Choosing a mattress

Choosing the right mattress is a very difficult, important, but at the same time, interesting task. In fact, we decide how and on what we will spend about a third of our lives. There are a lot of options now, however, it takes a lot of effort to find a truly mattress. Without knowledge and experience in the world of mattresses it is quite possible to "drown."

Special features

What is comfortable to sleep or relax, of course, a matter of habit and taste. Five thousand years ago, before the invention of mattresses, people rested on branches or animal skins. However, already in ancient Egypt and Babylon, it became clear that this was not the best idea for a quality recovery. Then there invented the so-called water beds in the form of bags filled with water. Later, already in Ancient Rome, the first analogues of our modern mattresses appeared.Often they consisted of hay, but were relatively widespread. In the XIX century, the idea of ​​creating spring mattresses appeared, then polyester was used in their production.

Now, mattress manufacturing techniques have become more perfect, and many products allow not only a good rest, but also to cure diseases of the back and spine. Everyone can choose a model that is suitable both aesthetically and physiologically. In some cases, you should take into account the recommendations of doctors, including in terms of possible allergies associated with the filler material.


There are a large number of classifications of mattresses. The most fundamental point is the technology of their manufacture. According to this feature, all mats are divided into two main groups:

  • Spring mattresses. Consist, respectively, of the springs: dependent or independent design. In the first case, the products, as a rule, are not orthopedic (they do not contribute to the improvement of blood circulation), however, they are the cheapest and most practical. Mattresses consisting of dependent springs appeared more than 100 years ago and were very widespread in the second half of the 20th century, including in the USSR,However, with the advent of new models and technologies, even despite the low cost, they quickly lost popularity. The independent design of the springs often has orthopedic properties, and is also simple. Of the minuses - often such mattresses have certain weight restrictions, for example, up to 90 kg or up to 120 kg, so they can be damaged if several people rest on them.
  • Springless mattresses. Usually multi-layered, but not always. Their quality and properties largely depend on fillers. As a result, such mattresses can cause allergies. However, hypoallergenic models are also on sale. It is quite difficult to violate the integrity of the design of such a place to rest, on the other hand, a springless mattress can be easily sold. As a rule, the range of such mattresses is larger than spring ones. Really pick up a model of almost any size. As among spring and springless mattresses, most often there are eco and classic models.
  • As mentioned above, mattresses can be orthopedic and non-orthopedic. The first have healing properties - improve blood flow and blood circulation,can contribute to accelerated recovery in diseases of the spine, are effective in this regard and for people who have undergone surgery. We also specify that there are, for example, special anti-decubitus mattresses suitable for disabled patients who cannot get out of bed on their own. They are cellular and have massage properties, can redistribute pressure.
  • In the Russian reality, the classification of mattresses according to the principle of separation of the sides suitable for sleeping is also relevant. The bed can be both unilateral and bilateral. The second option, at first glance, seems somewhat exotic, in any case, non-standard, but in reality is very effective - as a rule, the parties differ in seasons. The summer side is the easiest and is suitable for relaxing in hot weather; winter - on the contrary, it is usually insulated, often has woolen lining and provides a comfortable rest during the cold season.

Special thermo-stabilizing mattresses that can be heated are also available. Usually such models are more expensive and, moreover, are often used in medical institutions.As well as waterproof mattresses, which, however, are also relevant for outdoor recreation.

  • Stiffness and shape. The well-known saying “Softly Stele - Sleep Hard” is very relevant and applied to mattresses. The fact is that on a too soft mattress, which, at first glance, it seems extremely comfortable, it will not be possible to relax qualitatively. He will bend under the body and take his form. Accordingly, heavier parts of the body, for example, the pelvis will be below the spine, the load on which will increase. As a result, instead of restoring strength, fatigue after such a rest will only increase. However, when acquiring an anatomical mattress, there is practically no such risk - these features are taken into account in its design.

For most buyers, the most relevant are models of medium hardness, the material resistance of which is sufficient to maintain a comfortable body position for rest.

