arise. To take advantage of this warranty case, you must keep the mattress in its original form. It is also very important that the violation in his work was a manufacturing defect, and not a mechanical damage. The service department of most companies ensures that unscrupulous customers do not deceive them and closely monitor the quality of products supplied to the market. so such cases are rare.

It is important to assess the rigidity and size of the mattress.Each person chooses a thing for himself - someone likes the mattress to be soft or medium hard, to someone the other way around. The density of the material also matters. In this regard, multi-layer mattresses are most in demand.

When buying, you should check the availability of certificates and certificates for products. If their authenticity is in doubt, it is better to refrain from acquiring the thing, even if it has an attractive price. The dumping price is another trick of unscrupulous manufacturers, who thus try to sell a product that does not meet the necessary standards.


The advantages of latex mattress are well known:

  • It does not get on dust mites;
  • It does not provoke the development of allergies;
  • You can operate the product up to 40 years.

There are drawbacks to latex. It can not be stored at sub-zero temperatures, as it cracks. If, however, this happens, then there is a special compound that glues latex.

The mattress can be washed in a washing machine., but he is "afraid" of detergents, in which there are components of chlorine. It is also not recommended to keep such products in direct sunlight for a long time.

The mattress needs a good base. The bed should have quality slats. If it is very large, then it needs additional support in the center of the bed. It is recommended to turn the product every three months, so that it does not sag in places of constant loads. If possible, it is recommended to ventilate it in warm sunny weather by placing it under a canopy in the fresh air.

It is also necessary to change the mattress in places from the position of the head to the feet. It is recommended to do it every 3-4 months. All children love to jump on mattresses, but it is absolutely not recommended to do this, since even high-quality products do not withstand large point loads.

To the mattress served longer, be sure to use mattress covers. They take the brunt of the load. The product is recommended to vacuum once a month. Inevitably, dust and various microparticles fall on its surface, which serves as a breeding ground for the appearance of bed mites.

To clean the mattress should use shampoo or soap solution, which is easy to prepare yourself. This is done like this: a dishwashing liquid (70 g) is added to the glass.Then the contents are poured into the mixer. The device turns on, a thick foam appears, which will be a means for cleaning the mattress.

Customer Reviews

The lion's share of comments on latex mattresses is positive, but there is always the problem of choice. Prices for latex mattresses are high, so buyers often think about how to buy a good quality mattress so that it suits in all respects, but it does not spend a large amount of money. To do this, it is best to buy such products in the store offline during sales, so as not to stumble upon a fake.

Often there are discussions about the amount of natural latex in one or another manufacturer. Hevea juice is frozen for twelve hours, so real connoisseurs of comfortable rest claim that natural latex mattresses can be bought only in Sri Lanka, in Vietnam or Thailand. This question is controversial. Frozen hevea juice is just a valuable raw material, but you can make an excellent thing out of it if you have modern technologies after any period of time.

Also in noticeable demand are latex mattresses made according to the Ergo Foam method.Such products are slowly but steadily conquering the Russian market. Buyers increasingly prefer these mattresses.

How latex mattresses are made, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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