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How often you want to lie down on the bed and relax. Because it was a difficult day, my legs were buzzing, my neck and head hurt, my back was jammed. And here it turns out: the mattress is bulging - it has shot through the back, the springs are creaking - they are only unnerving, there is no relaxation after stress, and in the middle it has completely failed - the neck is crooked, the temples ache! Do not torture yourself, because health is too expensive. It is much cheaper to buy a good mattress, for example, from the company Mediflex.

Features and healing properties

The trade name Mediflex is registered by the manufacturer Askona.

The mattresses of this brand are developed by orthopedic surgeons under the guidance of a person who knows firsthand about back pain. Valentin Dikul, being a circus artist, received a fracture of the spine. He not only learned to walk again, he created himself anew. And helps other people gain their own health.

Orthopedic mattress Mediflex - one of the developments Dikulya.

It was created taking into account the physiological and age characteristics of a person. Doctors-orthopedists recommend this mattress as a preventive and therapeutic agent for diseases of the musculoskeletal system (ODA).

In order to maintain a healthy spine, a person must have a suitable mattress, which allows the body to rest while sleeping. This can be achieved by making independent spring blocks or using foam materials that memorize body position and weight. This mattress is called orthopedic. It helps to ease the pain in the body during rest and prevent the deterioration of ODA.


Modern mattresses with an independent spring unit consist of a large number of springs that are not interconnected. These products are hard, medium hard and soft. Different zones of the product may have different degrees of elasticity and thus better keep the spine.

Elite are products with a block of 1000 independent springs per square meter. Springless mattresses are of any degree of rigidity. They have a nice body elasticity, but there is no springing effect.

Mediflex filler can be polyurethane foam (Askona uses MediFoam), which stores body contours. Such mattresses with a memory effect allow you to fully sleep, relax the spine and muscles, restore blood circulation.

Cotton filler - this is a large number of cobweb layers, formed by combing special cotton fiber (not to be confused with cotton). On this mattress, you expect a comfortable relaxation of the body.

Coconut coir - the filler giving elasticity and rigidity. The natural material is impregnated with latex so that the coir is not crushed. The filler is breathable, does not rot, does not mold. The rubber juice is the original ingredient in the production of natural latex. It is used to make filler for soft and medium-hard products.

The basis of the Mediflex mattress design is the Special Adaptive System. It has 11 spring zones of varying degrees of rigidity. TOEach of them corresponds to the zones of the human body. A user with low weight, lying on such a bed, is experiencing a soft support. With a lot of weight Special Adaptive System adapts to the bone-muscle apparatus of a particular person.There is a redistribution of pressure of spring blocks on the body, the body relaxes, and the person rests with comfort and benefit for himself.

Thus, Dikul mattresses have the following advantages:

  • multifunctionality (relaxation, prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, improving sleep);
  • environmental friendliness (special impregnation of fillers has antimicrobial and anti-dust properties);
  • durability (the manufacturer guarantees a 25-year service life, 3 years for children's products);
  • practicality (the product does not require special care; the cover sold with the mattress protects against contamination and, if necessary, is washed separately);
  • maintain large weight loads.

Series and models

Dikul's orthopedic models represent several series.

The children's series offers five options:

  • Berry kids - without springs, repels odors and dust, moisture resistant, hypoallergenic. This was achieved thanks to MediFoam filler.
  • Tutsy kids - is a springless two-sided Mediflex with different level of rigidity. The softest side is filled with polyurethane foam, the stiffer one is covered with thermally bonded flax.
  • Happy kids - spring design with an average level of rigidity to children of primary school age, filled with MediFoam foam.
  • Cherry kids - option with the average level of rigidity and the independent spring block. The filling is thermally bonded flax and holofiber.
  • Star kids - an elite springless hard mattress for children with foamed MediFoam. Natural latex is used as a layer.

For adults The manufacturer offers bilateral spring mattresses (winter - summer) from the Control series, which includes 3 models:

  • Stress control - mattress for adults and teenagers. The hardness level is medium. Suitable for overweight people. The removal of moral and physical stress from the body is the main task of Stress Control. Coconut coir and MediFoam foam filling. The surface is protected by an exclusive cover.
  • Tonus control - 2 times harder than Stress Control, filled with a double layer of coconut fiber. Perfect for people weighing more than 140 kg.
  • Sleep control - highly elastic MediFoam polyurethane foam gives a massage effect to the body. It helps to improve the quality of sleep. The model is recommended for people with a passive physical lifestyle, including office workers. Perfect for the prevention of problems with Oda.

Out-of-series options:

  • Extra effect - will help relieve pain in the joints and muscles, as well as improve blood circulation through the use of soft latex and medium coir.
  • Active day - will provide a strong deep sleep and a charge of cheerfulness for the whole day due to use of the ventilated natural materials. The filler is coconut fiber of medium hardness.
  • Body rest - a different model. Modern innovative filler Viscolatex will remember the contours of your body, distribute the load equally for each department, relax muscles, improve blood circulation.

Customer reviews and selections

Buyers have very different opinions about Mediflex mattresses. It is difficult to say whether this is due to the use of fake products or manufacturers' defects.

But if parents and their children are happy with children's mattresses, then it is impossible to say so about adult products:

  • Some buyers wrote that their back really began to hurt a lot less, in the morning there was no stiffness, and sleep improved.
  • Some people write that they are satisfied with the mattress, but at the same time they do not notice the orthopedic effect.
  • Many complain that after 3 years of use (with a guarantee of 5 to 25 years), the mattress began to fail, despite timely turning over according to the instructions. Or one side fails under a heavier spouse.Taking into account the high cost of such mattresses (about 30,000 rubles), customers express dissatisfaction with this product.

Taking care of their health, buyers prefer orthopedic mattresses with an independent spring unit.

It has a layer of coconut coir or latex. Models from the storage layer of polyurethane foam - the most popular among springless mattresses.

If you still cannot decide on the rigidity of the mattress you need to achieve a better orthopedic effect, take a two-sided one: on the one hand, it is stiffer, on the other, less.

With age, we need a softer mattress. People with osteochondrosis orthopedists are recommended to use a hard bed, and patients with hernia of the spine are advised to use a soft bed.

Mediflex mattresses are certified and recommended as anatomical and orthopedic for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. But to choose whether the mattress Dikulya or any other - you decide. The main thing that it was a quality product with the stated characteristics.

You will learn more about Mediflex mattresses in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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