However, there are options:

  • High stiffness. This is not always the "Spartan bed." On the contrary, oddly enough, often these mattresses are quite soft. The fact is that the combined models are often attributed to this category, so be careful.The main filler of such products provides the highest degree of hardness, which is referred to in the name, and the surface layer, consisting of soft material, gives a feeling of comfort. We also clarify that mattresses of high degree of rigidity are usually not spring. In addition to relative hardness, their feature and essential advantage is durability - they are practically not prone to deformation. Well suited for children and adolescents, whose body is still in the formative stage.
  • Medium hardness Suitable for most people. They can be either spring or springless. In the first case, the springs themselves are zoned by the degree of softness, depending on those parts of the body that should theoretically lie on them. This and one of the few drawbacks - often changing the position of the body on such mattresses is another test.
  • Soft and very soft models. Usually latex or felt. Create a pleasant feeling of immersion in the material, envelop, and, therefore, better warm. However, they have a limited application profile. They are not suitable for children and adolescents, as they can impede the preservation of proper blood circulation in the children’s yet failed constitution.At the same time, not all adults are suitable either - usually on models there are strict weight restrictions, and very substantial ones - for example, up to 80 kg or up to 90 kg. Therefore, together on such a mattress does not fit. Another disadvantage - the tendency to wear, can quickly sell. Often serve 20-30% less time than rigid models.

To destination

The choice of a particular model of the mattress is largely related to where it is planned to operate. In principle, in any place the mattress should provide a comfortable body position, however, it is important whether you use it for sleep or for daytime rest. If the mattress is sleeping and bought for a bed, including a sliding one, models of average hardness are preferable. This mattress can be laid on the floor, thereby creating an extra bed. Orthopedic and anti-decubital models are relevant for medical functional beds.

High hardness mattresses are recommended for children and teenagers.

Including kids. On this issue on the forums in the world wide web you can meet a lot of controversy, however, most experts agree that it is better to lay a mattress of medium or high degree of rigidity in a cradle or crib.This is especially true of young children up to two or three years old, whose skeleton still needs to be strengthened and properly balanced. Interesting in this regard, bilateral models. For example, up to a year the child sleeps on the side with the highest allowable stiffness. Then, when his skeleton is somewhat stronger, you can use the other side of the mattress. This allows significant savings: in fact, such a mattress is a two-in-one purchase.

For the folding bed and on the windowsill also tough models will suit well.

Soft mattresses will fit well into the interior of a spacious bright bedroom. With proper design approach and the use of a suitable decor (wave-like Roman curtains), an additional feeling of softness will give comfort, make the mood more conducive to good rest and sound sleep. It is possible the use of soft mattresses for siesta. They can be put, for example, on sofas that are not intended for night sleep. This will allow to level one of the main drawbacks of soft products - the tendency to bursting and wear. From a few hours of rest during the day, nothing bad will definitely happen to them.Keep in mind, however, that soft mattresses are not suitable for too fat people - they sell very quickly.

By size and shape

The range of choice here is very wide. On sale there are both mini-models, and huge two-bedroom products. Standard mattresses, single or one and a half, are usually in greatest demand. Of these, you can make one big bed. It is better to combine identical mattresses of the same manufacturer and preferably of similar shape, since many products differ in height. In the stores you can find classic or high mattresses, as well as mattresses with legs. In the latter case, sometimes there is the option of self-control of height within certain limits.

Different mats and form.

In addition to the usual rectangular, there are rectangular with rounded edges, as well as round. The latter, as a rule, are more expensive and will fit under the appropriate beds. Of these, you can build and independent places to rest. Often, complete with mattresses and sheets are appropriate sizes. Such sheets are very convenient to use. They stretch on the product and will not crawl.In addition, they do not have to be ironed: when stretched on a mattress and after sleeping, instead of being bathed, they can, on the contrary, improve their appearance. There are also non-standard mattresses. In addition, in case of independent production, the shape and size entirely depend only on the master's imagination.


Mattresses are made in many countries of Europe and other parts of the world: for example, in the trend of American models. Quality products can be purchased with a manufacturer's label in Russia and Belarus, including in the economy class segment. Each country of origin and individual firms have a lot of their own "chips" and features. Imported products are often much more expensive than domestic ones.

