Anti-decubitus honeycomb mattress

Lying patients require special care. The bed should be comfortable to eliminate the appearance of unpleasant sensations. A person is limited in movement, so there may be pressure sores. To eliminate this problem, you need to purchase a special anti-decubitus honeycomb mattress.

Characteristics and use

To prevent the formation of pressure sores, it is necessary to perform certain actions:

  • To do a special massage and rubbing of all muscles - to improve blood circulation.
  • Apply ointments and creams against bedsores and diaper rash.
  • Purchase anti-decubitus mattress.
  • Constantly wipe and dry the patient's skin (after carrying out hygienic procedures).

Expensive orthopedic mattresses can not solve this problem, you need to use anti-decubitus model.For severe diseases, bed rest is necessary.

If you constantly lie on a soft and flat plane, the patient is necrosis of some parts of the skin. These are bedsores. To prevent their occurrence, an anti-decubitus mattress was created - a product for even distribution of the load on all parts of the patient's body.

With constant strong pressure on the skin tissue, the exchange process in the skin cells is disturbed. Capillary blood vessels are very elastic and with a strong constant pressure they deform. There is a violation of the blood flow in certain parts of the human body.

Places most susceptible to the formation of bedsores: buttocks; back of the head and shoulder blades.

Many people think the following: if you constantly turn the bed patient, you can avoid such problems. However, this method has several disadvantages:

  • An adult person weighs a lot, it is hard to turn him over regularly.
  • If you constantly turn over the patient, the skin is damaged.
  • When lifting the head restraint, the body slides down, the skin is damaged.

The most profitable, useful and safe option is to buy an anti-decubitus mattress.

Special product models

Today, there are many models of anti-decubitus mattresses. To make a choice, you need to listen to the advice of the attending physician - he will be guided by the type of disease and the weight of the patient.

Manufacturers have created static models with compressor. The surface of the product has an intact structure; it consists of many small cells. This model perfectly preserves the anatomical shape of a person and distributes the load on each part of the body. Anti-decubitus cellular mattress is great for patients who can move a little.

There is also dynamic mattress. By design, this model is very different from simple orthopedic products. It is equipped with a compressor that can regulate the pressure on the individual parts of the product. Anti-decubitus dynamic model is suitable for immobile patients.


The tubular mattress (or cellular model) was created in several versions, but the design is one. The surface is not solid, it consists of several segments. There is a pressure regulating compressor. Due to this, replaceable pressure is achieved on certain parts of the body, which helps prevent the formation of pressure sores in a patient.

The main difference between these models is in the form and number of segments.

Cellular models are made of cells arranged in order, resembling honeycombs. The top case is made of natural fabric, it is easy to clean and does not cause allergic reactions in a person who has been lying on such a surface for a long time. It is equipped with a compressor and power supply.

Trives 2500 cellular anti-decubitus mattresses are different:

  1. Perforated products, made by laser. In this model there are openings for ventilation so that the skin of a person is ventilated.
  2. The model is made of individual cells, united with each other. Even with a slight movement of human air is distributed in all sectors. These products are suitable for bed patients who are allowed to move a little. The disadvantage of such mattresses is the weight category - not more than 100 kg.

How to choose the best model?

In order to choose the right anti-decubitus model, it is necessary to take into account the weight of the patient and the severity of the disease, and you should also look at the bedsores that already exist in the patient’s soft tissues. All these factors influence the choice of a suitable product.

Do not buy the first thing that caught my eye.To begin with, it is necessary to measure the bed, because there will not be the desired effect from an incorrectly chosen product. It does not save the patient from the appearance of pressure sores. Pay attention to the reviews of people.

Most often, the filler for anti-decubitus cellular mattresses is polyurethane foam, and the upper fabric is made with perforation - to combat sweating. The material should be easy to clean and wash off well.

Anti-decubitus Dynamic Mattress Trives - These are cells that provide good orthopedic characteristics. This model is very effective, the load is distributed evenly.

This mattress with a cellular structure is inflated with the help of an automatic compressor that can work around the clock. The rhythms of pressure in different parts of the mattress are regulated approximately once every 6 minutes.

The model is made from natural and safe materials, they are hypoallergenic. The product has a laser perforation, it is able to keep the skin moisture level - to protect against pressure sores.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages are as follows:

  • excellent massage effect;
  • strong bedsores are treated;
  • Products designed to prevent, to prevent bedsores.

A significant drawback is the limitation on the load on the mattress. The weight of the bed patient should not exceed 100 kg.

Anti-decubitus mattress "Barry Serio" It is considered an excellent model of polyvinyl chloride and with a lot of combs inflated by the compressor. The sequence of such processing is given and has a certain rhythm. The mode of operation is set by a special remote control supplied with the mattress. The main advantage of this model is an affordable price.

How to use?

Using a cellular model with blowing is quite simple. Together with the selected product comes instructions for use. It is necessary to lay the product not on the bed, but on a simple mattress.

The bottom of the mesh model is different from the top. Under the legs are tubes that supply air. The compressor should be hung on the bed, it should not lie on the floor and get in the way under your feet.

When the mattress is laid on the bed, you need to check the tubes. They should be free, not twisted. From above you need to lay a sheet and put the patient. The compressor operates on a 220 V power supply.Electrical wire must be intact.


The pressure in the product must be adjusted depending on the weight of the sick person. Using the regulator, which is located on the dashboard, pressure is corrected. When setting up a person should be on the bed.

The pressure is checked at the point of maximum load, where the person’s buttocks are located. Swipe your fingers between the simple mattress and the cellular product. With normal working pressure, the fingers pass easily, with a small load, the fingers will not pass. Adjust the compressor.

Anti-decubitus cellular mattress should be periodically cleaned with a damp sponge or cloth. It is forbidden to use strong chemical and alcohol products. You need to clean the inflated mattress. You do not need to take care of the compressor, you only need to wipe a small layer of dust once a week.

Store cellular models in a flat form, hidden from the rays of the sun. If you are going to remove the mattress, you must clean it from hair, dust and other contaminants.

Summing up, we can conclude that the anti-decubitus mattress is necessary for a bedridden person. Lying patients are restricted in movement due to illness.Cellular product is able to prevent the occurrence of pressure sores in various parts of the skin.

With limited movement, pressure on different parts of the patient's body occurs. With the help of the cellular model, the pressure on the human body is distributed evenly - over the entire surface.

Modern manufacturers offer two types of special mattresses - static and dynamic. The latter include cellular and tubular models. The choice of a particular product depends on the severity of the human disease and on the advice of the attending physician. Of course, to choose the most suitable product, you should consider a variety of nuances. The choice should be approached as seriously as possible.

You can find out how to choose an anti-decubitus mattress in the video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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