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Many people nowadays have problems with posture and sound sleep. To feel good all day and get enough sleep, you must purchase an orthopedic mattress. American manufacturers offer Sealy mattresses with a large assortment of models.

Features and specifications

In our time, lack of sleep occurs very often. People complain to the doctor about poor health, and they, in turn, prescribe a lot of sleeping pills. Not everyone is able to guess that for a good sleep it is necessary to acquire proven orthopedic mattresses of high quality.

Before you choose a particular model, you need to find a good manufacturer.

The best products today are Sealy mattresses. American production. The choice of useful mattresses and models on the market is very large.Elite products of the Sealy company will provide each owner with excellent comfort and convenience during sleep. The company is the most famous brand in the world.

Experts are conducting additional research to ensure ideal sleep conditions. Mattresses undergo a thorough examination of the quality of fillers and materials for the manufacture of covers. Specialists of the company have developed special spring systems.


Three models of first-class mattresses are developed:

  • Sealy Posture line;
  • Sealy Posture Plus line;
  • line sealy premier.

Each product has its own level of rigidity and elasticity.

  • Firm-sided mattresses have increased rigidity at the expense of the wearproof spring block. It combines comfort and good support. At the heart of the mattress is reinforced independent block springs. Such a product can withstand constant heavy loads. It provides excellent support for the body during sleep and enhanced support for the edges of the mattress. High-tech developments are connected in one system, the mattress does not require periodic turning over.
  • Medium products have medium hardness. The height of this category of goods - 34 centimeters.Turning the product is not required, and a special system perfectly supports the waist. The edges of the mattress have additional reinforcement. Due to spring zoning, the load on the product is distributed evenly. The filler has a layer of thermostatic foam, which retains the shape of the body and ensures a quiet and comfortable sleep.
  • The softest products in the Plus series. In the center of the product has a special compacted foam, thereby ensuring maximum support in the necessary areas. Each spring in the block is packed individually. Due to this, the individual elements that are subjected to the maximum pressure are compressed. Fine dense foam strengthens the edges of the mattress, so the person does not move out of bed. The surface layer of the product is made of the latest knitted material. It is not subjected to stretching and not wrinkled. The assembly process uses a special silicone adhesive that is tasteless, odorless and does not harden. It is environmentally safe.

Covers for products are made of soft white knitwear. It can not be stretched and not wrinkled. The mattress is very pleasant to the touch and has rounded corners.Bottom American products have a layer of solid foam, to enhance. In this embodiment, the height of the mattress reaches 10 centimeters, the springs have excellent shock absorption and can last for a long time.

The most popular mattresses with dimensions of 160x200 cmThey are in high demand among buyers. Products are produced spring and springless. Spring system patented by Sealy. The basis of the mattress adapts to the weight and movement of the person.

The springs are well hardened, respectively, losing only two percent of their height. The characteristics of the mattresses in the process of use is almost not reduced.

Advantages of the spring system:

  • perfectly support the human spine in a horizontal position;
  • comfortable;
  • safe for health, hypoallergenic;
  • do not create extraneous noise when driving during sleep.

Disadvantages of models without springs:

  • high cost of the product;
  • increased sensitivity to large and abrupt loads.

Springless models from Sealy are made on a latex basis, which, in turn, has pros and cons when used.

The advantages of springless mattresses are the following properties:

  • good strength, because in this model there is no structure that can break;
  • mattress life 15 years;
  • there are no springs, so the product is completely silent;
  • good for human health and have good orthopedic properties.

Disadvantages of latex-based products:

  • high price category;
  • weight restrictions. The maximum load on the product is no more than 120 kilograms.

Fillers and materials

In the manufacture of mattresses Sealy use only natural materials.which have certificates of quality and meet international standards:

  • cotton fabric;
  • horsehair;
  • natural latex;
  • sisal;
  • coconut fiber.


In most cases, customer reviews are positive. People like natural fabrics and fillers that do not lose their properties during the period of use. A big disadvantage of Sealy mattresses is the price is too high.

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