Features of Materlux mattresses

At the Italian factory Materlux for more than seventy years produce high-quality mattresses and accessories for a healthy sleep. Solid experience and new developments have led to the fact that the whole world has learned about these products. The quality characteristics of Materlux mattresses inspired the love and trust of customers. With the composition they can familiarize themselves with the purchase, thanks to a removable cover and the presence of a special viewing window. This approach to production conveys the seriousness of the attitude of the manufacturer to the product that he manufactures.

Users express exclusively positive feedback on how to sleep on the mattresses of the Italian manufacturer. Among the numerous variety of types and models, everyone can find the most suitable option.


Materaxi mattresses have their advantages, allowing them to be distinguished from other products.Choose something among the presented series and models is at least because sleeping on such a mattress will be relaxed and enjoyable, like a trip to Italy.

Comfort is provided:

  • orthopedic and anatomical properties;
  • selection of the most suitable stiffness;
  • high quality raw materials used in production;
  • strength and resistance to deformation;
  • the correct layout of the fillers.

In fact, the proposed range is impressive in its scale. Orthopedic products can be of different stiffness, on springs or with latex, single and double, with coconut fiber or “memory effect”. There are models for all age categories, with orthopedic and anatomical features.

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The product range is represented by several series:

  • VIP;
  • Elite;
  • Universal;
  • Standart;
  • Light;
  • Dolce luna;
  • Baby.

Each of the mattresses in any of these categories has its own distinctive features and advantages. But one thing unites them - the production of environmentally friendly Italian raw materials, the absence of smell, excellent convenience and absolute hypoallergenicity.

The children's series stands out with a special size range and the thickness of the products (7-16 cm). The tiniest specimen is 60x120 cm in size, and the largest - 80x190 cm.Mattresses for children use softer springs and such beds are designed for a weight less than that of an adult.

The lineup

Among the most popular models are:

  • Vienna - springless mattress with sides of different degrees of rigidity. At the heart of - dense material Natural form. The top layer is a natural perforated latex 7 zones, providing excellent air permeability and increased comfort.
  • Lazio - a mattress from the category of expensive products, but available to many, thanks to frequent promotions arranged by the manufacturer. Guaranteed service life up to 15 years. At the heart of the high (20-22 cm) mattress reliable spring unit. Bilateral, each side has a different degree of rigidity. The load on the bed is allowed in the range of about 120 kg. Standard dimensions - width from 80 to 200 cm, length from 190 to 200 cm.

The filler is latex, which allows the mattress to perfectly repeat the curves and take the form of the body lying on it. Additionally, the back and spine support the layer from the Natural Form.

  • Taormina presents low-end models from maker mattress manufacturer Materlux (up to 12,000 rubles), but the affordable price does not detract from the quality of the products.The height of the medium mattress is from 19 to 21 cm. It is permissible to load a separate berth weighing up to 130 kg.

The model will appeal to lovers to lie on a soft, but not “drown” in the depths of the mattress. Combines durability, endurance and durability thanks to thermofixed felt in composition, the ubiquitous and inimitable Natural Form and the latest production technologies.

  • Marte - Another budget option with excellent quality indicators. The price is lower than that of Taormina, which affects the maximum permissible load - up to 100 kg per seat. The construction is 14-15 cm tall, inside there is a block with 520 independent springs and a coconut, with a special treatment - latex. Universal medium hardness, orthopedic properties, necessary ventilation.
  • Forli refers to the segment of more expensive models (up to 65000 r). On one bed you can accommodate a person up to 120 kg of weight. At the heart of the mattress with a 22 centimeter height - a block of springs, providing increased rigidity. 520 springs for every single place to sleep contribute to proper and even distribution of the load. Forli - double-sided mattress, which provides a different degree of rigidity.The filler is supplemented with a layer of thermofixed felt. On the one hand - the packing of coconut coir and latex coconut. On the other hand, it is a modern material with the inimitable qualities of the Natural Form, which does not inhibit dust or moisture.
  • Ankara - springless versatile mattress, giving the opportunity to choose the degree of surface hardness for sleep. One side is filled with latex 7 zones, soft, but elastic material with massage properties. The second of latexed coconut coconut, showing greater rigidity, elasticity and strength. At the base of the mattress is an independent spring block, providing the body with a comfortable position and relaxation while sleeping.

Now it is not necessary to go to Italy to appreciate the Italian quality of Materlux mattresses. All models have already found their admirers in the domestic consumer market. They note the benefits of the acquisition of Italian mattresses and their high quality. But Materlux does not stop there, improving the mattress products in the new models. That the dream of inhabitants of all continents became quieter, comfortable and healthy.

You can get acquainted with the products of the Materlux factory in more detail by watching the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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