Features of mattresses "KDM"

 Features of mattresses KDM

Long and healthy sleep is possible only with a certain level of comfort, which provides the appropriate temperature and light conditions in the bedroom, the absence of noise, and, of course, the presence of a comfortable bed. Those times have long passed when people had to be content with ordinary wadded and feather beds, they were replaced by mattresses of a new generation - high-quality products with orthopedic functions.

In the conditions of the richest brand variety of accessories for domestic and imported sleep, those who are only planning to purchase a mattress with healing properties can sometimes be quite difficult to navigate.

One of the well-established trademarks, which has been presenting products on the Russian market for sleep and rest goods for years, is company KDM Family (Voronezh).Let us find out exactly what caused the stable demand for KDM mattresses, consider their main characteristics and analyze user reviews in order to understand whether the expectations correspond to reality.

About the manufacturer

The Voronezh company Family was created about 26 years ago, when the founder of a small family business had the idea to create an optimal mattress model that meets the individual requirements of the comfort of any person. The main assistants in this project were family members and closest relatives. It was with their direct participation that the formula of an ideal orthopedic foundation was derived, which demonstrated the best degree of rigidity, thoughtful design and modern quality of performance combined with a reasonable price.

The basis of the Family philosophy was simple and comprehensible to everyone family values ​​- the trust, care and support of each other at any moment.

Today the company has its own well-established production of mattress products, where only natural, eco-friendly materials are used, which gives grounds to guarantee the quality, reliability and safety of its products.

The lineup

The assortment line of KDM mattresses is represented by six series of models: Classic, Family, Elite, Kids, Comfort and Standard. Let us consider in more detail each of them.


Reliable and practical economy versions of soft and almost soft mattresses with the classic Bonnell dependent spring unit, where two metal frames are provided, providing additional rigidity.

The series includes six models:

  • Optima;
  • Ultra;
  • Lux;
  • Comfort;
  • Business;
  • Comfort New.

Proper distribution of the load on the elastic elements ensures the presence of a dense cotton thermal block that forms an insulating layer between the springs and the base of the products. The filler is a highly elastic foam, which is a material with hypoallergenic and moisture-resistant properties that is resistant to deformation and perfectly retains its shape. Cotton jacquard and eco-friendly, non-toxic material Holcon are used as surface fabrics. The cost of mattresses varies from 2,700 to 5,000 rubles.


These models with orthopedic effect are universally suitable for adults and children. They are designed to ensure a healthy sleep and to form a correct posture from an early age.

The use of eco-friendly, antiallergenic foams, which are completely free of harmful impurities, makes the mattresses completely safe for health.

The series includes models:

  • Almost hard Status Bio with independent springs that perfectly support the spine, due to the uniform distribution of the load on the sleeping surface.
  • Status duo with a combined filling: polyurethane foam + coconut in combination with the system of independent springs TFK. The sides of the base have different stiffness, which allows you to change sensations, in accordance with medical prescriptions or your own preferences.
  • Status graciawhere the spring is used Gracia. The shape of the elastic element resembles an hourglass, which guarantees optimal support for the spinal column and the correct anatomical position of the muscular system under the conditions of dynamic loads.
  • Story - springless bases with medium hardness. Comfortable elasticity is achieved through the use of a combined filling: coconut plate + hollofiber.
  • Tonus, where coconut fiber with a rather high stiffness acts as a natural filling.
  • Daily, Sweet, Breeze with classic dependent springs Bonnel. In the internal filling systems, in addition to coconut fiber, highly elastic foams and latex coconut plates are used.
  • Status, Effect and Standart with a reinforced version of independent springs TFC 256, when all elements independently react to the load, without involving neighboring ones. Such bases clearly describe the anatomical curves of the body, ensuring the optimal position of the muscular skeleton, taking care of beautiful and correct posture at any age.

The cost of mattresses from the budget segment ranges from 4,700 to 12,900 rubles.


