Orthopedic spring mattresses

To fully relax, you must purchase a comfortable and comfortable orthopedic mattress. On such a bed, a person can completely relax, and in the morning he will be alert and cheerful.

Varieties and Characteristics

Suppliers offer two types of mattresses: with springs and without springs. Each of the categories has its advantages, but disadvantages should not be excluded. Everyone must decide for themselves which mattress to choose in order to get a proper rest.

To choose the right mattresses, you initially need to determine the coefficient of its rigidity, with the overall parameters of the bed and find out all the characteristics of the filler. Qualitatively selected orthopedic mattresses provide a full sleep, good health and energy for the whole day.

Many manufacturers represent a wide range of products. Each of the types of products differs according to classification criteria:

  • spring orthopedic products;
  • springless models.

The filler product is:

  • latex;
  • coconut;
  • woolen;
  • horsehair.

Overall dimensions of an orthopedic product are selected individually, taking into account the growth of the owner. The most popular and large mattresses have a size of 160x200 mm. The thickness of the product depends greatly on the filler.

The modern model range is made with independent springs for large beds, as well as products without springs, which are selected based on the weight of the load on the mattress. In today's market, products with a filler made from natural materials are more in demand: latex, coir or horsehair. The best option would be to purchase a mattress filled with horsehair fiber and a small upper latex layer.

There are three categories of hardness: soft; medium and hard

  • More rigid products are assigned to people with spinal problems.
  • Soft - a great option for older people.
  • Medium hardness is considered a universal choice that is suitable for each user.

The textile part of the product should be made of natural fabrics and have a good ventilated surface, perfectly absorb moisture and be ventilated. A great option - natural jacquard, which has a beautiful structure and a variety of colors. The mattress with double-sided upholstery is very popular, it helps to warm up in the cold season and to shroud cool in summer hot days.

Good characteristics have products with an independent spring block, which are independent of each other and placed in separate cases. Each spring is compressed separately and provides the mattress with excellent orthopedic characteristics. Such models are capable of taking the shape of a human body.

Models of orthopedic mattresses without springs have good performance because of the coir and latex bedding.

Spring blocks are divided into two types:

  • continuous weaving dependent springs;
  • independent, separated from each other.

Dependent spring units placed in budget models of mattresses.Their orthopedic characteristics are low, each of the springs attached to the other. When a load is applied to one, the adjacent ones bend. The supporting effect is completely absent. Constantly it is impossible to sleep on such a product, because after the time has elapsed, it is forced through.

A more modern mattress - with springs independent from each other. Each of the springs is located in a separate case and connected to the next with the help of the same case. This design completely excludes all vibrations. The mattress is pressed under the weight of a person. The main advantages of this model: noiseless and excellent supporting qualities.

In an independent unit, the springs are small, but they have a greater number of turns. Under load, the weight of a person is distributed evenly over the entire surface. This product belongs to orthopedic. It is environmentally friendly and has a long service life. The rigidity of the mattress is selected individually.

Products with independent blocks are:

  • Sample, where one square meter accounts for one hundred metal curls.
  • With a small diameter of the springs, for one square meter the number of parts is 500.If the size of the parts is small, then their number should be larger.

According to all characteristics, a mattress with independent springs prevails over dependent ones. On it, the person feels more comfortable. The device “Real Home” or “Bonnel” is considered to be one of the models of orthopedic mattresses with a classic spring unit. There are many varieties of sofas with different transformation mechanisms, one of them is a euro watch with orthopedic decking made of spring blocks.

Children's orthopedic mattresses with springs

Children grow fast and the older the child, the more comfortable and productive his sleep should be. The spine of a three-year-old baby is already formed, so you need to carefully select a mattress. For children buy a single mattress with dimensions of 140x190 mm. The stiffness and elasticity of the model should be average. It should also be environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, well pass air and heat. All these characteristics depend on the product filler.

Spring mattresses consist of blocks of springs. These characteristics give the mattress orthopedic properties. They hold light parts of the body perfectly and can bend under heavy ones.

Children weigh less than adults, so a children's orthopedic mattress must be chosen correctly so as not to harm the baby’s spine.

The height and stiffness of the springs must be optimal. The composition of the filler for children's products includes natural latex. He is not allergic and does not cause individual intolerance.

Features of spring orthopedic products

Spring mattresses have the following features that should be considered when buying:

  1. The emptiness of the spring model attracts dust through the cover, which settles under a layer of upper fabric.
  2. The spring product accumulates static stress due to the presence of metal springs in the model.
  3. A mattress with springs transmits a person's vibrations across its surface.
  4. Spring Italian products made by proven manufacturers distribute the weight of a person evenly.

How to choose?

When choosing a particular model, it is necessary to compare all the characteristics and properties, focus on physical data and personal wishes.

  • For older people, a mattress of medium hardness is perfect.For an overweight person, it is better to choose a product of high rigidity, but for a thin one - springless models with latex filler or spring ones, but without coconut coir.
  • With an average body build, it is worth choosing a product with independent springs from interlayers of latex and coir.
  • A rigid orthopedic feather bed is suitable for a person suffering from spinal diseases. If the presence of a vertebral hernia is confirmed, then the feather bed should be soft.
  • Each of the models of orthopedic products has its own positive or negative feedback from people who have taken advantage of them and get a lot of emotions. Consumers choose the product based on comfort and the absence of pain, odor, natural filler. Buyers prefer latex filler.
  • When choosing an orthopedic mattress, you must choose the best manufacturer. So the product will last a long time and will not be deformed. The largest and most popular on the Russian market of orthopedic mattresses, the manufacturer is the company Askona.

How to choose a mattress, learn from the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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