Sonberry mattresses

Choosing a mattress is a very difficult task. To find the right model, which will be comfortable and comfortable to sleep, you need to spend a lot of time. In addition, before this should examine the main characteristics of modern mattresses. Today we will talk about products brand Sonberry.

About the manufacturer

Sonberry is a Russian manufacturer of products for sleep and rest. The factory has been on the market for 16 years. The main office and main production are located in the city of Shatura, Moscow Region.

In the assortment you can find not only mattresses, but also bases for beds, pillows, covers and mattress covers. The production is concentrated on the manufacture of high quality mattresses. It relies on the experience of leading companies from America and Europe. For the production of products using environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic materials.

Features and benefits

Sonberry products are certified by the European CertiPur quality standard. This standard confirms the safety of foam used in mattresses. He says that the foam meets the standards for the emission of harmful substances, and is also made without:

  • formaldehyde;
  • ozone-depleting substances;
  • bromine-based flame retardants;
  • mercury, lead and heavy metals;
  • banned phthalates.

One of the features of Sonberry is its orientation to different price segments - to all target groups of customers.

In addition, in the manufacture of mattresses, the company uses:

  • own spring blocks (both traditional and modern - independent);
  • natural materials: natural latex, coconut leaf, sisal, cotton, aloe vera;
  • "Memory Foam" - A material that takes the form of a human body and does not exert back pressure.

In order to increase the comfort level of the top layer of the mattress, the company's specialists have developed and introduced anti-bacterial and anti-stress impregnations based on aloe.


In the manufacture of mattresses using different materials of the top and gaskets.

  • Cotton is used for the top layer. Jacquard and stretch jersey.

Cotton jacquard is based on natural raw materials, it creates an ideal microclimate, as well as excellent thermal control.

Knitted stretch is made from a mixture of cotton and synthetic fibers. Special weaving material provides a pleasant surface and wear resistance. In addition, the fabric is not prone to the formation of pellets, the sheet does not slip from the mattress.

  • To isolate the spring blocks from the soft layers of the mattress is used felt. This is a durable material from natural raw materials, which is made from cotton and felted wool.
  • Coconut fiber and sisal used to give extra hardness to the mattress.
  • Used also polyurethane foam. This is a synthetic foam material in which there are no compounds harmful to human health.


Sonberry mattresses can be selected according to four main characteristics:

  • size;
  • height;
  • base block: spring or springless;
  • stiffness.

As for the size of the products, there are a lot of them. There are children, single, polutoraspalnye and double. Height ranges from 7 cm to 44 cm.

Mattress can be:

  • springless;
  • with dependent spring unit;
  • with independent spring block.

Independent spring blocks give orthopedic properties to mattresses.

By hardness mattresses are divided into:

  • soft;
  • hard;
  • soft-hard;
  • medium-hard.

The lineup

Mattresses are represented by twelve collections.


One of the three most affordable collections. The line includes models of both types of spring blocks, springless mattress "Quatro". There is a whole range of stiffness options. Mattress height - 18-22 cm.

Models with independent springs have orthopedic properties - due to the seven-zone arrangement of springs of different elasticity.

Latex and polyurethane foam are used as soft fillers in the series, and coconut cloth is used for stiffening.


The only springless model in this series. Consists of alternating layers of coconut leaf and natural latex. It has different stiffness on both sides.


Mattresses of this series can be attributed to the average price segment. The price ranges from 15700 rubles to 25840 rubles. Line models have a base of independent spring blocks, a height of 20-26 cm and all types of stiffness.

There are two models in the series:

  • "Virgin"in which natural material is used to impart rigidity - sisal;
  • "Memo"in which the “Memory Foam” filler is used on both sides.

Thermal block is used as insulation material in all models.


This collection is one of the most expensive in the brand assortment. The average cost of mattresses is 19790-51190 rubles.

There are no soft-hard mattresses or models with dependent springs in the collection. In this series there is a rather large selection of mattress heights - from 16 to 32 cm.

In the collection there are no models on polyurethane foam. Latex, sisal, coconut leaf and “Memory Foam” are used as fillers.

"Sonberry Bio"

The collection is representative of the middle price segment. Models are presented on an independent spring block and without springs. You can choose hard or medium-hard option.

A feature of the series is the active use of natural materials: sisal, coconut and latex - for internal filling, and for upholstery - cotton jacquard. Stretch jacquard upholstery is aloe-soaked.

"Sonberry Baby"

Mattresses for children. There are models on different types of springs, mattresses for newborns, made of coconut plate.

For the upper layer, a breathable material based on polycotton or elastic quilted jacquard is used. Coconut fiber and natural latex are used as internal materials.


The widest range of models. Refers to an inexpensive price segment (5050-14950 rubles).

There are no soft mattresses in the collection, but there is a wide choice of models both on dependent and independent springs. There is also “Comfort Rollpak” on polyurethane foam and “Sandwich” - on layers of polyurethane foam alternating with coconut.

"Sonberry 2XL"

Exclusive collection of mattresses from the middle price segment. The ruler is distinguished by an independent spring block “2XL” and trimming with non-quilted black fabric around the perimeter of the product.


Different original design and different color options (white, brown, black). Such products are made only with independent spring blocks. They have a height of 25 to 44 cm. Only soft-hard and medium-hard models are presented.

These products are characterized by special characteristics of the internal filling, which provide maximum comfort and convenience. For example, in the “Rich” mattress there are 1024 springs per bed.So the filler adapts to every centimeter of the human body, relieves fatigue and gives a healthy sleep.

"Nano Foam"

Such products are characterized by the presence of highly elastic foam "Nano Foam". This material is used as a filler for the springless mattress "Nano Foam Silver", as well as a layer between the upper layers and independent springs in other models of the series.


Economy class segment. There are no springless models in the collection. The series is represented by mattresses with medium rigidity on dependent spring Bonell blocks and independent TFK and Revolution blocks. The models are 17–20 cm high. Polyurethane foam, thermal block and coconut are used as internal fillers, and synthetic quilted jacquard and knitted fabric are used for upholstery.

Vitality Collection

The collection is different in that it is created for active people who need to recuperate after a working day. In addition, mattresses of this series can be purchased only in the manufacturer's online store.

Each model of the collection has its own unique features.

For example, in the “Loft” model, the “VisCool” is used, it is made on the basis of soybean oil and has a cooling effect.And for the Traid mattress, natural foam with a soothing smell is used.


Premium mattresses with independent spring blocks. The model "Essential Cezar" has a double spring unit - with an average number of springs 1040 pieces per square meter. m

Customer Reviews

Buyers note the optimal combination of price and quality, the absence of an unpleasant smell, convenience and comfort during sleep - both on springless and spring models. They like a wide range: the choice of a suitable model can be delayed for several months. After 2-3 years of operation, there are no complaints about the quality of the products.

How Sonberry mattresses are made, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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