Mattress sizes

 Mattress sizes

For a complete comfortable rest, you need to correctly approach the choice of high-quality mattress. It is important to take into account the dimensions of the sleeping surface, to eliminate the possibility of disappointment. The range in this area is wide. Domestic and foreign manufacturers offer a lot of modern options.

Size ruler

Please note that the markings in European countries and the USA are different, because in America the measure is inches, not centimeters. The best option if the bed and mattress will be the same brand. Or at least the country of origin is the same.However, there are a lot of models on the market, and the size range is very diverse.

Before you dwell on the model you like, you need to figure out what dimensions they have.


What are the standard mattresses for the bed? Mattress dimensions should correspond to the characteristics of the bed, which are indicated in the technical passport. If he is lost, you will have to use a tape measure, taking measurements of the inside of the bed box.

First, let's deal with the length. The most common length is 200 centimeters, suitable for a person of any height. Depending on the comfort of the sleeper, it can be reduced.

The main rule: the excess of length over height must be no less than 15 cm.

The width of the furniture is classified depending on the bed. On this basis, there are three types: single, half-sleeping and double.

Single beds

On single mattresses, it is only comfortable alone. The sizes of such models are in width from 80 to 90 centimeters, in length from 180 to 200 cm. For example, in furniture stores offer standard models with the following size range: 80x180, 80x190, 80x200, 90x190, 90x200 cm.

If the purchase is for a child, you can reduce the length to 170 or 175 cm, taking into account that in the future you will need to replace the mattress. The fast-growing teenager will appreciate the size of 80x190 cm. This option is the most cost-effective that parents will like, because it does not require additional costs for new acquisitions due to growing up and growing the child. Moreover, a bed with such a mattress will ergonomically fit into any, even the smallest, apartment.

The average person is comfortable enough to use modifications with the characteristics of 80x190 or 90x190 cm. Therefore, such models are often used in their surroundings by hotels, hostels and guest houses.

One and a half

If the width of the single bed is not enough due to the build or other features, then a half-sleeping option is preferable. Standard sizes of single mattresses: 100x200, 110x190, 120x190,120x200,130x190,130x200 cm. For a spacious comfortable position during sleep with space in the bedroom, it is better to opt for the "loft". Of course, together you can stay on this model, but less comfortable.In this case, the preferred option with a width of 130 centimeters.

Double beds

Dimensions from 140 and wider are double. Sleeping surfaces with dimensions 140x190, 140x200, 150x200, 160x190 cm will suit both spouses. The minimum value for two is 140 centimeters. Double occupancy is extremely uncomfortable.

The mattress 140x200 is ideal for several types of users:

  • Spouses who have not fat body;
  • A parent with a child requiring constant supervision on the recommendation of a doctor (fears, diseases, mental disorder);
  • One person of solid mass.

The optimal standard is defined - 160x200 cm; it is on him that the manufacturers of sleeping linen sew the largest number of sets. Width 180x200, 200x200 cm - a great option for a family with babies or pets who prefer joint sleep.

Baby and teen

The variant of a children's mattress 60x120 cm is popular. For such models, the same rule applies as for adults: height must be less than the length of at least 15 centimeters. Taking it into account, you can choose the following dimensions 65x125, 70x140 cm.

For kids older than three years, the range is much wider, since children tend to quickly and constantly grow.Here there is the following hierarchy of standards: 60x120, 70x150, 70x160, 80x160 cm.

In adolescence, it is preferable to purchase a sleeping surface “for growth”, which will help avoid material costs in the future. In this case, the usual dimensions are 60x170, 80x180, 70x190 cm. An ideally complete one and a half-sleeping place that will allow even a very large child to sit comfortably.

Manufacturers offer a wide range of size children's mattresses, so now it is easy to find other options.


Sometimes you want to decorate a room with something unusual, such as a figured bed or a sofa. Mattresses for them in the store is not found, so they need to be done under the order. Factories provide similar services, but they are more expensive than standard options. Surcharge depends on the complexity, volume of the geometric shape and is usually 5 - 10 percent.

By non-standard belong to the bed with a shape other than rectangular, with individual sizes: oval, diamond-shaped, round, heart-shaped, similar to the car and others. Popular recently enjoyed round mattresses. They have only one dimensional parameter - diameter, on the basis of which they are classified:

  • Small or single items have a diameter of 200 cm;
  • Average from 200 to 220 cm, are also called one and a half;
  • Large sleeping surfaces with a diameter of 230 centimeters are double.

Despite their impracticality, round mattresses are the leaders of design projects. With their help, create romantic, cozy interiors. Exquisite accessories will decorate the room, will add exclusivity to the bedroom. The most difficult to manufacture are models for the podiums. They are made to individual order from several parts. The main thing is to choose a reliable manufacturer.

