Plitex mattresses

 Plitex mattresses

Caring for the health and proper development of the child begins with the first days of his life. Very good helpers moms and dads in this case - orthopedic mattresses Plitex, made specifically for children and taking into account all the anatomical features of the immature growing body.

The guarantee of sweet dreams for healthy children

For more than 10 years, the Belarusian company Plitex has been developing and producing various orthopedic mattresses for children. Given the "specificity" of its consumer, the manufacturer pays great attention to the quality and environmental friendliness of all materials used.

This is made possible by:

  • application in the production of new inventions and technologies;
  • use of natural hypoallergenic materials;
  • modern quality assessment system;
  • compliance with the recommendations of leading orthopedists.

Of great importance is the fact that in the manufacture of children's products are not used adhesives. The orthopedic effect in Plitex products is achieved through the right combination of materials and the height of the mattresses.

For filling children's products manufacturer uses:

  • Seaweed. 100% natural component, possessing not only orthopedic, but also aromatic, therapeutic properties. Resting on such a mattress, the baby constantly inhales iodine vapor, which boosts immunity;
  • Koyru Coconut. Latex-bonded fibers and tightly pressed;
  • Latex. Hevea juice froth;
  • Visco Memory Foam. Filling with a “memory effect”. Initially, the Memory Foam system was developed for astronauts in order to reduce the load they experienced, and today it is successfully used in the manufacture of bedding.

Thanks to the filler, the mattress easily adapts to the shape of the body, supporting it during rest.

In addition, the following innovative designs and materials are used in Plitex mattresses:

  • 3D Spacer Fabric. One of the newest materials, made of high quality polyester and consisting of a variety of microscopic springs;
  • Airoflex. Elastic polyurethane foam;
  • Artificial latex. Completely safe for children's health (despite its artificiality) and as close as possible in quality to its natural counterpart;
  • Hollcon Plus. Vertically arranged small spirals of polyester fibers;
  • Sherstepon ("Hollcon-Wool"). The combination of merino wool (60%) and thermally bonded silicone fiber (40%);
  • Sisal. Natural material made from agave leaves;
  • Airoflex-cotton. The combination of microscopic polyester spirals and organic cotton;
  • Airotek nonwoven fabric (igloprobivna sintepon). A material in which polyester fibers are held together with special needles with notches;
  • Cotton batting. Made from cotton yarn. Most often used as a cushioning material;
  • Spunbond (Spunbel). High density polypropylene used as a gasket between spring blocks and other materials.

In addition, Plitex children's mattresses use a variety of spring block systems. To protect the packings from mechanical damage and dirt, tick, flax, coarse calico, bamboo, innovative Stress Free material and organic cotton are used.


In the Plitex assortment there are several series of orthopedic mattresses for the youngest and older children.


This line represents exclusive products with stuffing from natural materials. The series consists of three models. Two of them are based on compressed coconut fibers with latex additives containing 20% ​​natural Hevea juice (according to European standards, this amount of natural component gives the product the right to be called natural). Another model in the series is 100% natural high-quality latex, which is supplied from Sri Lanka.


The Eco series is a line that harmoniously combines innovation and the gifts of nature. Upper layers are made from natural components, and modern materials Airoflex-Cotton and Hollcon Plus are used as internal fillers.


Evolution is a new word in the production of bedding. Thanks to the use of 3D-Spacer Fabric, Visco Memory Foam, Airoflex and a special 3D aerator mesh, such products have good breathability and ensure proper heat transfer.


Orthopedic mattresses of the Bamboo line have absorbed all the latest achievements.As a basis they can be used as blocks of independent springs, and coconut or latex fillers. At the same time, the fabric used for the covers is very soft, pleasant to the touch. It has antibacterial properties.


"Comfort" - mattresses, which are based on the spring block Bonnel (timeless classics in the manufacture of products for sleep). The spring block is supplemented with natural materials: coconut coir, cotton batting, seaweed.


Series "Junior" - springless products for newborns. They are based on coconut coir mixed with latex. This is the perfect option for the little ones. In the line are mattresses that differ in height, so that you can choose the most suitable option.

Ring and Oval

The collections of mattresses Ring and Oval - for beds of non-standard forms. This product is filled with aloe vera, which has a beneficial effect on the health of the child, helps to strengthen its immunity.


The range of Belarusian mattresses Plitex is constantly updated. Currently, modern models from various series are in special demand:

  • Life from Organic. All-natural latex mattress, over which a quilted organic cotton cover is put on;
  • Magic Season (Evolution series). Bilateral product with the "winter-summer" system. Basis - elastic orthopedic foam. On one side they are covered with a coconut coir, on the other - soft, warm hollcon-wool. At the edges, the mattress is reinforced with polyurethane foam blocks and equipped with a 3D mesh. Its outer cover is represented by a stressfree case;
  • Lux (Eco line). Mattress with varying degrees of stiffness of the sides. Consists of airoflex-cotton and coconut coir with the addition of latex. Equipped with a removable cover from stressfree;
  • Nature (Bamboo). It is a combination of coconut coir and natural latex. Different rigidity of the sides allows using the product both for newborns and for children over 3 years old. The base is protected by a bamboo case;
  • "Classic" (from the line "Comfort") . Spring model. The base is a classic Bonnel spring block, on top of which on both sides there is a floor made of compressed coconut fiber with latex. Cotton batting is used to soften. The cover is made of coarse calico, quilted on the hall;
  • Waterproof ("Junior"). One of the latest innovations with a cover made of waterproof fabric.The basis of the model consists of Hollcon Plus material with coconut coir flooring;


One of the most important criteria for choosing children's mattresses is their size - it should ideally fit the sleeping area and not cause inconvenience. The developers of the Belarusian company approached this issue with the utmost responsibility. The size range of Plitex mattresses allows you to choose a product that is suitable not only for any cot, but also for wheelchairs and cradles. For example:

  • For newborns in a stroller or cradle There are mattresses of 30 × 65, 34 × 78 and 40 × 90 cm. The size of 81 × 40 × 3 cm, also suitable for the cradle of the Simpliciti, is also in demand;
  • In the crib for newborns You can choose a standard mattress 120 × 60 × 10, 125 × 65 or 140 × 70 cm - depending on the size of the bed;
  • For older children (from 3 years) the manufacturer offers mattresses of 1190 × 600, 1250 × 650 and 1390 × 700 mm. In addition, each of the sizes is presented in different versions in height - for example, 119 × 60 × 12 cm or 119 × 60 × 11 cm.


Numerous reviews help to ensure the high quality and functionality of Plitex mattresses.

Young parents note the durability of such mattresses - due to the properties of the materials used, they do not lose shape and elasticity over time. Care for them is also quite simple - thanks to removable covers.

A big plus of the Belarusian products of mom and dad is its full safety for the health of the child and hypoallergenicity. On such mattresses, even a child prone to allergies, sleeps sweetly all night.

You can see what the Plitex mattress actually looks like by watching the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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