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Promtex Orient mattresses are products of the domestic brand, which in a short time has been able to achieve great success. Today, the brand produces more than 300 items of mattresses for a different range of customers, taking into account the tastes and financial capabilities of each. Brand products are recognizable, they are very popular and are included in the rating of high-quality and desirable purchases for the family.


Products of the Moscow factory Promtex Orient is multifaceted. The released collection includes products on a spring and springless basis, supplemented by a different effect, which allows you to significantly expand the boundaries of popularity and find an approach to any client. The company's products are sold in more than 50 regions of Russia.

At Promtex Orient mattresses there are a lot of advantages:

  • manufactured using innovative technologies, which improves the quality and practical characteristics of the models;
  • have a certificate of quality and guarantees of official suppliers;
  • due to its hypoallergenic composition does not irritate the skin, and therefore is suitable for all users, including those with allergies;
  • have a wide model range, differing in the structure of the block, the composition of the packing, the presence of a removable cover;
  • designed for different age groups (children and adults rulers);
  • Depending on the model, they are suitable for people with a lot of weight and elderly users, often being the prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • differ in varying degrees of rigidity, allowing the user to choose the most convenient option based on their preferences and state of health;
  • depending on the structure of the unit, they differ in different permissible loads calculated for a certain complexion of users (up to 150 kg);
  • support the back in the correct position, provide complete relaxation of the muscles;
  • differ in different cost, allowing the buyer to choose the best option to your taste and wallet.

Promtex Orient is the only brand in Russia that can deliver a non-standard size mattress on the day of order placement.

Along with the advantages, the mattresses of the domestic brand have disadvantages:

  • Not all models of the factory have back support, even if they are cheaper. Such constructions are not suitable for daily use, as they are capable of systematically bending the spine (as regards Bonnel spring mattresses);
  • models of the company with maximum benefit and additional effect are much more expensive than classic counterparts, so not every user can buy them;
  • some structures need to be selected strictly according to the permissible load, otherwise the life of the mattress will be reduced;
  • thin mats need careful operation: elastic can not be stored in a bound form, solid - not designed for children's activity.


The whole range of the company is divided into two large varieties: spring and springless mats. In each category, you can choose decent options that will make the rest not only comfortable, but also correct.

Spring mattresses

The line of spring mattresses of the brand includes models of dependent and independent type. Among the models there are structures with the Bonnel system, which is a metal frame made of steel with vertical springs,which are attached to the top and bottom of the grid, as well as interconnected.

The pride of the company is spring models of independent type. In such designs, the vertical springs are packed in individual covers made of breathable material. They can be double (one in the other), but not interconnected. The connection is provided through the covers themselves. When the mat is loaded, only external springs work, ensuring the correct position of the spine. The second are connected only in the case of increased pressure.

Springless models

Spring products are made in a different way. The block structure can be:

  • Monolithic (one-piece block without additives: more often children's, orthopedic models and toppers on the bed, sofa);
  • Combined (with a thick base and additional layers of stuffing: universal options for the main circle of customers);
  • Puff pastry (mat of several layers of the same thickness, but of different composition: budget options).

The uniqueness of the filler is that it is well combined with any other. This makes it possible to adjust the degree of rigidity of the block, without reducing its quality characteristics.

Series and models

The collection of the company is constantly updated.Today it consists of 9 different series:

  • Soft - budget line of mattresses (standard), combining moderate cost and useful qualities of the unit. Models of natural and synthetic packing of the spring block of independent type and springless block of latex, coir, struttoplast, polyurethane foam and viscoelastic memory effect foam;
  • Roll - mobile springless transforming mattresses (toppers) made of ecopen and polyurethane foam with latex impregnation, characterized by a small height. They are perfectly folded into a roll, convenient to transport, and can be stored in a linen drawer of a bed (sofa) or a wardrobe. Differ in the maximum permissible load from 80 to 110 kg per seat;
  • Micropocket - “Micropackage” on independent springs with a density of elements 1100 pcs. on 1 square. m, which gives the unit an orthopedic effect and optimal rigidity. The series includes bilateral models of different rigidity. Products of this group are intended for patients, elderly people and those who have a sleep disorder and problems with the spine;
Soft Series
Roll Series
Micropocket Series
  • Multipocket - An analogue of “Micropackage”, differing in the number of springs per 1 square meter. m. (530 pcs.), spring mattresses of independent type with a composition of latex or coir, are slightly simpler than previous analogues, but capable of withstanding a weight load of up to 130 kg.They have a long service life and are often supplemented by a strattofiber, latex, foam or “Memory”;
  • Duet - products on the basis of spring independent type with double springs, designed specifically for partners with different weights and eliminating the discomfort of each of them. Rolling a user with a lower weight to a larger one is excluded;
  • Rest - low cost options on dependent type springs, economy class series, resistant to mechanical damage and capable of supporting a weight of up to 115 kg for one berth. The group includes models of guest or cottage options, allowing, if necessary, to arrange guests for the night;
Multipocket Series
Duet Series
Rest series
  • Light edition - lightweight models of the spring block on independent springs, differing in moderate cost (economy version), average height of the mat (13 cm) and a relatively small number of elements per 1 square meter. m. (256 - 530 pieces). They have a knitted quilted cover made of mixed fibers, which simplifies the care of the unit, being removable;
  • "Monolith" - anatomical springless mattresses of monolithic and composite plan with a mix of different packing up to 6 layers, differing in different height of the mat and the presence of several types of stuffing in one block (coir, latex, PPU, struttofiber);
  • Children's models - a special line of orthopedic mattresses for children from infancy to adolescence. Coconut coir and latex mattresses to ensure the correct formation of the curvatures of the spine of children and the prevention of violation of posture in adolescents. A gentle series that relieves back strain due to increased daytime load, carrying textbooks, and long sitting at a desk.
Light Edition Series
Monolith Series
Children's mattress


