Features of the mattresses "Sleep Melody"

Choosing a comfortable bed can be a daunting task. If with sofa mattresses everything is usually clear, then the bed frame needs a separate addition. An excellent choice can be orthopedic mattresses brand "Melody of sleep"which are characterized by attractive features for buyers.

Little about the brand

The brand "Melody of sleep" appeared a long time ago, back in 1999. He began his existence, being a small factory for the production of bedding. Over time, the company has developed to an incredible scale, producing mattresses for buyers throughout Russia.

Currently, the company has seven factories specializing in the production of goods for sleep, and the sale of products is carried out in more than seventy regions of the Russian Federation.In addition, the brand has about ten retail stores in different parts of the country.

The brand is engaged in the production of incredibly comfortable designer beds, created in accordance with all the requirements of orthopedic doctors. Not only mattresses are produced, but also other products for rest and sleep, all necessary components for beds.

Absolutely all products of the brand are distinguished by ergonomic properties, and a special children's line is ideal for kids.

Advantages and disadvantages

The mattresses of the “Melody of Sleep” brand have advantages and some disadvantages; let’s look at them in more detail.


  • A wide range that allows you to choose a mattress model that meets individual needs.
  • Absolutely all mattresses have orthopedic properties that have a good effect on human health and well-being.
  • In addition, in the manufacture of mattresses and other products for sleeping is used exclusively high-quality textiles.
  • Absolutely all mattresses are very high quality and comfortable.
  • In addition, mattresses are sold at an affordable price, suitable for average earnings.

There are quite a few advantages of these products. let's take a closer look at the existing ones disadvantages:

  • The mattresses are quite heavy, so when moving them from place to place, difficulties may arise.
  • The severity of the mattress will be a serious obstacle in the implementation of cleaning the product, which may be necessary in special cases.

No other deficiencies were found during operation.


There are several types of mattresses, each of which has its own special (characteristic only for it) features. Let us consider in more detail each of them.

Spring mattresses are divided into two types:

  • With independent spring blocksEach spring is placed in a separate cover that protects it from dirt and dust. Moreover, for the manufacture of independent blocks use springs of the highest quality, so that the mattresses are more elastic and durable.
  • Dependent springs represent a single woven design. Such a mattress does not repeat exactly all the bends of the body, but represents something like a hammock that can cause not the most pleasant sensations. Such an effect is ensured precisely because of the interlacing of the springs, since when one is pushed through the rest, they are squeezed afterwards - this happens automatically.

In addition, spring mattresses can have a different thickness - from twenty to forty centimeters.

Mattresses that are not equipped with a spring block of any kind are called springless. Although they are not inferior in quality, they are not so comfortable. This mattress is quite suitable as a holiday cot option. However, for daily sleep in a city apartment, it may not be too comfortable.

What are they made of?

The following materials are used to produce mattresses of this brand:

  1. All springs are made of special steel alloys with the addition of any other elements. Springs make different thickness and strength - depending on the model or degree of rigidity.
  2. Covers for mattress springs with independent blocks are made from the purest polypropylene. This material is called “spunbond”, it is incredibly durable and durable.
  3. The layer that regulates the rigidity of the mattress is made of coconut fiber, called coir. The material is completely natural and environmentally friendly, as well as well ventilated.
  4. The soft elastic layer is made from natural (specially processed) latex.The material is hypoallergenic and durable.
  5. For the manufacture of models with a memory effect using a special material called "tempur". This material is made of special fibers and in its structure resembles something viscous, making the bed and takes the form of a body - exactly to every bend.
  6. In addition, materials such as sintepon, holofiber, terry cloth, anti-stress knitted fabric, jacquard and natural wool fibers are used.

How to choose?

Choosing the right quality mattress can be quite difficult, you need to consider a few main factors affecting its service life:

  • Not only must the size of the mattress correspond to the parameters of the bed frame - it is also necessary to take into account its conformity to the height of the person.

It is quite simple to calculate the required dimensions - the length is determined by adding twenty to thirty centimeters to the height of a person, and the width must be at least eighty centimeters by one.

  • It is also quite simple to determine the required height - it should not exceed the height of the backs of the bed.
  • In addition, the choice must take into account the rigidity of a particular model.For obese people are perfect hard products, and for slim - soft.
  • When choosing, you must carefully inspect the product for the presence or absence of any damage. You should not choose a sleeping product in the presence of even small flaws, since they can cause large-scale damage.
  • Choosing a mattress, you need to lie down and see if this or that model suits you personally. And only after that should make a purchase.


Analyzing customer reviews, it becomes clear - everyone is happy with their purchase, since there are practically no negative opinions about the mattresses of this brand. Each buyer notes the convenience and comfort of products, as well as the very reasonable cost of each of them.

Some complain about the severity of products, this is reflected in the features of operation. For uniform wear, the product must be rotated and periodically moved, which becomes more difficult due to gravity.

Production of mattresses "Melody of sleep", see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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