Mattress Features with Memory Foam Material

Sleep takes 30% of a person’s life, so the choice of a quality mattress is necessary. New unique filler Memory Foam competes with the usual spring blocks and coconut coir.

Special features

Memory Foam material has come into mass production from the space industry. Smart foam or memory foam had to reduce the load on the astronaut’s body in the spacecraft. Memory Foam did not find its application and research on innovative material continued in the civilian industry. The Swedish factory Tempur-Pedic improved the Memory Foam material and launched the production of goods for extra comfort sleep. Memory foam or Memory Foam has many names: ortho-foam, memorix, tempur.


Memory Foam foam exists in two types:

  • thermoplastic;
  • viscoelastic.

Thermoplastic look cheaper in production, performs its functions at a certain temperature, used in low quality mattresses.

Viscoelastic type Memory Foam does not lose its characteristics in any temperature mode, it is used in high-quality products.

When exposed to human weight and temperature, Memory Foam follows the contours of the body. The protruding parts of the body are buried in the foam, providing uniform support for each muscle. Thus, the load on the spine, muscles, joints is relieved, and blood circulation retardation is eliminated. The effect of memorix on the human body can be described as a feeling of weightlessness, plasticine viscosity.

As soon as the impact on the Memory Foam material disappears, the original look is restored in 5-10 seconds. In appearance, the memorix filler can be compared to foam rubber, but to the touch Memory Foam foam is more viscous and pleasant.

Varieties of models

Innovative filling mattresses can be spring and springless. Springless mattresses of the highest quality, which use only memory foam, are manufactured by the Swedish company Tempur-Pedic.In spring mattresses are used as independent springs, and additional layers (coconut coir). With any number of layers, Memory Foam is at the top.

Mattresses with Memory Foam material are presented in the range of such brands:

  • Ascona;
  • Ormatek;
  • "Dormeo";
  • "Serta";
  • "Toris";
  • Magniflex et al.
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Among the variety of mattresses with Memory Foam material from different manufacturers, it is necessary to pay attention to the density of memory foam, the rigidity of the mattress itself and the quality of the cover. The density of memorix is ​​calculated from 30 kg / m3 to 90 kg / m3. With increasing filler density, the quality of the mattress becomes better, the service life is longer and the price is higher.

Mattress hardness:

  • average;
  • medium hard;
  • tough.

As a rule, the soft stiffness of mattresses with innovative filling in the range of well-known brands with a high reputation is not represented.

Immersing and enveloping the body, the mattress with a Memory Foam filler does not provide resistance, a pushing effect on a person, respectively, the greatest effect from sleep and rest is achieved. Due to the properties of memoriform, the number of turns in a dream decreases, the phase of deep sleep lasts longer.

Harm or benefit?

Memory Foam is a completely synthetic material: polyurethane with hydrocarbon impregnations. The structure of the material resembles the open cells, which exclude the possibility of the development of pathogens. High-quality material does not cause an allergic reaction, there are no unpleasant chemical odors, or an unobtrusive odor may be present, which disappears after a few days of using the product. The structure of the filler does not accumulate dust and dirt.

Artificial filler foamed polyurethane with hydrocarbon impurities in finished form is absolutely safe according to the findings of CertiPUR.

This organization tests the hazard level of evaporating substances and issues a safety certificate for polyurethane foam. If the smell from the new mattress with ortho-foam does not disappear after a week of use, it is possible that manufacturers used preservatives, impregnations and additives.

Among the harmful additives can be:

  • formaldehyde;
  • chlorofluorocarbons;
  • methylene chloride.

These substances are carcinogenic. As a rule, European and American manufacturers have abandoned the use of such additives since 2005.In the case of the use of such substances, their name is indicated on the product label.

How to choose?

Large manufacturers of Memory Foam mattresses can offer a “demo version” of the mattress before buying, that is, test the mattress for 1-2 days at home and, if the product fully meets expectations, make a purchase. This service is available only to residents of megacities and premium products.

The best way to buy bulky goods is through an online store. This option allows you to save time on visiting stores, compare several models of different manufacturers at the same time according to customer characteristics and reviews, as well as get advice from phone or online chat managers. Online stores that offer high quality products provide quality, reliable and comprehensive information for customers.

When choosing a mattress with innovative Memory Foam material, it is possible to test the product in direct stores just before purchase. The same stiffness of sleep products from different manufacturers gives different sensations. Extra impregnations may give off odor.The cover of the product is the closest cover to the body, so it must be made from natural fabrics and ensure fixation of the sheet. This type of purchase is time consuming, time consuming, but also gives a real idea of ​​the product you choose.

Be sure to buy at any store you should study the composition of the product and make sure that you have a safety certificate (CertiPUR or other organizations).

You should also clarify the methods of delivery, exchange / return of goods.


Most buyers are quite using a mattress with a memorial. Spent money fully met expectations. Unpleasant smell in the new product is missing. After sleeping on a new mattress, the back pains stop, the sleep is strong and deep, on waking up a feeling of cheerfulness and full recovery of strength. 2% of buyers returned the product after a short use due to an unpleasant smell, which was due to the presence of harmful impurities in the impregnation of the mattress layers. The number of customer reviews that did not feel the effect of weightlessness was insignificant, but on the whole they were satisfied with the quality of the mattress.

You will learn more about the features of the mattresses made from Memory Foam in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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