The mattresses of the company are developed using modern technologies. Depending on the type of stuffing, the brand provides a different level of load on each area of ​​the mattress. Accounting for pressure is developed by computer, correctly calculating the depth and diameter of the holes of the filler, the diameter and height of the springs, different degrees of pressure in each area of ​​the mattress. In addition, the unit provides protection against damage and deformation of the structure itself.

The main technologies of the company are the use of spring and springless mattress structure. To achieve the desired stiffness, the company complements any block with a special padding. To enhance durability and reduce costs, fillers can be mixed together.

The most interesting models of the factory, developed using modern technologies, are:

  • Bilateral designs with varying degree of rigidity of the block (medium hard one side and high rigidity to the other);
  • Bilateral models with thermoregulation (ensuring a warm surface of the bed in the cold season and coolness in the heat);
  • Orthopedic options - structures with support of the body, easing the pressure on the muscles, which are the prevention of diseases of the back;
  • Anatomical - products that provide the user with maximum comfort, taking a comfortable posture (relaxing models for those whose muscles are weakened).
With varying degrees of stiffness


In the development of models, the brand uses a different modern filler, featuring excellent indicators of elasticity, density, resistance to deformation. The factory chooses the best types of stuffing using their high-quality and practical properties:

  • Natural latex - highly elastic packing with holes in the form of cells of different diameters and depths, has high elasticity and durability, is not subject to deformation and caking;
  • Synthetic latex - HR polyurethane foam with latex impregnation (due to which it acquires elasticity), which does not have holes, is rigid and dense material, resistant to high weight and deformation;
  • Coconut coir - a product of natural origin (coconut nut from coconut pericarp), rigid filler, treated with latex impregnation, due to this durable, non-deformable and orthopedic;
  • Streamfiber - a fibrous filler made of polyester fibers, characterized by an orthopedic effect and a long service life;
  • Bikokos - mix of coconut fiber and struttofiber, hard filler, which reduces the price of the mattress;
  • Highly elastic memory foam - an anatomical filler that can take the shape of the user's body when heated, providing maximum comfort during sleep.


The size of the mattress is one of the advantages of the brand. The size range is so wide that it allows you to choose the model as accurately as possible according to the size of the bed or sofa, leaving no gap between the unit and the edge of the furniture.

Sizes are divided into the following categories:

  • The ruler includes small options for kids. In this series, models for teenagers are especially in demand, the length and width of which is 70 x 170, 90 x 170, 70 x 180 cm;
  • Mattresses for single beds have a wide range of parameters, among which the most frequently acquire mats are 80 x 180, 90 x 180, 90 x 190, 100 x 190, 100 x 200, 120 x 180, 120 x 195, 110 x 200 cm;
  • One-and-a-half mattresses are more comfortable: their dimensions are 140 x 180, 140 x 190, 140 x 200, 160 x 180, 170 x 190, 150 x 200 cm;
  • Blocks for two are spacious. In this category, products with the parameters 18 x 190, 180 x 195, 180 x 200, 180 x 210, 190 x 220, 200 x 200, 210 x 215, 210 x 230, 220 x 230 cm are most in demand.

As for the height of the blocks, most often buyers choose models with a thickness of 14, 18, 21 cm. Those who prefer toppers or orthopedic constructions, acquire models with a height of 9 and 10 cm.

Customer Reviews

Reviews of Promtex Orient mattresses are controversial. Some buyers are confident in the quality of the domestic manufacturer, so they recommend its products for purchase. This category of users notes that the mattresses of the Moscow factory deserve attention, they are easy to use, they allow you to sleep and completely relax muscles overnight.

Other customers after the acquisition were disappointed with the quality of the mattress assembly of the company, noting the sharp smell after removing the plastic film.These users note that the factory mattresses, when viewed in detail, have non-glued areas, and in other places there may be an excess of glue, sawdust, dirt and dust under the bag.

You can learn about the choice of the orthopedic mattress Promtex Orient, as well as its manufacturing process, to watch the video below:

Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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