Holofiber Mattresses

Today mattresses filled with holofiber are very popular. This is not surprising, because such products have numerous advantages.

What it is?

Hollofiber is a modern synthetic material made from polyester. It contains absolutely no natural substances and additives, but at the same time - environmentally friendly. For the bedroom it is very important, because good rest is an important part of human life.

In the production of this material using high temperature, so that the synthetic fiber is durable and elastic. According to its structure, its granules resemble springs, so the mattress of such material will not completely clog up and will retain its elasticity, beautiful shape for many years.

Durability and wear resistance are also its great advantages over other materials.


The cost of this synthetic fiber is relatively low. The scope of application is quite wide: this material is used in bedding, pillows, mattresses, toys, outerwear, as well as in the manufacture of mattresses.

In the latter case, holofiber is applied in three ways:

  1. The only filler. Such mattresses are 100% of holofiber, but such models are quite rare. This material can not create a reliable elastic surface of considerable thickness.
  2. Additional component. High mattresses consisting of coir, latex or other hard materials are complemented by a top layer of holofiber. Such a combination provides maximum convenience - due to the optimum rigidity of the surface.
  3. As an element of the cover. This is a good way to improve the orthopedic properties of a place to sleep without spending money on buying a new bed. This case will give the sleeping place the necessary elasticity, creating additional comfort.


The following main advantages of such material can be identified:

  • Orthopedic properties. After a night spent on such a mattress, its owners will feel well rested, and he himself quickly regains his form, leaving no trace of the night pressure. 120 thousand nights - this is the number that the mattress can withstand, while the state will remain unchanged. It will please its owner even after several years of operation.
  • Easy care. Due to the fact that the filler material is fully synthetic, it does not absorb odors and moisture. Thanks to this pollution is easily eliminated. It is enough to wash the mattress, and it will again become like new. In addition, it quickly dries and takes on its former form.
  • Low weight. Traditional mattresses are heavy enough. The mattress, filled with holofiber, is light, and simply turn it from one side to the other, as well as to wash, transport, and so on.

The best you can think of

Given all the properties of the material, you can safely say that the mattress from holofiber is just perfect. It does not absorb moisture, freely passes air - it “breathes”, it is resistant to abrasion. Having chosen it for the bedroom, you can absolutely not fear that dust mites, fungi or bacteria will settle in it.

Even allergy sufferers will be able to sleep on such a mattress, since it has hypoallergenic properties. That is why holofiber beds are often bought for children, including the smallest ones. The use of this material is approved and recommended for use in products for babies from birth to three years.

Even if direct contact of the material with the skin of a newborn baby occurs, it is absolutely safe.

Children's products

Hollofiber is a synthetic material, but parents of newborn children often choose it (due to the ability to accumulate odors and absolute hypoallergenicity). Optimal surface hardness for sleeping also favors holofiber-filled mattresses.

Orthopedists recommend placing newborns on a fairly hard surface, and the orthopedic properties of the mattress with holofiber as well as possible comply with these recommendations.

Manufacturers also offer double-sided models, in which the sides have different stiffness, which is very convenient for young children.

This feature makes it possible to use one mattress from a holofiber from the birth of a baby up to 3-4 years old, when he “moves” from a nursery to a regular bed.

For children, spring mattresses are also chosen, in which only the upper layer is made of holofiber. This approach can significantly reduce the cost of the bed. Such sleeping surfaces can be quite high, while remaining elastic, resilient and safe.

Customer Reviews

Holofiber mattress holders are happy people. Their reviews show that products made from this material have become the best option for their family.

Some note the ease and ability to perfectly level the surface on which the product is laid, others are attracted by the opportunity to choose the rigidity of the side of the mattress. Still others note that the mattress is also convenient as a temporary bed for guests and hosts: it is enough to spread it on the floor - and a good sleep is ensured even in such conditions. Easy care and durability are also distinguished by buyers among the advantages.

To ensure comfort, a person is attentive to the choice of surrounding objects.

The choice of accessories for sleeping is very important, since rest in pleasant conditions can be the key to successful activity. A mattress with a holofiber filling can be a true friend and a good helper in organizing a comfortable place to sleep.

You will learn more about mattresses filled with holofiber from the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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