  • Italy. The most famous Italian brands are LordFlex, Dormeo, Primavera and others. However, the most common in Russia - Magniflex mattresses. It can be said that historical products are one of the first mass imports of this category of products to the territory of the Russian Federation. Italian mattresses in comparison with a number of other foreign brands, although not cheap, are relatively affordable. Specialization - hard mattresses, often double-sided, with a special warm coating.
  • USA. The most famous mattresses are Serta premium. This is probably the best product in its segment.However, taking into account the fall of the ruble against the dollar, their value has almost doubled since 2014, which has raised the issue of price-quality ratio. However, it is a really well-made product. Mattresses of this particular brand are supplied to many elite hotels. The range is large. Now the company focuses on the use of environmentally friendly materials. The products of other American manufacturers are often less represented on the Russian market. Nevertheless, it is not uncommon to find Tempur products on sale. So, in fact, is called and the material from which they are made. It was originally designed for astronauts. In essence, it is a porous foam that reacts to pressure and body heat and creates a slight sensation of weightlessness.
  • Switzerland. The production of Swiss mattresses, in particular, by Bicoflex (which has been operating on the market for a century and a half), has been localized in Russia. The company is famous for its special springs and "intelligent" filler. The first ones are made of plastic and are very flexible, the second one “remembers” the comfortable position of the body and adjusts to it. In addition, on such mattresses can not be afraid of electromagnetic radiation and the "attack" of various bacteria - for this are the materials and the latest technology.In the Russian market you can also find products from another Swiss company - Vertex. It does not have such solid historical traditions as Bicoflex, but has been successfully operating for over 50 years. Famous for its delivery service, coupled with a solid guarantee (25 years). The geography of the company is constantly expanding, and to the east - the company recently entered the Israeli market.
  • Sweden. Swedish mattresses in Russia are offered mainly by Hilding Anders. It has been operating since 1939. Its products are rather technological. In addition, the company has an interesting discount policy. However, be careful: many scammers use this. Anyway, with a certain luck and attention, you can buy a good brand almost at half price. However, even this cost can be very heavy: the company operates in a high segment. Hence the high quality. We add that the company produces not only mattresses, but also beds, which means that you can immediately get a good kit. No less well-known and mattresses company Hastens. For almost 70 years, the warranty period on them is a quarter of a century. But the products are expensive. Mattresses are filled including horsehair, down of geese, but at the same time hypoallergenic - natural materials are processed with a special compound.
  • Belarus. Prices for Belarusian mattresses, as a rule, are lower than for other relevant imported products from Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, and the USA. However, the centuries-old traditions of production, our neighbor to the customs union can not boast. One of the most well-known companies Berac / Vegas entered the market only in 1997. However, the assortment of Belarusian mattresses on the Russian market is large - there are products for both children and adults, including very interesting and unusual rulers, designed in the style of "modern" or in the format of "asset".
  • Russia. A significant share of the market of Russian mattresses are firms "Ormatek", "Consul", "Ascona" and a number of others. The choice of products is large - there are spring mattresses, and products with fillers of both economy and premium class. Some companies are also ready to provide services for the disposal of old mattresses. However, you should not always be led by brands. Thus, according to the rating of Russian mattresses, the leaders in recent years are not the companies with the highest turnover. For example, mattresses of the TM “Atmosphere”, TM “Lonax” and TM “Mr. Mattress. The first of them works with an eye on the average buyer, the second - may be interested in flexible pricing, the third - on the contrary,counts on the individual buyer.


As we remember, the story of filling the mattresses began with hay, however, over the millennia, it has come a long way and again came to the hay. However, now there are a large number of different fillers of mattresses, textiles can pretty surprise and make you seriously think about the choice. Let's name some of the fillers:

  • Polyurethane foam. The most familiar and familiar to almost everyone material, better known under the popular name "foam rubber". This word came to the USSR from Norway - that was the name of the company that supplied this material. The material is cellular and resembles a sponge - in fact, it is also used to make sponges for washing dishes. Soft, comfortable and safe filler. In addition to the usual, is used and "memory" foam. This is an expensive material that slowly recovers after deformation - thus, it moderately adapts to the shape of the human body and creates an additional feeling of comfort. Also note that artificial latex is also made from foam rubber.
  • Natural latex. It consists of rubber, and, more precisely, of a special mixture in which it is the main component. Flexible and well-preserving plastic qualities filler. The disadvantage is poor ventilation. The material is very dense. Through holes are made in latex blocks to solve this problem.
  • Horsehair. An ideal material in terms of creating a good microclimate. Unlike latex perfectly breathable. All other properties are also at a height, including the price. Perhaps one of the most expensive or even the most expensive filler.
  • Bamboo. Bamboo mattress filler is often combined with various impurities, such as cotton. He, in fact, his unnatural. In the mattresses is the so-called viscose - the result of a chemical reaction. Well passes air, interferes with reproduction of bacteria and fungi. One of the best choices from the standard.
  • Wool. The most common mattresses of sheep wool. The main "trick" is that the material absorbs moisture well. The body will always remain dry. A good choice for outdoor recreation or country houses.In frost it can warm, and if you sweat under a warm blanket, it will allow you to dry quickly. Cons - not too long and allergenic.

