Changing mattresses for dresser, table and crib

 Changing mattresses for dresser, table and crib

Prospective parents in anticipation of the birth of the baby are faced with various tasks that they must solve before birth. And one of the items in the endless list of cases for preparing for childbirth is the choice of a baby changing mat. Having learned about the diversity of models and materials, a young couple can easily determine the most suitable option for this device.

What is it needed for?

Not all future mothers consider a changing mat for babies to be a necessary acquisition. However, experienced parents declare with all responsibility that such a mattress will facilitate the life and performance of procedures with the baby, at least the first months after birth.According to the experience of mothers and grandmothers, some parents adapt any surfaces for these purposes, endangering their baby and delivering a lot of inconvenience to themselves.

Using a changing mat gives the following advantages:

  • In the first months of a child's life, changing of diapers and other hygienic procedures occur very often, so it is convenient to have a specially equipped corner with a soft surface and everything you need to do. Such a mattress can be placed on a changing cabinet or mounted on the bed, it all depends on the modification of a particular model.
  • Pediatricians often recommend, in addition to visiting a massage therapist, mothers conduct independent gymnastics with their baby. In addition, many parents invite specialists in home massage for a better-quality class with their child. Various exercises will help to quickly learn new skills and strengthen muscles. The most comfortable place for such activities is a changing mat.
  • Most often, mattresses are equipped with soft sides from two sides, so that the child who has mastered the skills of turning over will not roll away from him.Sometimes there is a head at the head, which protects the head of an already grown-up baby during crawling practice. However, to leave the baby unattended in a changing place is still not worth it.
  • Due to the mobility and rather small weight, mother can easily move the changing board from room to room or place it in the bathroom for procedures after bathing.
  • Many young mothers have back problems from the increased load, because the child has to be carried a good part of the day and even at night. Installing the changing mat at a comfortable level for the mother will save her from constant tilting to the sofa, which usually brings even greater discomfort in the lumbar region.


Manufacturers of children's accessories and furniture offer a wide selection of changing devices. They differ not only in appearance, but also in functionality:

  • Soft diaper or bedding. This kind of changing device is distinguished by its affordable price as well as its mobility. Due to the soft filler and the oilcloth surface, the changing mat is easy to twist and therefore indispensable when traveling.It can be easily attached to almost any surface: on the dresser, table, and even a washing machine.
  • Changing board. Such a children's gadget has a solid base and can be mounted on the bed. The board is much weighty baby changer with a soft base and is more durable. The thoroughness of the changing boards affects their higher cost.

Materials and colors

For many parents, another important consideration when choosing a surface for swaddling a newborn is the degree of safety of materials. Fillers and exterior upholstery should be made of hypoallergenic materials and not contain prohibited substances. Materials for baby swaddling clothes should also be unpretentious in care and easy to clean, which will allow proper monitoring of the hygiene of the newborn.

As the outer material, manufacturers most often use a special film or oilcloth. It is easy to care for such a surface, it is enough to rub the dirt with a damp cloth. This mattress can also be used as bedding during water procedures in the bathroom.

Some models are available with a special fabric cover, which, if necessary, is quite easy to remove and wash.

On the mattress with a cover, you can attach the Velcro, which is fixed to a towel or diaper for procedures. After the procedure, it is enough to wash the diaper, and not to remove the cover every time.

In the selection of the internal filling of the changing devices, parents encounter an even wider range of materials:

  • One of the popular modern filler materials can be called skylon. It is distinguished by its elasticity and good restorative performance. Due to the properties of the filler, such children's mattresses are not pressed through and retain a presentable appearance even after prolonged use.
  • Many manufacturers of accessories and furniture for babies use as a filler. polyester foam. It is also successfully used in the manufacture of mattresses and pillows with orthopedic properties. In addition to environmental friendliness and long service life, swaddling bags filled with polyester foam are protected from breeding dust mites and other parasites.
  • For mobile parents, who often travel on various types of transport, it will be a worthwhile acquisition rubber changing mat. Due to the material, such a baby changer folds easily and compactly, taking up a minimum of space in the baggage. For the comfort of the baby should have a removable cover of hypoallergenic fabric.
changing mat

Manufacturers of children's mattresses are a wide color gamut of their products. You can pick up a traditionally girlish pink or boyish blue diaper, someone who likes funny children's pictures. Some parents select this accessory to match the changing color of the dresser or other furniture designed for it, while others prefer neutral colors and buy a white or beige mattress that will suit both the boy and the girl.

