Strong mattresses

 Strong mattresses

The sleep of any person must be strong. If you sleep well, you can get a cheerfulness charge for the whole day. Efficiency will increase, and health will be strong for many years. Manufacturers have created Strong mattresses, which have received many positive reviews and gained great popularity.

Convenient and practical products

It is difficult for many people to choose a suitable product, because a large number of different models are presented.

First of all, study the reviews of other people, then it will be easier to determine and choose a few suitable products. Then it will be easier to determine the model of a suitable mattress. You should not hope that the acquired mattress will serve for many years - of course, only if you bought products from an unreliable manufacturer.

Spring orthopedic mattresses are a thing of the past, today you can choose a more modern product. Springless models are popular with many consumers, but they are much more expensive. Mattresses Strong - with an independent block of springs are considered more beneficial. In such models, each of the springs has its own cover made of artificial latex. This feature eliminates the appearance of unnecessary noise and squeak. The product is able to withstand up to 300 kg of load, and its value suits everyone - not even very wealthy people.

Tips for choosing

The list of the most popular models is large, but it is rather difficult to choose the right one.

When choosing the best model of mattress you need to consider several important factors:

  • The filler should be natural and not very hard. It is better to choose models of latex and coconut chips, and horse hair is an excellent option;
  • Upper textiles are made of organic cotton to avoid allergic reactions;
  • Dimensions are matched to the bed;
  • Determine the type of product: spring or springless;
  • The ideal model should be of medium hardness;
  • Each product must be accompanied by a quality certificate and a certificate of conformity, where the manufacturer indicates all the characteristics of the material used;
  • It is worth paying attention to the maximum load on the product;
  • The warranty period of operation of the mattress should be significant.

Before purchasing a Strong mattress, carefully measure the bed, it should fit perfectly to it. Many companies offer to make any model to order - with the required size.

Popular models

The most popular are the following products:

  • Mattresses classic series. The product is comfortable and durable, made on the basis of spring systems «Bonnel». Such models are made from natural high-quality materials, modern synthetic textiles. Each product is different orthopedic effect, the product can be purchased at a reasonable price.
  • Mattresses Strong Series "Balans" equipped with spring bases and various fillers.
  • Series models "Relax" Produced by glueless technology. Layers of fillers are attached to the springs, a product is formed that is distinguished by increased strength.
  • The models providing comfort and health, series "Dream". On such a product you can relax. Products create from hypoallergenic fabrics and fillers. The spring system has good orthopedic characteristics and provides support for the lower back, back and legs.
  • Mattresses "Season" refer to orthopedic models - with coatings for the season. On each side - different stiffness. The surface for the cold season is made of merino wool and has remarkable thermal insulation properties. For filler, use holofiber or natural latex. On the second side, designed for the summer season, there is a covering of organic cotton. Coconut coir is a filler. It perfectly removes heat and does not absorb moisture in the warm season.
  • The simplest model of mattresses Strong - "Simple". This springless product with high rigidity. A layer of foam is added to the filler, which increases the strength of the product. With a long stay on such models, pain in the back. To prevent the occurrence of such problems, the manufacturer has provided additional comfort.Thanks to the reinforced foam layer, soaked with bamboo coals, and an additional massage layer, you can completely relax and sleep well. The product is durable and durable.

It is able to adapt to the anatomical features of the human body and perfectly supports every part of it. During sleep, stress is relieved for the whole day, strength is quickly restored for new accomplishments.

Comfortable mattresses are created with a base of simple springs and belong to orthopedic products. They perfectly support the body and take the anatomical shape of the human body. For additional reinforcement, the spring system has two metal frames and a layer of elastic foam. For the production of these products using only natural fabrics.

All manufactured products are tested in a special laboratory. Products are tested for durability, orthopedic properties.

Materials and fillers

Usually in the manufacture of mats manufacturer uses the following materials:

  • Felt fiber. Natural material that perfectly distributes the load on all parts of the body.It gives the product additional rigidity, as well as elasticity;
  • Coconut coir. This material has remarkable characteristics: it is eco-friendly, wear-resistant and natural. This filler does not rot and is not deformed. It does not cause allergies, gives the product the desired elasticity;
  • Natural horse hair. The material compacted and impregnated with latex has good elasticity and a high springing ratio. Well passes air and does not absorb moisture;
  • Latex natural origin. Differs in elasticity and elasticity, well maintains constant big loadings and is capable of restoring its original shape;
  • For comfort and softness they use natural material from cotton and wool fibers - soft felt;
  • Surround batting used for warming and softening mattresses Strong;
  • Elastic foam, providing a massage effect - the newest material with excellent anatomical properties. The spine on such a mattress takes a natural position;
  • Holofiber consists of polyester. The filler is created without glue, using high-tech methods.

Such mattresses are considered the most simple and practical products. They have a good layer of filler, which provides comfort. Due to the large layer of filler on the mattress spring blocks are not felt.

The springs, in turn, are remarkable for their elasticity and cope well with constant pressure and loads. The model has a certain feature: a new system of springs, the height of which is ten centimeters. In the production of mattresses used thickened wire, so the product is very reliable and can withstand the maximum load. One berth can sustain loading to 110 kg.

The following fillers are most commonly used:

  • massage foam;
  • coconut fiber;
  • spring blocks.

Covers are made of natural cotton fabrics, some of them have water-repellent and moisture-protective properties.

A strong and healthy sleep helps a person to stay awake and energetic all day. To create the best conditions for this, a good mattress is needed - Strong is ideal.

Main function

The product should differ in the increased orthopedic properties and support the person in a dream.The back should be in a natural position, without load.

All customers have a different weight, the mattress repeats the shape of the body and evenly distributes the load. Latex or spring products do an excellent job with this task. To maximize the effect, the mattress has a different stiffness in each zone. Most often in the product seven zones.

Another important indicator is the hardness of the mattress. It should not be too soft or very hard. Most often, the type of product is selected under the age and weight of the user.

In more detail about technologies of production of mattresses and furniture of Strong firm you can learn from the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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