Mattresses with the system "winter-summer"

The mattresses with the "winter-summer" system are unique mats providing conditions for a comfortable and useful rest of a modern person. The special effect makes them popular in the buyer's environment. Such models have a number of differences from conventional analogues and stand out with a mass of useful qualities.

Special features

Classic double-sided mattresses with the "winter-summer" system have two working parties for different seasons. The structure of the mat remains unchanged, whether it is spring or springless unit.

The addition of the cover differs: on the one hand it is quilted with cotton material, on the other it is complemented by sheep's wool.

This changes the properties of the mattress, making it comfortable for different seasons.

These are universal mattresses: they combine the best properties of one-sided mats and save the buyer from the need to purchase individual structures.The task of the additional layers is not to vary the degree of rigidity of the block, although in one model the hardness of the two sides will seem different. Such additives complement mattresses with a soft, moderately hard and hard surface.

Advantages and disadvantages

Despite the skepticism of potential buyers, the effectiveness of the mattress with the system "winter-summer" is palpable.

Even under a textile fabric cover, wool does not change its properties: possessing "dry" heat, it does not overheat the body, eliminates the greenhouse effect, maintains the desired level of heat, eliminating the formation of sweat.

It contains a natural antiseptic lanolin, which has antibacterial properties. Such a supplement cover:

  • gives the surface of the block softness and warmth;
  • promotes rapid recovery from colds;
  • relevant for radiculitis, osteochondrosis;
  • possesses low heat conductivity, keeping valuable heat;
  • allows the surface of the block to remain dry, absorbing and evaporating moisture;
  • It has a relaxing effect on the user, calms the nervous system and helps strengthen the immune system.

The disadvantages of this layer include:

  • wool intolerance (the possibility of allergic skin reactions in the form of a rash, problems of the upper respiratory tract, redness of the mucous membranes);
  • instability to dust accumulation (environment for the appearance of dust mites that cause itchy skin);
  • the appearance of moths without observing the rules of operation (it is necessary to periodically ventilate the unit, to dry in the sun).

The cool cotton side of the mattress, designed for summer use, has its own characteristics. She is:

  • does not depend on the degree of rigidity of the surface;
  • It is a hypoallergenic material of natural origin and even suitable for allergies;
  • it is hygroscopic, does not electrify and well passes moisture;
  • eliminates the possibility of a greenhouse effect;
  • refreshes the skin.

The disadvantage of the cotton additive is the thickness: it does not change the degree of rigidity of the block.

The advantages of bilateral mattresses "winter-summer" include:

  • use of the system in mats for children, adults, elderly and sick users;
  • compatibility with a different block structure;
  • addition of conventional and orthopedic structures;
  • different cost depending on the price and quantity of components;
  • possibility of use not only according to the season, but also depending on the temperature of the room (actual in the off-season);
  • extension of the life of the mattress (through the use of two sides).


Both layers of surfaces do not affect the structure of the mattress: in most cases, these additives are quilted with the fabric of the cover that packs the base.

The main packing of the block of mattresses with the "winter-summer" system are:

  • dependent and independent springs;
  • natural latex;
  • artificial latex (high density polyurethane foam of type HR with latex impregnation);
  • coconut coir (latex-impregnated);
  • spandbond;
  • flexfiber;
  • synthetic winterizer;
  • thermofelt

By structure, such mattresses are more often of a composite design, although among the models there are quite a few monolithic variants (a children's line made from coconut coir or analogs from latex).

The best type of textile cover is considered to be jacquard or stretch jacquard.

The best designs "winter-summer" is considered a block with independent springs. "Micropackage" and "Multipackage", as well as springless mattresses with orthopedic mat surface, made of latex and coconut coir.

One-way models

The line of mattresses with the system "winter-summer" includes mats with one working side. These are advanced designs of the classic winter-summer effect, providing the desired degree of comfort, regardless of the season.

The principle of operation is explained by the special firmware of the case: It is supplemented with a special fiber material with a high oxygen content. Due to the presence of special hollow components, overheating or freezing of the user's body is not allowed. Thermal fiber does not detract from the quality performance and durability of the unit.

The line of such mattresses includes models with the system:

  • Climat Control;
  • Thermo Balance;
  • Lux Comfort.

All versions are a special firmware cover with excellent ventilation, which prevents the penetration of moisture into the mattress.

Systems Top Comfort and Top Comfort Plus are anatomical American developments in the form of a porous elastic foam, which has thermosaving properties. Modification Plus is characterized by the presence of special orthopedic slits.

Lux Comfort it is distinguished by the fact that, in addition to thermal fiber and foam, there are mini-springs in the block.

How to determine the warm and cold side?

Find out where the side of the mattress is to the touch: the “winter” surface is softer. If after touching the surface the question remains open, you should pay attention to the tags located on both sides of the mattress.

Usually the manufacturer, thinking through all the little things, besides the name of the model, indicates a schematic figure: the sun on the winter side and the snowflake on the summer side. In addition to these drawings, sometimes additional identification marks (a picture of a sheep, a snowman) are indicated, intuitively explaining which side is the mattress. If this is not the case, the sides can be marked with patches: pink (summer side) and blue (winter).


Comments about mattresses with the system "winter-summer" are ambiguous. The reason for this is the advertisement of the sellers, giving such products miraculous healing properties and a lot of incomprehensible effects, - the buyers write in the comments. It is difficult to understand what constitutes such a mattress - they doubt. In fact, such mats have an effect, ”experienced users say,“ these mattresses do not cure, but support health. They have optimal softness, warm well in cold, do not overheat the body.

Features of the mattress Avelanto Zima Leto, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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