Among other fillers are found, for example, materials from buckwheat husk. Relevant and gaining "historical" mattresses stuffed with hay.

There are also technological fillers - geotextiles or technogel.

Tips for choosing

In order to choose the right mattress you need to consistently answer a number of questions for yourself. First, you should decide on the shape and size, decide whether the product is purchased for a bed or will become an independent sleeping place. Secondly, you need to choose the design, filler and stiffness, taking into account the expected load, diseases of the back and the presence or absence of allergies to certain materials. The next step is to determine the price class of the product: cheap, regular or expensive. Remember that it is better to buy quality products of well-established firms, however, they are not always only euro-brands with powerful marketing.

After making a decision, it is time to deliver the product and have a good sleep on it. Do not forget about the warranty period.

Some mattresses may last up to 25 years.

Learn more about how to choose the right mattress, you will learn from the following video.

How to do it yourself?

It’s almost impossible to make a mattress from scratch with your own hands, but it’s possible to reconstruct the old one. The following main components will be needed: threads, filler, sewing machine and standard working inventory. Prepare a filler, for example, foam rubber. Align it to the right shape. On the basis of his measurements make a pattern cover. It is desirable to begin work on the cover with cross sections. When using softer fillers, the work steps should be swapped.

In the case of spring mattresses, everything is somewhat more complicated, but, nevertheless, it is also quite realistic. You can either tighten the old springs, or use new ones. In the second case, the springs will need to be independently fastened on the rail and nailed to the end of the bed, and then tied up in several directions. Watch out for the evenness of the rows of springs - this is important.

Do not forget to lay and fix the upholstery.

You will learn more about how to make a mattress with your own hands in the following video.


Now is the time to go to specific recommendations based on consumer qualities of certain goods. Let us turn to some reviews of real buyers.

So, the spring thermo-stabilizing mattress of Russian production YOMNA, which can be purchased at IKEA, received good marks. This is a great budget option. Most buyers agree that such a mattress is a good, inexpensive acquisition for the home. For some buyers, this, at first glance, a temporary budget solution has become a familiar interior object, since the mattress, they say, is not prone to pushing. However, as noted by consumers, this product is not suitable for fans of hard and very hard sleeping designs.

The other, somewhat more expensive, however, Dream Line Eco from Dream Line also gathered mostly positive reviews from an affordable middle-class segment. Recall that this company produces more than 15 series of mattresses from environmentally friendly materials. Dream Roll model pleased consumers with anatomical properties - the mattress flexes exactly where the body is comfortable and comfortable.According to buyers, it is convenient and comfortable to sleep on it, as well as moderately softly (you can choose your own model according to your rigidity by your rigidity). Of the features - the mattress is double-sided and it should be turned over from time to time according to the instructions. In this series, the brand presents tough and moderately tough models, made on the basis of a spring frame in combination with coke coir.

Among the hard mattresses popular brand "Hafslo", also represented in IKEA. His overall rating among consumers is close to the maximum. Buyers on behalf of the back are grateful to the product. Among the advantages - there is no unpleasant pressure on the body, the flexibility of the springs, no sagging - the product in this regard is made qualitatively and successfully withstands the weight of two adults. Convenient and equipment - there are, in particular, handles for carrying. According to buyers, this is a good and inexpensive option for arranging a bed for a country house.

In the segment of children's mattresses, including for newborns, Red Castle Cocoonababy is very popular. This so-called cocoon in addition to the moderate, though not low price and the necessary qualities - functionality and comfort, also has the ability to adjust the size.According to some buyers, children at Red Castle even cry less, do not suffer from discomfort. Such a mattress can be immediately taken to the hospital. Of the minuses - the child at some stage will have to wean from this mattress and the high price-time ratio of consumption, since it is useful only to very young children. However, it can be left for the future. Actual piece of furniture for large families.

Not to mention another popular brand, namely, Sontelle mattresses. Many of the products of this brand, in particular, Sontelle Roll Up, will suit those who want not only to sleep well and soundly, but at the same time to treat problem areas of the back. According to consumers, the mattress copes with this task very well. Among the advantages noted by customers is also variability: the product is two-sided (the sides differ in the degree of rigidity). In addition, it is suitable for carrying: many use it not only at home but also in nature. Especially relevant product, if you believe reviews for people engaged in sedentary work. Good relaxation on this mattress is provided for them.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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