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Sleep is a very important part of every person’s life. Healthy sleep provides a charge of cheerfulness for the whole day and maintains health, which is why many prefer proven brands of orthopedic mattresses. The undoubted leaders in the market of orthopedic mattresses are German manufacturers.


The market for sleep products is replete with a variety of products from manufacturers in different countries, but it is German mattresses that inspire confidence in potential buyers. This is due to several factors:

  • Germany is a country that is famous for the quality of its products, German goods are manufactured using advanced technologies and the latest materials.
  • Compliance with the most stringent medical standards and requirements. In the production of consumer goods are used for the development of medicine, military structures.
  • German factories occupy a leading place in the world in the production of orthopedic mattresses, and also cooperate with the world's medical orthopedic centers in Germany and Switzerland.
  • Manufacturers care not only about orthopedic characteristics, but also about the quality of the cover, which preserves the product and provides additional comfort.
  • Products are durable and have high wear resistance.

Production technology and materials

In the manufacture of German mattresses used materials that provide heat in the cold season and the cooling effect - in the heat. Different types of spring blocks are used - depending on the model.

In the production of premium products, fabric is used, which is distinguished by memorizing body bends and provides maximum comfort and keeps the back healthy.

Leading Brands

The product range of German manufacturers is diverse, which is very pleasing to buyers. German enterprises specializing in the creation of orthopedic products are engaged in the development and implementation of new technologies in the production of high-quality orthopedic products.

German manufacturers are represented by the following brands:

  • Schlaraffia;
  • Malie;
  • Hukla;
  • Breckle;
  • Hukla;
  • F. A. N .;
  • Diamona and others.

Each manufacturer guarantees high quality products and fights for its customers using a variety of technologies and materials.


The manufacturer Schlaraffia began its history in the city of Bochum, using springs in the production of mattresses that allow you to lie down for a long time without moving.

In its production, the Western European manufacturer uses various innovative patented materials: Bultex foam in its structure is close to a sea sponge, due to the pores it ensures the hygroscopicity of the product. Also used innovative material Geltex.

The Schlaraffia range is represented by products with spring and springless blocks:

  • basic;
  • for a lot of weight;
  • maximum sizes;
  • children.

Designers and developers have not forgotten about the covers. The covers use climatic fibers that provide comfort in any temperature mode. The fabric of the covers is treated with antimicrobial impregnation Panthenol.

Warranty from the manufacturer for the products - 10 years.


The famous German manufacturer of orthopedic sleep products Malie began its work in 1936 (in the city of Varin).This is a famous German manufacturer, featuring a production capacity of 1000 units per day. Production of Malie mattresses manual, using the latest technology.

Assortment of Malie mattresses:

  • with independent spring blocks;
  • cold foam mattresses;
  • latex;
  • XXL series - up to 200 kg;
  • children.

Malie products are hypoallergenic, durable, reliable. Malie cooperates with orthopedic organizations in Germany and Switzerland.

In the line of premium mattresses, products are made according to individual customer parameters.

In the production technology, the following developments are used:

  • cold foam from natural ingredients;
  • foam filler for products with high loads;
  • spring elements without the use of metal components that adversely affect the human body;
  • in the production of covers cellulose fibers are used, which are subjected to special treatment.


Factory Hukla manufactures its products in conjunction with medical orthopedic centers in Germany.

Mattress fillers (ecogel with a cellular system, memory foam,highly elastic fillers) are patented and correspond to the declared characteristics of the products.

The products of the Hukla factory are made with varying degrees of hardness - like most German mattresses.

The range of the factory is represented by such products:

  • spring ("Berlin", "Louvre", "Belvedere", "Jasmine" and others);
  • springless (Amore, Clean Star, Vision Plus, Refle);
  • bilateral (models with different degrees of rigidity, models with covers "winter-summer");
  • for consumers with more weight.

To ensure optimal temperature conditions in the covers "winter-summer" natural fibers are used: cotton and silk (summer), natural wool (winter). Factory mattresses have 5 or 7 load distribution zones, they provide comfort and healthy sleep.

The manufacturer gives a guarantee on their products - 5 years.


About the German quality of the original products leave a lot of positive feedback, but buyers point out certain advantages of individual brands, which allows you to make a choice.

Many owners of German mattresses claim that the best option is to order such goods in the online store with delivery. It saves both time and money.

Especially Russian consumers note the service and awareness of Schlaraffia consultants. Even with the initial choice of another brand, the online store managers will select the appropriate options and tell in detail about their products, give advice on the fillers and composition.

Online stores that specialize exclusively in German products are as punctual and responsible as the Germans themselves. The goods will be delivered on time - regardless of the season and workload (for example, on holidays).

Schlaraffia brand mattresses are the best on the market. Every word of the consultant is confirmed by satisfied customers.

Shoppers love the great quality of Schlaraffia products. They are not even embarrassed by the relatively high price, which is justified by the manufacturer's guarantee, a healthy sleep and savings on a back massage.

Particular attention should be paid to springless mattresses Hukla. First, the product of this brand can be purchased at an affordable price; secondly, such mattresses are very comfortable and provide rest for the whole body - thanks to the unique filling.

Some consumers note the faint odor of the new product Hukla, which evaporates in the first week of use.

A few, but positive reviews about the mattress brand Malie.Perhaps among the diversity of German manufacturers, this particular brand has not gained popularity in Russia, although it has existed for more than 80 years. Reviews of the owners of Malie products are similar to the advertisement of this product. Price - above average. Buyers note that there is an opportunity to buy a German mattress at a more reasonable price.

You will learn more about German mattresses in the following video.

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