Features of mattresses "Crown"

The well-known Russian company "Korona" is a popular manufacturer of orthopedic mattresses of excellent quality, stylish design and at an affordable price. The company has been operating since 2005, constantly using exclusively modern equipment for the realization of fashionable, new models.

Special features

Everyone knows that a third of his life a person is sleeping, so the bed should be comfortable, comfortable and promote relaxation and recuperation during a night's sleep. It is an orthopedic mattress that acts as a guarantor of healthy sleep and excellent rest.

Orthopedic mattresses "Corona" are in great demand among users, because they meet modern requirements, guaranteeing a healthy and sound sleep.

The company offers a wide range of orthopedic mattresses, taking into account the wishes of its customers. All products are durable and high quality.

The Russian company "Korona" offers spring orthopedic mattresses at an affordable price, and also produces mattress covers that are in high demand. Among the variety of models you can find both single and double versions. Orthopedic mattresses from the company "Corona" are represented by different levels of stiffness and elasticity, so you can choose both soft and hard option.

The company offers a wide variety of sizes of orthopedic mattresses, which will allow each buyer to find the best option for themselves. Reasonable price and high quality are harmoniously combined in the products of the Russian company "Korona".

Variety of models

To provide comfortable orthopedic models for each client, the developers of the Korona brand offer several collections:

  • A series of orthopedic mattresses Elit different level of comfort. All models are created on the basis of a block of independent springs that provide the correct point support of the body, as well as healthy, sound sleep.
  • Premium Collection includes products that are equipped with a Multipacket spring block.There are 512 springs per square meter. Each model of this series is characterized by excellent orthopedic and anatomical properties.
  • Ultra mattresses refer to frameless variants, because they are created by alternating layers of fillers. You can choose a comfortable and comfortable mattress, depending on personal preferences.
  • The Crown Company has taken care of even the smallest users. She offers a separate line of stylish and high-quality mattresses for children called Vita Kids. All materials are natural and hypoallergenic. The manufacturer very carefully selects the elasticity and stiffness of children's mattresses.
  • Models created on the basis of the spring block "Bonnel" belong to the collection Exclusive. They are made exclusively from modern, pure materials and fillers that do not cause allergic reactions.


The company "Korona" applies exclusively high-tech materials that guarantee excellent quality. Most models include several fillers to create the most convenient and comfortable options.

Often in the manufacture of mattresses brand uses struktofayber, polyurethane foam, thermopressed felt and spunbond.

Among the natural fillers brand applies coconut coirimpregnated with a special composition made on the basis of natural latex. The coconut tile is responsible for the rigidity and elasticity of the mattress. It is characterized by durability and hypoallergenic, perfectly conducts heat and does not absorb moisture.

Micro Perforated Latex is a natural filler, which is characterized by softness and elasticity, porous structure and durability. It is made from the juice of the rubber tree Hevea. Latex is characterized by antiseptic properties and perfectly breathable.

The company "Corona" also uses modern synthetic materials that guarantee excellent orthopedic properties. The material Memorix perfectly adapts to the contours of the body, as well as “remembers” them, which guarantees comfort during sleep.

On a mattress with Memorix filler, you can sleep all night on one side and feel awake and rested.

Product Reviews

Buyers of orthopedic mattresses "Crown" leave a lot of positive feedback. Each model is made by modern technologies and high quality materials. All mattresses take into account the anatomy of the human body, so sleep develops into real pleasure.

Many users buy mattresses from the Belarusian factory Belabedding, which attracts customers with high German quality. If you compare the products of this company with the Russian brand "Crown", then the domestic manufacturer of orthopedic mattresses pleases with a more affordable price, and the quality is in no way inferior to foreign.

Mattresses from the company "Crown" are designed not only for adults but also for children. The manufacturer takes into account that spine formation takes place in children, therefore the correct position of the body during sleep plays a big role. Most of the children's models are stiff and also made exclusively from natural fillers.

A variety of collections and models allows each client to choose the option that will satisfy not only the wishes of the buyer. Many are attracted by the affordable price.The company offers products for people with different financial situations.

On how to choose the right mattress, learn from the following video.

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