Heated mattresses

 Heated mattresses

In the cool time of the year, how good the night’s sleep and daytime rest will be depends on the comfortable temperature in the living room. Without heat, it is impossible to feel comfortable even in the most chic interior. It is especially important to feel the warmth at night in order to get enough sleep and wake up with new powers and in a great mood.

One of the solutions to the problem of warming in bed is to wrap the body in a blanket, like in a cocoon. But there is a chance that there will be concomitant inconveniences in the form of stuffiness, restraint of movements, sweating and general discomfort. It is much more convenient and pleasant to feel the relaxing warmth beneath you, and not close to your body.The best option for rest after a working day or an active day off will be sleeping on a heated mattress.

Features of the heating mattress

This heating device is designed for use as a bed. It spreads on the main mattress or sofa. It has the appearance of a thick litter of a special material that is able to keep warm due to the electrical heating component.

An unusual heater, spread under a sheet, works in a comfortable time for the body temperature mode for a specified time.

The undoubted advantage of a working product is the fact that at high humidity or dampness it dries bed linen. It is especially important to use a heating mattress in the country.

Electric mattresses have two modes of operation - enhanced (~ 37 degrees) and moderate (~ 28 degrees). The presence of an electromechanical type switch allows you to independently regulate the temperature or turn off the heating. In addition to the standard model, the product is equipped with infrared heating for a pronounced therapeutic effect.

Moreover, electric mattress is a cost-effective way of heating in the off-season and cold season.At night, it is not necessary to use other electrical appliances to create a comfortable temperature. It is enough to warm only your bed.

Application area

A warm mattress can serve not only to heat the bed, but also be used in physiotherapy rooms. Such models have a special design and design. The therapeutic effect is achieved by soft warming and light massaging manipulations. Relieves muscle and joint pain, pain in osteochondrosis and radiculitis.

Also, sleeping on such a mattress helps relieve stress, and is indicated for a number of female gynecological diseases.

Just a few "sessions" on such a mattress and there comes a noticeable relief. In the process, the mattress does not burn oxygen and significantly improves the quality of sleep, helping to relax and calm down.

Perfect heated mattress for sleeping on the sofa in the living room. Due to the ease of folding and lightness of the product can be stored with the rest of the bedding on the shelf of the cabinet or in the drawer of the dresser.


The popularity of the original bed accessory is due to its undeniable convenience and practicality.A number of obvious advantages and several options for design and construction allow you to choose a model according to individual preferences. The following indicators of its functionality also speak in favor of acquiring the device:

  • durable and reliable upholstery;
  • ease of transportation;
  • the presence of a long cord;
  • low power (up to 80 W);
  • rapid heating of the product area;
  • does not form electromagnetic fields;
  • does not burn oxygen;
  • replaces household electric heaters;
  • full safety of the device.


To understand what product you need to purchase, you should familiarize yourself with the list of existing types and models. They differ in size, design, purpose, and even the colors of the fabric cover.

Heated mattresses are:

  • one and a half-sleeping;
  • double;
  • children.

Colors to choose from in a large assortment: from plain to patterned products.

The bottom of the mattress is a heat-resistant fabric that keeps heat for a long time. The rational arrangement of internal elements allows heat to evenly spread over the entire area.

A removable cover is provided on children's mattresses to easily wash the fabric.The sizes are suitable for use in cribs and changing tables. There are no teenage models, it is better for a grown-up child to immediately acquire an adult version.


The model range is represented by the following mattresses:

  • Universal product, endowed not only with the heating mode, but also with the function of cooling the area of ​​the mattress. This allows its use all year round;
  • Device "Inkor", also known as a household electric heater with infrared heating ONE 2-60 / 220. The size of the product is 50x145 cm, which makes it unprofitable to distinguish it in the line of heated mattresses. In addition, it is intended only for temporary heating, as it does not have a circuit breaker.
  • Electric massage model - the perfect way to relax in cold weather. In this segment, the mass of options for a light massage with different effects. Superiority in popularity is jade mattress, characterized by high heat capacity. It relieves pain, has a beneficial effect on blood circulation and the nervous system.
Universal mattress
Massage model
  • Mommypum - a reliable Korean mattress with water heating and a cover imitating natural wood.The mattress works on the principle of a water electric heater due to hoses with water inside the cover.
  • "Good heat" - a mattress in which heating is carried out at the expense of carbon filaments. They also have a beneficial effect on the elasticity of the product and prevent damage to the conductive parts during possible deformations.
  • The most expensive model for today - vinyl water mattress with heating function. Its cost is more than 100,000 rubles, which is justified by the split-system, which allows to set an independent mode of heating temperature on each separate half. This model is suitable only for beds with a frame.
"Good heat"
vinyl water mattress

Operating principle and safety

To work the mattress must be connected to the mains. It is easy, given the length of the wire, sufficient, if the outlet is no more than three meters. The main element of most non-water-type products is an internal wire cable encased in a silicone sheath. The cable is made of high quality chrome and nickel alloys, guaranteeing long life of the mattress. The top cover is made of moisture resistant polikotton.

Manufacturers have provided protection for the heating element, so the mattress can, without fear, toss and turn, actively move and even jump. An ideal insulation and fire safety is guaranteed by a silicone coating and thermal fuse. The coating also prevents overheating.


Owners of wonderful devices for a warm and comfortable sleep respond that they were able to get rid of insomnia, chronic fatigue and stress. Massage models have proven effective in business in beauty salons, sanatoriums and health centers.

Many praise the electric type of water type, but a lot of admirers of models with cable heating. All consumers say that sleeping in a warm bed is much more pleasant and useful. Heated mattresses are especially loved by summer residents. Transportation of such a device does not require power and space in the trunk. It can be rolled up like an ordinary blanket and carried with you in a bag or simply folded in the backseat of a car.

Heated mattresses can not only be purchased at the store, but also made with your own hands. And how to do this, you can see in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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