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People sleep 1/3 part of their lives. From the strength and usefulness of sleep depends the rest of life when a person is awake. Many people have a healthy sleep problem. This is insomnia, the causes of which are quite a lot: lack of time for proper sleep, fatigue, overwork, agitation and much more. These factors hide wilting and loss of beauty. From this it should be concluded that it is imperative that you provide yourself with a full night’s rest.

About company

Workshop Mr. Mattress was created and gained worldwide fame thanks to a lot of hard work over many years. It is distinguished by the uniqueness of its collections, its own technologies and innovative solutions. The main focus of the factory is the production of mattresses.

The factory is equipped with its own state-of-the-art equipment, which is capable of performing complex technical elements in the form of tufting and picnic.

These technological processes are unique, there are no analogues in Russia.Each product of the factory is a subject in which there is a refined taste. For production, only those materials are used that have impeccable quality. And most of them were developed by the workshop itself, with the participation of manufacturers that are engaged in the production of flooring.

The staff has high professional qualifications and extensive experience. The factory has the certificate of GOST 19917-93. It is located in the eastern part of the Moscow region.


The range of the company consists of mattresses, aroma mattresses, beds and headboards, bed boxes, accessories for sleeping.

Mattresses are distinguished by their excellent quality. In their manufacture uses a special glue, so that the product does not acquire a chemical smell. Due to the fact that the covers stretch, there are no problems with dust and dust mites. These products are tightly tightened, which favorably affects sleep and promotes a peaceful night’s rest.

The factory produces several varieties of mattresses: orthopedic, natural, soft, baby, inexpensive, Japanese, made by seamstresses and mattresses for adults.

The rigidity of the product depends on what it is filled with.The mattress can be from coconut, foam rubber, latex or other material.

Products can be of three types: soft, medium hard and hard.

Pick the right width and length - not difficult. These options depend on the size of your bed. The minimum width of the mattress is 80 cm, the maximum is 200 cm. The width can be 80 cm, 90 cm, 120 cm, 160 cm, 180 cm and 200 cm. Similarly, and in length. You can choose any suitable length. It can be 190 cm, 195 cm and 200 cm.

Aromatherapy we associate with the aromas of essential oils. Aroma mattresses have not only orthopedic properties, but also anatomical. The point is in the foam, which is filled with essential oils. It smells like an orange tree and has notes of orange-honey flavor. This calms the nervous system, relieves tension, insomnia disappears and a strong, healthy sleep appears. Inhaling the aroma, the person relaxes and rests. This fragrance in mattresses persists for many years.

Work with individual orders

There is an opportunity to make a special mattress under the order. For example, round or for a yacht, for a gift. This type of product can have a bright double packaging or a card under the packaging or embroidery. It all depends on the desire of the buyer.Mattresses for yachts have non-standard shapes and sizes. And not every manufacturer is ready to make the right product for the customer. But the factory is Mr. Mattress performs whims on these types of mattresses, performing them responsibly and efficiently. It:

  • any parameters;
  • Specialist visit to the yacht;
  • a large assortment of fabric;
  • accessories of the company;
  • individual approach;
  • short time;
  • prices within reason.

A considerable number of owners of prestigious yachts use the services of this workshop.

The best models are considered the best models. These are inexpensive VIP collection mattresses. Fulwell mattresses are well in demand. They have the effect of supporting the spine and the aerosystem, which reinforces stiffness around the perimeter. There is also an internal non-woven cover.

Product Reviews

Based on the reviews, you can always make a choice. Buyers leave a variety of reviews about the products of the factory Mr. Mattress. Most of them praise orthopedic mattresses. They write that such products really help health.

More practical consumers write about Japanese mattresses. About how convenient it is to fold and tidy them up in a secluded place in the morning.Young mummies often leave feedback about children's spring mattresses and believe that this type of mattress really contributes to the healthy sleep of the child, provides maximum comfort and takes care of the condition of the spine of children.

Young people in their reviews reflect their satisfaction and admiration for mattresses for adults 18+, indicating their noiselessness and total convenience in use, because they have a hard-resistant surface. Those people who bought aroma mattresses, in a review talk about how the aroma of essential oil soothes and relieves stress during sleep.

The range of products of the factory is large, so every buyer will definitely find for himself something suitable, namely his own.

How to produce mattresses Mr. Mattress - in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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