Anti-decubitus mattress with compressor

Anti-decubitus mattress with a compressor is a special development for bed patients and people with limited mobility. These mats are designed to prevent bedsores that appear as a result of a long lying on a soft mattress and are caused by the squeezing of soft tissues during a long stay of the body in one position. Anti-decubitus mats are unique, they are different from ordinary mats, have useful properties.

Features, principle of operation

Anti-decubitus mattress with a compressor is a mat made of rubberized material with cylinders and a special compressor box, interconnected by air supply tubes. This is a relief block that provides a healing effect, making it easier to stay in bed for the immobilized person.

The purpose of anti-decubitus mattresses with a compressor is to prevent the dangerous stage of bedsores, when wounds resulting from blood flow disorders and malfunctioning of nerve endings become unbearable.

These mattresses help to relieve a person from pain, if you buy them on time: the whole horror of the bedsores is that cells are not able to regenerate, so ulcers continue to infect soft tissues until the bones are exposed.

This type of mattress is able to eliminate bedsores, if you start using them immediately, as soon as the first wounds are noticed. The system is based on the balloon principle: the mat is equipped with cameras, filling it with air, which can change the configuration of the unit. Due to the alternate redistribution of air to different parts of the body of the immobilized patient, massage support is provided, stimulating the work of the blood flow in the places affected by bedsores. Due to its structure, the mattress eliminates the compression of soft tissues.

This type of unit is notable for its efficiency and reliability. Thanks to modern developments, these mats are used in medical institutions and at home.

They are shown at:

  • stroke;
  • spinal injuries;
  • lesions of the central nervous system.

The main tasks with which such a mattress successfully copes are:

  • elimination of soft tissue numbness;
  • relief of the general condition of the patient;
  • preventing the passage of pressure sores to a more difficult to cure stage;
  • relaxation of the muscles of the body (constant massage);
  • normalization of sleep.

Such mats can reduce the area of ​​high risk zones for the formation of bedsores, which include: heels, sacrum, spine, elbows, shoulder blades, nape, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders and ears.


Being not only “smart”, but also a useful development, the anti-decubitus mattress provides invaluable assistance to the patient and those who care for him. Regardless of the type of model that has tubular or cellular chambers, the principle of operation does not change: air is blown in and out of them, which ensures uniform pressure on the body.

The advantages of such mattresses include:

  • the use of high-quality hypoallergenic materials that are safe for health;
  • easy maintenance of the block surface (wiping with a damp cloth), resistance to repeated cleanings (every three days), possibility of repair;
  • maintaining surface heat, providing the most comfortable conditions for sleep;
  • the presence of several sizes, allowing you to choose a special mattress for a particular body size of the user, taking into account the bed area;
  • compatibility with models of beds with a lifting mechanism.


Anti-decubitus mattresses do not accept care with alcohol-containing agents and chemicals with chlorine. The processing is unacceptable use of soap and powder. In addition, such mats should be dried away from the light, naturally. It is impossible to “help” them to dry using heat or iron.

Since the system operates from the network around the clock, it can adversely affect the nervous system, provoking the appearance of irritability and even illness. It is important to ensure that the system noise does not exceed 30 dB.

The disadvantage of such mattresses is noise during compressor operation.

How to place?

The kit includes an anti-decubitus mattress with a compressor, connecting hoses, the compressor itself and a repair kit. In the more expensive models, manufacturers complement the kit with a bacteriostatic blanket.

To properly put the mattress on the surface of the bed, you need:

  • connect the unit itself to the compressor through hoses;
  • install the compressor on the patient’s foot;
  • place the mat on the bed surface so that the air chambers are on top and the connecting tubes are located “at the feet” of the patient;
  • after the mat has been laid and pipes installed, check the position of the hoses (lack of bending and falling under the mattress, which may disrupt the operation of the compressor);
  • pump air into the pillows, checking the functioning of the mattress before putting the patient on it.

Important nuance: the compressor must operate continuously.

How to use and store?

The anti-decubitus mattress is placed on top of the main one, covering the surface of a conventional or special absorbent sheet (in the absence of a blowing system). Before you put a sick person on the mattress, you need to check its performance by plugging in the network (if the system works correctly, the air is released about 1 time in 5-6 minutes).

It is important to ensure that the wire is not damaged. In order not to get confused in the position of the head and legs, it is worth remembering: the tubes are always located “in the legs”.

If you need to adjust the pressure, you need to do it when the sick user is already on the bed. The pressure is checked at the place of maximum load (at the level of the position of the buttocks between the two mattresses). The correct indicator - between the mats there is freedom for the fingers, but a slight resistance is felt. h

If there is no freedom, the pressure is lowered.

If for some time the mattress is not needed, it is completely blown away, rolled up inside the cells, not forgetting to make sure that the hoses are located in the package without bending. Before this, dust and impurities arising during operation are removed from them. If the system junk, you should give it to the service center: despite the availability of a repair kit, not every person is able to repair it correctly.

What to look for when buying?

Since an anti-decubitus mattress is a special household item, its choice should be thorough and take into account several factors.

To make it truly conducive to recovery, it is worth bearing in mind:

  • degree of mobility of a sick person (complete immobilization or the ability to move, turn on one side, back, sit down);
  • the level of necessary treatment (prevention or regular treatment of existing wounds on the body);
  • the expected duration of operation (depending on the degree of the disease and affects the model of the mattress);
  • noise level produced during compressor operation;
  • if the patient has excessive sweating or the course of the disease is severe, it is worthwhile to take care of purchasing a model with an airflow system (the presence of perforations for the purpose of air circulation to provide a cooling effect);
  • the correct ratio of the dimensions of the mattress and the bed under it;
  • weight of the immobilized user (affects the model of the mattress).

Those who find it difficult to make a choice can pay attention to the recommendations of specialists who say: weight is a fundamental factor.

The type of hollow chambers depends on it:

  • sick users with an average weight of up to 100-110 kg are shown models with the cellular structure of the chambers (with the un-started form of bedsores);
  • for sick people with excess weight, it is preferable to take designs with transversely arranged tubular cylinders (usually these patients have pressure sores).

It should be borne in mind: the inconsistency of weight can lead to system failure.It is unacceptable to use a cellular mattress in case the user's weight exceeds the maximum permissible load. In this case, the device does not cope with proper operation, and the load on soft tissues in hazardous areas increases.


Anti-decubitus mattresses are unique - consider buyers. Such models are better than gel and static orthopedic counterparts (for example, Trives), although they have a more complex structure. According to people who care for bed patients, these mats reduce the overall discomfort caused by constant stay in bed.

Thanks to them, the patient can not be afraid of numbness of the body, unpleasant tingling in the area most prone to bedsores soft tissue.

Buyers admit that in most cases they buy such products according to orthopedic recommendations, which contributes to the right choice, helping patients to stop the spread of pressure sores or reduce the course of the disease from grade 3 and grade 4 to the first. Some comments are devoted to mattresses with the airflow system, due to which, the comfort of the mattress increases, and the excellent massage effect helps relieve muscle tension from prolonged lying.

How to choose an anti-decubitus mattress, see the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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