Twisted mattresses

 Twisted mattresses

Many buyers who have decided to get a new mattress are interested in the issue of mobile delivery of the unit. Often volumetric models complicate transportation. With the advent of new technologies, this problem is solved easily and simply: rolled-up twisted mattresses are delivered home in the best possible way, without loss of appearance and quality.

Special features

Twisted mattresses have several names: vacuum, vacuum-packed, rolled, in roll. All of them denote a mattress rolled up for ease of transport into a roll and hermetically sealed in dense polyethylene. This process is carried out in an automated way.

During the packing, the air is pumped out of the block cavity, due to which the mat becomes pliable, compressed to a smaller volume and is easily twisted into a compact roll, which fits in the trunk of a car.

After unpacking, the mattress takes its form, completely restoring its layers during the day.

Previously, this technology was applied exclusively to springless mattresses that have elastic and elastic filler (natural latex, polyurethane foam with latex impregnation, flexfiber, viscoelastic foam with memory effect). Today, companies can also pack spring mattresses in this way.

However, not all models can be twisted into a roll: not every type of stuffing is elastic, has a suitable thickness of the block.

It is impossible to twist hard orthopedic mats from a thick layer of coconut coir, bikokosa, horsehair. For the most part, curled mattresses are soft mats. In addition, you can not pack in a roll model on the springs with a metal frame: it does not fold.


Twisted mattresses have several advantages.

In addition to their low weight, which allows transportation alone, they are:

  • made of modern material resistant to deformation;
  • have a hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly composition of the filler, harmless to the skin, making it suitable for every user;
  • treated with antimicrobial impregnation, which eliminates the formation of an environment for fungus and mold;
  • save the budget during delivery (there is no need to order a separate car and pay for the ascent to the desired floor);
  • in most cases have a handle for carrying the mattress;
  • mobile delivery (you can pick up immediately upon purchase, without waiting for shipment);
  • do not form dents and pits in places of twisting in expanded form, having a good service life (up to 5 - 8 years);
  • may be standard or non-standard, differing in the structure of the block and shape;
  • suitable for furniture of any type (bed, sofa, folding chair, folding bed) and can arrange a berth on the floor;
  • are a block for daily use or guest, dacha option;
  • recognized as a successful acquisition for yourself or as a gift (for parents, newlyweds, friends);
  • based on the composition and volume of the components, they differ in different prices, due to which there is always the possibility of buying, taking into account the taste and the wallet.

Depending on the model, some of these mats can replace toppers or thin mattress covers (models without springs).

These mats are convenient because they can:

  • with a small thickness and varying degrees of rigidity (excluding dense solid) surfaces are able to correct the convenience and comfort of the bed;
  • performed from orthopedic materials (latex and memory foam), provide proper support to the user's body, although the preventive effect of such mattresses is small;
  • to give the integrity of the sleeping bed of the blocks, individual modules (relevant for decomposed sofa or chair);
  • camouflage problem areas of the old mattress (dents, surface contamination, upholstery abrasions), extending its service life;
  • change the degree of rigidity of the existing mattress, giving the bed an optimal softness.

The convenience of some models is the presence of a removable cover. Usually it is made of breathable textiles, which allows washing or cleaning, prolonging the attractiveness of the appearance of the block.

In addition, the removable model is easier to change if it has become unusable (companies provide additional covers for some models of the line, such accessories can be ordered to an individual model or buy a universal plan).


Unfortunately, they have their drawbacks.

Such mattresses:

  • you can not twist yourself when repairing, moving (it is impossible to pump out the air, but really break the structure of the unit);
  • do not always fit into the allotted time (the spring versions need more time - up to 72 hours);
  • have a limited period of stay in a collapsed form (they can change their initial properties if they exceed the period of permissible folding indicated on the package and usually constituting from 30 to 90 days from the moment of twisting);
  • they cannot be full-fledged orthopedic mats, since they do not have solid layers of the desired thickness at the base;
  • not always have an additional effect, besides the main purpose.