Euro size

In European countries, the dimensions are somewhat different and are indicated in millimeters, in contrast to domestic ones, they have a step of 10 cm. Here they are:

  • Single beds: 1600x800, 1800x800, 1900x900, 2000x800, 900x2000, 1200x2000 mm;
  • One and a half: 2000x1400, 2000x1600 mm;
  • Double beds: 1800x2000, 1900x2000, 2000x2000 mm.

In the Euro-standards there is no concept of “lorry”; in fact, these are sleeping surfaces for two with the smallest width: 1400x2000, 1600x2000 mm.

Measures for determining the size of the bed

Before making a purchase of a mattress, it is useful to learn about the various measures:

  1. Metric is used in Russia and Europe (Germany, Italy, France). The usual units of measurement are used - meters and centimeters.The standard width of mattresses has a step of 5, 10 cm;
  2. The English system is based on feet and inches. Manufacturers from English speaking countries (UK, Australia and USA).

If the width of the mattress is 78 inches, and its length is 80 inches, then it is 198.1 and 203.2 centimeters, respectively. The problem with the transfer of units of measurement from one system to another causes difficulties in selecting a model of European quality to the English frame or vice versa. In addition, the names of the standards do not coincide. For example, one and a half European size 1600x2000 mm corresponds to double in America and is considered the most common and cost-effective option.

In any case, size is important. If a double bed is made in England, its standard dimensions are 1400x1900 mm, the European version is 1800x2000 mm. In the US, the single extralong single bed is three centimeters higher than the European standard 1900x800, 900x1900 mm.

Experts advise to buy a mattress of the same brand or the same country as the frame. Otherwise - place an order according to individual measurements.

Height and weight

The thickness of the mattress for any model should rise above the side of the bed box.For people with more weight, it is recommended to choose higher options.

The height of the mattress primarily depends on the internal filling:

  • Spring Models - standard from 20 to 22 centimeters. There are modifications from 18 to 32 cm. Occasionally, manufacturers produce elite versions up to half a meter thick. The highest from 50 cm are most often carried out by request;
  • Springless - mattresses that do not have springs, are usually 16 centimeters;
  • Firms produce others, from 15 to 24 cm. Products from 2 to 10 cm are suitable only as a top cover for an old, crushed sofa, a temporary bed in the form of a folding bed or a chair-bed. They can also be used as a correction for the base mattress to change the degree of rigidity. Such thin sleeping surfaces are called toppers.

The weight of a person is the main indicator that allows you to select the desired height of the mattress. Any model is qualified by the coefficient of elasticity. The more the material of the filler is compressed under the pressure of the body, the more resistance it causes. The higher the mattress, the better, because it has a certain amount of functionality.

All mattresses can be divided into the following categories:

  • Thin models. Blocks with springs are rigidly limited in weight. A thin spring mattress with a height of 11 to 15 cm is designed for a person weighing up to 60 kilograms. Due to the fact that springless mattresses (from 2 to 10 cm) are less dependent on mass, the scope of the use of thin options is wider. Variations with a small thickness are convenient during transportation and storage, as they can be rolled up;
  • Models of medium height. In the absence of springs, the thickness is from 10 to 15 cm, for springs it is characteristic from 15 to 30 cm. Among the offers on the market, this size is the most common;
  • High. To remove restrictions on weight, use mattresses with a high height, allowing to lay the most serious in terms of thickness layers of fillers. As a result, premium products allow people to use them weighing up to 170 kilograms.

Weight of the product itself

The mass of the mattress is due to the type of filler and size. Approximately the weight of 1 square meter of the spring unit is from 10 to 13 kg, springless - from 15 to 18 kg. A significant role is played by the weight during transport, but for the bed is unlikely to become a problem.

The level of anatomical properties does not depend on height, but affects the features of their manifestation.For comfort and benefit, it is worth buying a plump mattress, if the family budget allows. It is more convenient due to the increased number of layers of filler, which improves the orthopedic effect.

Customized mattresses

The sleeping surface is chosen for a specific place, taking into account the author's ideas for the design and the individual characteristics of the human body. In this case mattresses of standard sizes are not always suitable for various reasons:

  1. Beds of foreign production. Marking in different countries is different from each other, so the mattress and bed from different manufacturers may not be the same size;
  2. Author's design. Directly the bed can have a fantasy shape. Sleeping surface should match her. In this case, do not do without an individual order;
  3. Body structure Problems usually occur in very tall or obese people. The largest standard length is considered to be 200 centimeters. A person who has a height close to two meters and higher, according to the rule, will have to look for a mattress more by 15 cm. Similarly for people of solid build.It uses the reinforcement of the supporting structure, increasing the number of layers in the structure of the mattress. Such variations are carried out only under the order.

If you cannot find a suitable option on sale, contact your nearest mattress factory. Measurements and costing are required to make specialists of the company.