Additional options

The presence of pleasant little things that can make life easier for young parents, always become a pleasant addition to the basic functions of the accessory. Often, for soft swaddling mattresses, manufacturers offer to purchase a case made of textiles that are pleasant to the skin of a baby.This case will not only allow you to better monitor the hygiene of the baby, but also provide the child with maximum comfort and warmth during procedures or charging.

removable covers

Convenient additions for such models include a handbag in which a diaper can easily fit. This option will be appreciated by mobile moms, who often get out of the house with the baby. The sides on the mattress are not functional at first, therefore some manufacturers make them inflatable. Parents, if desired, can inflate the side walls or a partition in the headboard.


Usually the size of the changing mat is matched to the surface on which it will be most often used. Many parents get special tables or dressers with drawers for children's clothes and diapers for changing.

If the surface of the changing room is not quite wide, it is preferable to choose a slightly smaller mattress, since usually mothers conveniently have various jars and powders on the changing surface for hygienic procedures.

Often there are mattresses with the parameters of 65x60 or 50x65 cm, which fit almost any model of the changing chest.In addition, such mattresses due to their small size, you can easily take with you on a visit or a trip.

The swaddling surfaces bring the greatest benefit in the first year of a child’s life when he is still learning how to move independently. Therefore, the optimal length of the mattress is 80 cm, if the surface selected for its location allows it. For longer use, you can search for a model with a length of up to a meter.

Popular models

The modern selection of children's products is represented by a wide range of products from both domestic and foreign manufacturers of diapering accessories. Products differ from those or other companies in quality and materials used, as well as in price.

  • Among the Russian manufacturers compare favorably with other models from Globex or Fairy. As materials for their mattresses, they choose high-quality foam rubber and high-quality cotton fabrics that are able to provide the baby with optimal softness and comfort. The side sides of the models of these firms are designed to provide additional security, and the lower price, with proper quality, which is inherent to all Russian goods, attracts a large amountbuyers.
  • Acceptable price are different and Polish made from firms Disney or Cebawhich have in their assortment models with impressive dimensions.
  • Equal to Polish goods are also accessories from a Latvian company. Trollthat are lightweight and waterproof cotton surface.
  • German quality has long been famous all over the world, so firms from Germany are among the leaders in the issue of children's accessories. Popular models are from Geuther, the basis of which is made of high quality foam rubber.
  • In addition, among European companies can be noted Bebe jou from the Netherlands, which successfully use advanced technology and produce mattresses filled with polyester foam. European factories produce accessories that cost above average, but this price is justified by excellent quality and high wear resistance.

How to choose?

By buying a device for swaddling a baby, young parents should be approached with full responsibility. A few recommendations will help inexperienced parents make the right choice:

  • To buy a mattress, as well as other children's accessories, should be only from trusted manufacturers. If in doubt, you can always ask the seller for a quality certificate confirming that the product meets all standards.
  • The presence of any unpleasant odor from the accessory may indicate a low quality of the materials used for its production. It is better to refuse to purchase such a product so that an allergic reaction does not show up in a newborn baby.
  • The mattress should have a base that will not slide over the surface during use. Especially dangerous slippery device may be during the first attempts of crawling baby.
  • It will be more pleasant for a child to be on a soft and warm fabric surface than on an oilcloth base. Therefore, you need to take care in advance about the acquisition of a suitable cover-mattress pad. The most popular models today are cases of mixed fibers, which are pleasant to the touch and easily washable in a washing machine.

How to choose the changing mattress, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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