Features of memory mattresses

A good mattress provides healthy back, relieves fatigue, gives comfort and relaxation. The variety of the mattress market is replete with product offerings with the latest technologies and developments. One of the innovative fillers that is used in modern mattresses is memory foam or memory foam.

The history of the material

Innovative development of materials, production technologies are born in the military, space industry, medicine, and can later be integrated into consumer goods. Memory foam was created for space needs by the NASA developers in the 1970s in order to reduce the load on the astronauts' body.

The Swedish company Tempur-Pedic became interested in this material and production technology.which modified the production technology and introduced memory foam as a filler of mattresses and pillows with orthopedic effect for medical institutions. Now this material has many names (memory foam, smart foam, ortho-foam, tempur, memorix, etc.) and is used in the assortment of many factories for the production of mattresses and sleep products.

Foam characteristics

You should not compare the foam with foam rubber, padding polyester or other familiar mattress fillers. Memory foam is a completely synthetic material. Consists of polyurethane foam with hydrocarbon additives. Due to its porous-cellular structure, harmful microorganisms and parasites do not start there. Under the weight of the body, the product takes the shape of the body, and then restores the original appearance.

Types of ortho-foam:

  • thermoelastic - takes the form of a body after exposure to heat, is used in cheap products;
  • viscoelastic - repeats the contours of the body at any temperature in seconds, is used in imported products or mattresses of high quality, and, consequently, of a high price category.

The lengthy process of developing this material excludes aggressive allergenic components, but it is impossible to completely exclude an allergic reaction from this material due to individual characteristics.

Product Features

On the mattress market there are products both completely filled with memory foam and products with combined fillers (spring blocks, memorix, coconut coir, etc.). Mattresses have different degrees of hardness, which depends on the density of smart foam: from 30 to 90 kg per cubic meter. The higher the density of the foam, the greater the rigidity of the mattress, the durability of use and the price.

Types of mattresses filled with memory foam:

  • products with independent spring blocks in the middle and foam on both sides;
  • springless monoblocks with tempur filler - highest quality memory foam;
  • double-sided mattress with different types of stiffness: on the one side of the spring, on the other - foam;
  • double-sided with various types of fillers: coconut coir, spring block, MemoryFoam.

Whatever the layers in the mattress, it is possible to feel the effect of memory foam only with its thickness of 6-16 cm.The greater the thickness, the more noticeable the effect, and the price is higher.

The feature of the mattress with MemoryFoam is achieved by unloading the spine due to covering the protruding parts of the body. Taking the outlines of the body, the product gives a feeling of weightlessness and lightness.

Advantages of mattresses with ortho-foam:

  • high orthopedic effect;
  • anti-allergic composition;
  • ideal for double beds, as it minimizes vibrations from a partner;
  • protection against colonization by harmful microorganisms and parasites;
  • long service life;
  • Manufacturer's warranty of 8 years and above.

Disadvantages of products with a memory effect:

  • high price range for products with high-quality fillers;
  • has a warming effect, therefore unsuitable for use at high temperatures;
  • unusual from enveloping effect;
  • individual components in the composition of the impregnation may cause an allergic reaction;
  • unpleasant smell of artificial components in the first days of use.

The first factory to produce a memory effect mattress is the Swedish brand Tempur-Pedic. Today, they are the benchmark for the quality of this product.Other brands also produce quality products with a memory effect: Ascona, Ormatek, Dormeo, Serta, Toris, Magniflex, etc.

How to choose?

Mattress - the purchase is very expensive, and therefore its choice must be approached thoroughly.

There are two ways to buy a mattress:

  • online store;
  • direct sales stores.

In the case of buying a mattress through an online store, it remains to rely only on the integrity of the consulting managers and their own intuition. It is also necessary to discuss the terms of return or exchange, if the product is still not suitable for some parameters. The advantages of buying in an online store are time savings and the ability to simultaneously compare several models of different manufacturers, albeit virtually.

The ideal option is to buy a mattress in stores that offer a trial period or test mode. There are not many such stores and they are located in megalopolises. After testing the product at home for 1-3 days to make the choice is much easier and safer.

When choosing a mattress yourself in stores and specialized sales offices, you must:

  • decide on the degree of rigidity;
  • Test the mattress directly in the store: lie down for a while and listen to your feelings. Be sure to lie on your side, on your back and the way it is comfortable to sleep. In order not to let down the sensations, you must wear soft cotton or knitwear, which will give you the opportunity to feel the pressure of the product;
  • consider several options with selected stiffness from different manufacturers. Even the declared rigidity of each factory feels different;
  • take into account the temperature regime in which the mattress will be used, the possibility of cooling the air in the sleeping room in the hot season;
  • carefully examine the composition on the label. In addition to polyurethane foam, there may be various impurities and layers of organic materials with impregnation. In some models, formaldehyde may be present, which is very harmful to the body;
  • study recommendations for use. There are no official medical reports for the use of memorifoam in everyday life for healthy people and people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system. But there are no contraindications for the use of such products to healthy people.On the label and in the annotation to high quality products should be recommendations of orthopedists;
  • pay attention to the case. The mattress filler consists of artificial materials, therefore, it is better that the cover is made of natural materials, does not slip, and is easily removable for washing. Some manufacturers offer double-sided winter-summer covers;
  • negotiate with the seller the warranty period of the product, possibility of exchange and return, delivery methods and cost.


It is user reviews that can give the most reliable information about the quality of memory mattresses.

Consumer opinions are mixed. What mattress buyers are unanimous about is that you cannot save money on such a purchase, and you should choose products from a proven factory. A factory with a high reputation will provide more opportunities for the exchange / return of the product, as well as provide transportation services, which is important for large and heavy goods.

As for the enveloping effect of the mattress, many buyers were not accustomed to this, the promised feeling of comfort and weightlessness was never there. The enveloping effect is compared with a touch of clay.Double-sided mattresses, in which one side has a memory effect and the other a monolithic spring block, are in special demand. Thus, it is possible to choose the right side.

Many buyers note that the stated rigidity of the mattress is felt only at normal indoor temperature. If the room is cool, the mattress is stone, until it warms up from body temperature. And in the case of heat, the product is too soft.

A large percentage of absolutely satisfied customers from the purchase of a mattress with a memorix and tempor filler. The spent funds are fully justified. The back relaxes, the discomfort accumulated for the whole day disappears. The manufacturer gives a long warranty period (over 8 years). There are no manifestations of allergic reactions, especially in people prone to allergies. A convenient case made of knitwear fixes the sheet well, the zipper around the perimeter makes it easy to remove and put on.

You will learn more about the benefits of memory mattresses in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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