Folding mattress features

 Folding mattress features

When choosing a mattress for many, the main factor is to ensure a pleasant sleep, as well as maintaining healthy back and spine. The modern market offers a large number of different options for this simple device. Prices for such goods are different. A special place among the models is occupied by a folding mattress, which is distinguished by many features, attracting with functionality and practicality.

What it is?

When looking at the folding mattress is difficult to find any obvious differences from the usual. The main distinguishing feature of the folding mattress is that it consists of three parts connected to each other and is assembled without any problems.This option is perfect for receiving guests in a small apartment with a minimum of beds. Almost all manufacturers provide a special bag-case for storing the guest mattress, and some models are equipped with straps for fixing the device for sleeping when folded.


Since the popularity of this model has only recently grown, many have already appreciated all the positive features of this product. Among the advantages there are several main ones:

  • This model will be a real salvation when placing guests. However, they will not feel uncomfortable with the fact that they were put to sleep on the floor. This floor mattress is not much different from a full bed, it provides excellent sleeping conditions.
  • Such devices without springs are the most compact. and occupy little space, even in the closest apartment.
  • Ease of product makes it easy to use it, even for fragile girls and the elderly.
  • Some options are intended for outdoor use. therefore have extra protection from moisture,what will appeal to families with young children.
  • Folding mattress is quite thick, which also contributes to the location during sleep without pain. Although the thickness of some models reaches 10 cm, this does not prevent the product from collecting in a compact bag.
  • There are not only “adult” folding models, but also children's mattresses, which perfectly will be suitable for an arena or a bed. The soft surface will allow the baby to spend time playing games with pleasure and without harm to health or to rest in a safe place.


Such mattresses are different (as well as ordinary models) and are classified according to several criteria:

  • Types of construction. Among the folding models you can find options with or without spring spring block. Spring designs can be equipped with dependent or independent springs. The first option is well suited for receiving guests, the price of such a product is low. Typically, these models use a Bonnel-type spring block, in which all springs are wired. The spring unit provides elasticity, and with careful use the mattress will last 5 or more years.

The second type of spring is quite popular due to its excellent orthopedic properties. The springs in these models are in separate fabric pockets, which allows you to evenly distribute the load and protect the spine during sleep.

  • Springless models consist of several interconnected blocks filled with material. As fillers for such models, both natural coconut chips and synthetic latex and polyurethane foam are used, and mixed fillers are possible.

The coconut filler provides maximum rigidity, which is necessary for a problematic back, and is also notable for its durability (service life - up to 15 years), resistance to the processes of decay, mold and ticks. Models with coconut filler are hypoallergenic - however, individual intolerance is possible.

  • Mattresses with latex filler are quite elastic, they are not allergic from them, they are environmentally friendly. This bed provides excellent support for the whole body during sleep.
  • Depending on the characteristics of the production of polyurethane foam models may vary in stiffness. A product filled with polyurethane foam will last about 10 years, which is slightly less than the service life of latex products. Another disadvantage is that the material absorbs moisture and is not suitable for use on the street.

By combining layers of coconut chips and latex in their products, manufacturers achieve maximum benefit, remarkable orthopedic properties.

How does hardness affect sleep quality?

Some people when looking for a sleeping mattress are looking for a model with the most gentleness. This is not entirely correct, since excessive mildness leads to the following consequences:

  • The softness of the sleeping surface can cause spinal curvature, because the body is in the wrong position during sleep. Some people compare sleeping on a soft mattress with sleeping in a hammock.
  • Because of the softness and lack of support, the body and muscles are tense throughout sleep, which does not allow to fully relax.
  • An uncomfortable body position during sleep can lead to frequent awakenings.

However, not only the soft surface is fraught with health hazards and sleep disturbance. When choosing a hard surface should also not go to extremes, to avoid the following situations:

  • Excessive pressure on the hips and elbows can lead to circulatory problems.
  • A hard surface can cause neck and lower back pain, that can disturb sleep.
  • Hard bed often leads to numbness of limbs, which also adversely affects sleep patterns.

How to choose the right model?

Consider the following helpful recommendations:

  • Regardless of who gets a bed (for guests or hosts), this issue should be approached very seriously, you need to take into account all the nuances. Choosing the right model, you should read reviews about it or ask friends of the owners of the same product.

First, acquaintances will give an independent assessment of the thing, and second, if you wish, you can personally test it. After lying on the mattress for some time, you can understand the degree of comfort and convenience. In shops with high-quality goods, sellers will almost certainly allow them to lie down and test the product.

Listening to your body and focusing on sensations are important points when choosing the right model.

  • The quality of the goods should be high: Smooth and durable seams, all fillers and fabrics must meet safety requirements, and covers must be made of natural, pleasant to the touch materials.
  • If you are going to use the product not very often, it is better to give preference to medium hardness. - such models are universal and like many.
  • The scope of the purchased bed is also of great importance. For use outdoors or in country houses, it is better to choose models that can withstand heavy loads and are easy to clean.
  • If you have problems with your back or spine, you should consult with a specialist. The doctor will help you choose the optimal stiffness of the bed, as well as suggest which filler will be the best option.
  • Coconut filler is recommended to purchase primarily for newborns and children up to three years, This model is also suitable for pregnant women. In such situations, it would be better to buy a double-sided mattress, one side of which is rather firm, and the other - of medium hardness. This solution will extend the life of the product.
  • When going for a sleeping product, you should first of all pay attention to the products of well-known manufacturers, who managed to establish themselves on the positive side. Making a purchase in a questionable store can lead to frustration.

How to choose a mattress, you will learn from the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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