An error of a few centimeters is a disappointment because it will make the mattress inconvenient to use.

Pay attention to the manufacturing technology. Ask what the manufacturer has to offer. Now there is only one way to perform non-standard forms - foam.

Tips for choosing

Misconception is the statement that hard mattresses are the best for sleeping. The main thing is convenience. To a greater extent, this concept is subjective, so you need to follow the advice of specialists, taking into account personal feelings and material capabilities.

Quality Assurance Confirmation:

  • Recognition of sleep doctors;
  • Testing in leading medical institutions;
  • Check for compliance with the requirements of GOST;
  • Check for compliance with international environmental requirements.

Usually confirmation is issued in the form of a certificate or certificate.

Replacing the mattress

The service life of a quality mattress is 8-10 years, according to the statement of the International Sleeping Products Association (ISPA). Economy option will last from 3 to 5 years. It is impossible to consider the assessment accurate, because there is a certain dependence on the factors influencing the wear of the model.

Signs indicating that replacement is necessary:

  • The spring parts are clearly felt when placed on the mattress;
  • Surface deformed;
  • Excessive softness;
  • A high degree of stiffness causes "leaking" of the arms and legs;
  • Visible signs of scuffing;
  • Crackle, crunch, creak when moving while sleeping.

If you correctly use the sleeping surface, then the useful life can be extended.

To stabilize the structure of the mattress, it is necessary to turn over the first 2-3 months after the purchase every two weeks.

You need to change the position of "head - legs", and the position of "top - bottom." Subsequently, it is important to perform the procedure after three months.

If people sleeping on a double bed have a significant difference in weight (over 30 kg), then a combined mattress with different zones of rigidity is needed. Such a model will last a long time and will not allow the lighter user to slide to the heavy side.

Medical Tips

When pain in the lumbar spine is contraindicated high rigidity of the mattress. It is better to look at models with good ramming ability that support the lower back. If pain in the upper spine is concerned, then a hard or semi-rigid version is shown. They are often prescribed orthopedists.

People of full body should look to the mattresses with reinforced springs or springless, made of rigid materials. Qualified specialists will first of all ask the user about height, weight, age, existing diseases and doctors' recommendations. Orthopedic mattress is selected for a specific person. There is no model that is suitable for any anatomical characteristics.

Comparison of Russian and foreign manufacturers

Domestic mattresses benefit in two ways:

  • Economic benefitas materials of Russian manufacturers are used, the delivery does not include customs expenses;
  • Production time. When placing an order for individual sizes, the import version will have to wait about 1-2 months, domestic - up to two weeks.

Rating of Russian manufacturers

We present the ranking of the best Russian-made mattress manufacturers (top compiled based on the opinion of experts and ordinary users):

  • Askona. One of the most popular factories with a wide range. The greatest demand is the line of mattresses with dependent and independent springs. The lion's share of buyers noted the convenience of economy options for springless surfaces with eco-fillers of highly elastic foam. The company provides a guarantee of its products from 3 to 25 years;
  • Ormatek. Represents about 1500 models on the market. The warranty period for most mattresses is from 5 to 25 years. Price range - from medium to high cost. The best springless mattress is from this factory, which is explained by the great variety of combinations of fillers;
  • Dreamline. The young company was founded in 2007. Branches of the factory are located in the Moscow region, Yekaterinburg and Omsk. The range is presented in 12 series: economy class, massage, compact, premium, two-sided, with memory effect, combined stiffness, etc. In addition to adults, it also produces children's options;
  • Promtex-Orient. Russian manufacturer with 15 years of experience in the domestic market. Suggestions include children's and adult variations, models for healthy people and those suffering from diseases of the spine. Specialists of the company are developing in the field of orthopedics. In the production are used both domestic and European components, which allows to vary the price indicators of products. Principle: high quality does not mean expensive;
  • Lonax. It produces up to 9 types of mattresses, among which there are both springless and with a block of springs. The ventilating function is performed by the grid. Pros: reasonable prices, the availability of roll models, the production of multi-zone options. Covers are sewn from merino or jacquard;
  • Luntek Produces nine types of models with springs. Standard fillers in various combinations can improve spinal support. Supplemented with velor, knitted or jacquard covers. The main advantage is the relatively low price;
  • Plitex. The company positions itself as the creator of products for children of different ages. Only environmentally friendly materials are used - latex, teak, bamboo, coconut, cotton. Covers are easy to remove and wash. Warranty up to three years.

Among a wide variety of models from different companies, you can choose a high-quality version with the required dimensions, satisfying in cost, suitable for anatomical parameters. Of course, there are unforeseen situations with defective products, in this case, the responsible manufacturers resolve issues through official representatives and issue a guarantee return. Therefore, when choosing a mattress, it is important to use proven, well-known and reputable companies.

For more information on how to choose the desired size of the mattress, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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