The elite series of unique bases with an orthopedic effect, where various variants of internal filling are provided, are represented by models:

  • Excluisive with an exclusive multi-package spring system, which uses a material with high breathable properties and coconut plates.
  • Mystery with medium hardness and a combined filling system. In addition to latex with a coconut plate, springs of independent type TFK are used here.
  • Mystery gracia with a combined filling of latex and coconut plates. Special elastic element Grace increases orthopedic effect.
  • Triumph - springless model with increased stiffness. The filling is made according to the puff pastry principle, which implies the alternation of lithospheric plates of coconut and latex.
  • Triumph bio - here a sufficient stiffness of one side is provided by coconut coir, and natural latex is already used to make the soft side.

In addition, the Elite series includes four models of “summer-winter” mattresses with an increased level of comfort, which are optimally suited for our climatic conditions, since their use is focused on different seasons.

They are different stuffing:

  • Mystery Soft. Independent TFA springs are supplemented with coconut fibers and natural latex, so the sides of the base have different stiffness.
  • Mystery Bio. For the manufacture of soft, warm sides are merino wool fibers and 100% latex, and the summer hard - coconut fiber.
  • Mystery Duo. The summer side design involves the use of highly elastic foam, latex-coated coconut slabs, cotton felt, and the winter side - natural latex and high-strength thermal fuses.
  • Duo Plus. Latexed coconut plates, felt with a thermopressed structure and springs of independent type are used here.

The cost of products ranges from 9,500 to 25,500 rubles.


According to experts, children of primary school age and adolescents are best suited orthopedic grounds with medium or high stiffness.

Kids series includes two types of products:

  • Practical springless models Active, Dream, Star, Duos, Junior with the monolithic block at which production both natural, and artificial materials are used. The bases gently support the body, reducing the degree of load on the spine. They can be safely used for the youngest children.
  • Simple functional models with independent springs Bonnel. Due to the design features of the elastic elements, body weight will be distributed evenly, without overloading the paravertebral muscles. All springs are contained in separate fabric bags, which prevents unwanted squeaks in the process of sleep.

Another argument in favor of buying children's mattresses KDM - a reasonable price, ranging from 2,700 rubles to 6,500 rubles.


The series includes mattresses, where the newest spring block S 1000 with a large number of elastic elements is used, which ensures a high point elasticity of the base plus perfect support of the spinal column.

Springs with memory effect remember the shape of the user's body, instantly adapting to its anatomical features.

The series is represented by products of four types:

  • double-sided models Level with coconut filling;
  • anatomical mattresses Sport with medium hardness for fans of an active lifestyle;
  • models Sport Mixwhere the sides of the base have asymmetric stiffness;
  • bilateral bases Ultra Mix with a combined filling: coconut coir + natural latex for double stiffness.

Due to the use of modern impregnation Puroteks, mattresses are protected from skin parasites and pathogens. Their cost varies from 12,700 to 20,200 rubles.


The main feature of such models is the presence of an independent spring block EVS 500, which ensures the anatomically correct position of the spine throughout the night, which has a positive effect on the general condition of the body and the quality of sleep. The bases normalize blood circulation and relieve muscle tension.

Models Tenderness differ in low degree of rigidity, Energy, Standard and Norma have optimal average stiffness, Sport Mix - asymmetric, and Relax Mix - different (low / medium) sides stiffness. The cost of mattresses is from 5 200 to 8 300 rubles.

Customer Reviews

In general, reviews about mattresses KDM are positive.

Of the advantages of products, users most often note:

  • The ideal level of stiffness in Tonus models is especially good for couples with a total body weight of up to 140 kg;
  • medicinal properties that help solve problems with a sore back;
  • quality that is not inferior to the quality of products of the promoted brands;
  • wear resistance of jacquard covers and their treatment with dust-repellent and anti-bacterial impregnations, which is crucial for allergy sufferers;
  • the convenience of coir and latex mattresses, although they had to get used to the hard base;
  • reasonable price compared to mattresses from other manufacturers;
  • quality indicators of springless models with medium hardness, which many people call the best option for schoolchildren;
  • long warranty - 3 years.

The conclusion suggests itself: KDM mattresses are fully consistent with the performance declared by the manufacturer and justify their price.The main thing is to choose the right size and take into account the permissible load on one bed.

On how to choose the right mattress, learn from the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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