Anti-decubitus mattresses Orthoforma with compressor

After a spinal injury or a complicated operation, a person may be confined to a bed. If he is being treated at home, Orthoforma anti-decubitus mattresses with a compressor will be useful during patient care.

Models are easy to operate and are very efficient.

Distinctive features

The need to purchase an anti-decubitus mattress with a compressor occurs when a bed patient appears in the family. When a person is without movement for a long time, the nutrition of the skin is broken, and the epithelium cells die. Bedsores or soft tissue necrosis occurs in the absence of proper patient care and limited mobility. Emerging wounds on the body are difficult to cure, especially if the person remains in bed for months or years.

To prevent bedsores, use special mattresses. At the heart of their design are the chambers where the compressor automatically delivers and pumps out the air, thereby reducing the pressure on the skin and retaining its natural position. The place of contact of the product with the patient's body is constantly changing, which creates the illusion of mobility, does not allow blood to stagnate.

The greatest effect is achieved in the areas of the sacrum, buttocks, shoulder blades and neck.

For the manufacture of mattresses using polyvinyl chloride. The material is resistant to temperature extremes, is highly durable and resistant to aggressive media. It does not burn, has thick walls, thanks to which the products are able to withstand heavy loads. The raw material is also used rubberized fabric with nylon coating. Products from it are more expensive, provide comfort, have a soft, pleasant to the touch surface.

Orthoforma compressors are easy to operate. They are equipped with an intuitive interface with a minimum of switches on the front housing. It is possible to adjust the pressure, set the characteristics of the patient to select the optimal mode of operation.

What effect do mattresses have:

  • Prevention of soft tissue death and the fight against existing bedsores.
  • Saturation of skin cells with oxygen, restoration of blood circulation.
  • Treatment of burns of varying degrees.
  • Improving effects on the body with injuries of the musculoskeletal system, fractures.

Among the indications for the use of products emit a rehabilitation period after major operations, spinal fracture, skeletal traction, paralysis, osteoporosis, sciatica, degeneration of external fibers and articular cartilage, and other diseases. Products withstand heavy loads and are suitable for patients with overweight problems (up to 135 kg).

In the flat condition, the products are easy to store and transport, in the inflated they correspond to the standard size of beds.

Anti-decubitus mattresses should not be used for serious spinal injuries when the bone marrow is affected. In this case, the patient needs a rigid fixation, and the moving surface of the product will only harm and delay recovery. The patient's condition may deteriorate when using the mattress with skeletal cervical extensions.


A specific type of mattress is selected depending on the patient's condition. They take into account whether the patient will be without movement all the time or will move at least a little, for example, sit down, turn on his side. According to the mechanism of influence on the patient's body, there are two types of anti-decubitus mattresses. Static models have a fixed surface and inside are equipped with a set of cells responsible for the redistribution of the load on the human body.

The product is recommended in cases where the patient can stand up, rise, or retains partial mobility.

A special feature of the dynamic mattress is the fact that its surface is constantly moving. Because of this, the pressure on the skin increases, then tends to zero, so that soft tissues remain in good shape. The massage effect contributes to the relief of pain, allows the muscles to relax. Dynamic models, in turn, are divided into two types, depending on how the internal elements are located:

  • Cellular. They are bought when the patient is able to move, however, he is forced to abide by bed rest after operations, injuries or burns.The model helps to cure bedsores 1-2 degrees, can be used as a prophylactic agent for diseases of the spine.
  • Balloon. Used for seriously ill patients who are completely unable to move. They are acquired when a person does not get out of bed for a long period, has sores of 3-4 degrees or severe burns. They help prevent the development of further tissue necrosis and heal wounds that have already been received.

There are three most popular models:

  • Anti-decubitus mattress Orthoforma M-0007 has a therapeutic effect in the treatment of injuries of the musculoskeletal system. It has anti-gravity performance and is used in the fight against burns of various degrees.
  • The cellular mattress M-0003 has a relaxing massage effect. It allows you to adjust the pressure of the compressor, can be used for prevention, in particular, to be used by those people whose work is associated with a constant load on the spine. The product prevents stagnation of blood and lymph in the tissues.
  • The advanced model is M-0021. The surface of this balloon mattress has many small holes,providing continuous air circulation and skin blasting to prevent diaper rash.

Features of operation

A distinctive feature of the product is ease of care. Its installation does not require the use of special knowledge or skills, while the mattress itself is durable and has a long service life, due to which it requires almost no repair. People who never encounter bed patients, care about how to use anti-decubitus mattresses.

Instructions for use:

  • The product is located on top of a standard mattress. The nest of the air intake should be in the legs of the patient.
  • With the help of tubes, the mattress is connected to the compressor. The latter is located above the level of the bed with the help of special arcs.
  • It takes 10-15 minutes to fully inflate the product. A clean sheet is laid on top of it, which should be changed frequently during operation, as the bed patient may often perspire.
  • The weight of the patient is set on the compressor regulator on the basis of which the corresponding power is set. After the patient is laid on the bed.

The compressor must not be turned off, it must be connected to the network during the entire period of use. It is not recommended to shift the patient to a regular mattress even for a short period: because of this, the person’s condition may deteriorate sharply.

Periodically, the mattress should be wiped with a cloth moistened with soap or disinfectant solution. The product must not be immersed in water or exposed to hot steam.

Visually the instruction on the use of the anti-decubitus mattress can be found in the next video.


Consumers say the high effectiveness of anti-decubitus mattresses in the fight against bedsores. Products mainly acquire for relatives who are prescribed bed rest for a long time. Thanks to regular patient care and the use of special mattresses, it is possible to prevent the development of necrosis even after several months in bed.

The low price is another advantage of the models. In the occupied segment of the market, they are relatively low, and due to the energy efficiency of the compressor it is possible to avoid large electricity bills.The mattress makes almost no noise, takes up little space and is easy to operate, so any person can handle the product. A soft mattress supports the body in a comfortable position, has a healing effect on the skin and allows it to breathe. If necessary, the product is easily repaired. Included with the product is a special glue and patches that allow closing the holes that may occur during the operation of the mattress.

Buyers recommend not to buy very cheap mattresses. There is a high risk that they will be made of poor-quality raw materials that have a harmful effect on the skin. In addition, products can have an unpleasant smell of rubber, which lasts for a long time.

Before you buy a mattress, you need to check it for the presence of wrinkles and cracks through which air can escape.

You can find out how to choose an anti-decubitus mattress in the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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