Regardless of the improvement of manufacturing techniques, such models are not suitable for infants and children of preschool age. They do not have the necessary support for the spine of a baby who does not yet have the necessary bends.

With daily use of such a mattress you can spoil the formation of posture: the surface of children's mattresses must be hard.

Although the low thickness is convenient for transportation to the house, not all mats are comfortable for sleeping: sometimes the hard base of the bed (floor) is felt through the thickness.

How to unpack?

The mattresses twisted on production are not burdensome in unfolding.

The unpacking instructions for the roll mat are quite simple:

  • the mattress is rolled up on a bed (sofa) or an orthopedic base across;
  • using scissors, the outer film is carefully opened without touching the cover textile (it is undesirable to use too sharp objects, because the packaging is rather tight: you can cut the mattress itself);
  • the mattress is gently unwound, without sudden movements and mechanical straightening (the version with springs can be supported so that it does not open sharply);
  • the upper information about the manufacturer, the operating conditions can be removed immediately;
  • after a full recovery, the film is removed under the unit, the bed is made up with bed linen (the mattress is ready for use).

In the video below you can see the stages of unpacking an orthopedic mattress.

Nuance: since all models of rolled mats are different, the information on the package cannot be ignored: it is written on it for the period of full restoration of the unit during which it is not recommended to use the mattress.


The parameters of folding mattresses are another advantage of such units.Linear row consists of models for single, single and double beds.

Dimensions of a particular model may vary due to the fact that each manufacturer focuses on its furniture standards, making products with its account (the sizes of domestic and imported models are different).

On average, the size range of mattresses looks like this:

  • one place - 80x190, 90x190, 120x190, 120x190 cm;
  • one and a half sleeping - 120x190, 120x200, 140x190, 140x200 cm;
  • two places - 160x190, 160x200, 180x190, 180x200 cm.

Springless models are more variable. In addition to the main size group, their length and width can be 80x195, 80x200, 90x195, 120x195, 140x195, 150x190, 150x195, 150x200, 180x195, 200x195, 200x200, 210x115 cm.

In addition to the classic rectangular shape, they can be non-standard form (for example, in the form of a circle).


To better get acquainted with the rolled mattresses and understand how they look, you can refer to the products of proven brands that have extensive experience in the production of quality blocks for sleeping and relaxing:

  • Lonax - models on springs and without them, having an average maximum permissible load of up to 90 kg and a height within 10 - 17 cm, including budget and premium models based on polyurethane foam, independent springs, with a cover with a smooth and quilted surface and different patterns; include adults and children's rulers;
  • Ormatek - mats on spring and springless basis of monolithic or composite plan up to 21 cm high from soft foam with memory effect and load on the place up to 100 kg, equipped with satin and jacquard cotton covers, complemented by thin layers of spandbond, recovering within 24 hours after opening;
  • Askona - spring and springless models of the domestic leading manufacturer of mattresses for the whole family, packed in film with a handle for easy transportation, have a relief surface of the block, are equipped with a quilted jacquard cover with antibacterial impregnation, are stored in a twisted form for up to six months;
  • Dreamline - medium-hard quality models of springless type up to 19-21 cm, made of 7-zone natural and artificial latex with a massage effect, innovative Ergo Foam material with a relief surface, packed in a quilted jacquard cover with a holcon, having a maximum permissible load of up to 120 kg


Curled mattresses - an ambiguous topic, which is devoted to a lot of reviews on the Internet.

Judging by the comments of users who bought such models for the home, these are good mats, which are really easy to transport, help out if guests arrive and are good for giving.However, in general, most buyers prefer ordinary mattresses with a large volume.

In the comments, users note that the price for rolled mattresses is somewhat overestimated and is about the same as the model with orthopedic and additional effect, which reduces the ratings of such mats.

If buyers consider the price of 5,000 rubles to be adequate, then the cost of 17,000 to 23,000 (up to 40,000) rubles pushes potential customers away, because for that kind of money, they say, you can buy a high-end unit with orthopedic effect and thermoregulation, double rigidity and other models.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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